7 Signs You Are In Love With A Hopeless Romantic

7 Signs You Are In Love With A Hopeless Romantic

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Love is a wonderful thing. There are many ways in which love can enhance your life. However, there are hopeless romantics out there who just have a skewed version of life and love. Those who think that love and romance are a power that will solve everything in life can be difficult to be around. If you are in love with a hopeless romantic, it can be an even bigger problem.

Here are seven signs that you are in love with a hopeless romantic.

They are constantly daydreaming

One of the biggest signs of a hopeless romantic is that they are constantly daydreaming about love and romance. While thinking of your love life can be good from time to time, you should spend most of your day working towards having a better future.


Romantic flicks are easily their favorite types of movies

Another one of the signs of a hopeless romantic is their choice in movies. If cheesy romantic chick flicks are their favorite type of movies, they may be a hopeless romantic. It is ok to tell your lover that you would rather watch some action movies from time to time. You don’t need to subject yourself to sappy romance movies every time you turn on your TV for a night in.

They fell for you too quickly or believe in love at first sight

It can be scary when your partner is moving too quickly. If they became attached to you far too early, it may be a sign that they are a hopeless romantic. There are things that you can do to identify this. Ask them if they believe in love at first sight. Their answer to this question will show you a lot about the way they view romance. You can introduce them to a more logical way of looking at love. This may help them to have a healthier and more realistic view of the progression of your relationship.

Your partner thinks you are their soulmate

When you look at the odds, out of nearly 7.5 billion people, it is very unlikely that you have only one soulmate out there. While it can be a cute sentiment, it also puts a lot of pressure on you when your partner thinks that you are “the one.” You need to explain to your partner that it makes you uncomfortable that they would think you are their soulmate. While this may be hard for them to take at first, it will sink in and make your relationship more grounded in reality.

Their expectations for your relationship are extremely high

It can be exhausting when your partner has extremely high expectations for your relationship. This is one thing that hopeless romantics don’t understand that they are doing to your relationship. Trying to put your relationship on the same plane as a fictional relationship is just never going to happen. When their expectations are too high, you need to help them understand what it is like to be in a real relationship. There will be hardships. It isn’t always going to be like it is in the movies.

Believing fate played a role in your relationship is a regular conversation topic

While it can be cute to think that fate has some role to play in you two being together, if you hear this over and over again, it is going to get a little old. Look, choices are really what determine your life. The two of you decided to be together. When a hopeless romantic keeps talking about fate, it can start making you question whether or not they appreciate all of the hard work that you have put into the relationship.

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