You awake from a vivid dream where your loved one who passed away seemed to be trying to contact you. Could it be possible that someone deceased would be able to talk to you through your dreams?

When you dream, you access your brain’s subconscious and unconscious parts. You have access to other levels of memory and emotion than you have during your waking hours. Sometimes a dream is just that, a memory you had of a deceased loved one.

But it is possible that your dream was a visitation from your loved one. More than half of Americans believe in life after death. Many also believe that the deceased can contact us after passing away. In this article, you can read about other possible ways that a deceased loved one is sending you presents.

When your loved one passes on, you go through a grieving process. Mourning your loved one can take weeks, months, or years. Often, the loss is never fully healed, and pain continues for the ones they left behind.

Visitation dreams have been seen as a healthy part of the grieving process. The dreamer recalls the person who has passed and for a brief time, can feel less pain and grief over their loss. It’s as though the presence of their friend or family member in a dream helps them feel like they didn’t leave.

If you are experiencing dreams of a deceased loved one, here are seven signs that they are trying to make contact with you.

7 Signs A Deceased Loved One Is Contacting You In Your Dreams


1. You wake with a sense of having been watched

So many people feel that loved ones watch over us after they leave us here on Earth. When you awaken after a dream and have a sense that someone was in the room with you, your deceased loved one may be trying to let you know just that; they are watching over you.

Although the feeling of being watched can be disturbing, it should make you feel safe in this case. You may have had a dream that someone was watching you too. Again, this could be your loved one letting you know they are nearby.

2. Vivid memories of your loved one were in your dreams

Sometimes when you’re awake, you remember your loved one, but having memories in your dreams is a sign that they may be trying to contact you. This is especially the case if your loved one helps you remember something you don’t usually think about, like a forgotten memory of them. There may be a message in the memory that they also want you to pay attention to.

3. Your loved one appears in a different way than normal

If your deceased loved one appears to you In your dreams, but they do it unusually, it may be a sign that they are sending you a warning. Pay attention to clues that your loved one is trying to give you. They may be trying to help you avoid a harmful situation or warn you of an upcoming change.

4. You awake with a sense of peaceful well-being

What a wonderful feeling to wake up feeling peaceful and well-rested. It doesn’t often happen enough, but if your loved one was worried about your health and well-being, they may have tried to help you by sending you restful sleep.

A review of 20 after-death communications that people reported found that having encounters with the deceased helped people to cope with grieving. One of the ways that these visions helped people cope was that they felt that their spiritual beliefs were supported by contact with their deceased loved one.

This spiritual peace helps you cope with the loss and continue functioning in your daily life. Knowing that there is a life beyond death and that your loved one is waiting for you helps you to feel comforted.

5. Your dream feels so real

Visitation dreams can be very vivid, and the dreamer may feel that the deceased loved one was present. These dreams are so realistic that you can smell, feel, and hear your loved one. These real-feeling dreams are likely examples of your deceased loved one reaching out to contact you.

These dreams can be emotionally intense because you feel their presence so strongly. Often this will reawaken your grief. Your loved ones did not mean to cause you pain, but they did want to be near you again. This type of dream signifies that your loved one was trying to contact you.

6. Your loved one looked younger and healthier than they were when they passed

Your deceased loved one will often appear younger than they did when they passed. They appear healthy and vibrant like you prefer to remember them. They want you to know that there was no suffering when they passed, and now they can appear whole and happy to you.

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7. Your deceased loved one tells you that they are okay and still with you

In your dreams, sometimes your deceased loved one can speak to you. You may hear their voice or understand what they are saying. Most often, they know that you have been worried about where they are now, so they will appear to you in a dream to tell you that everything is alright where they are now.