Negative things happen. It’s part of life, no matter how many quotes we read or how positive we strive to become. Tough times strengthen us and wake us up to the things we weren’t paying attention to. When we allow things to stack up and then add negative people to the mix, this is how we become surrounded by negativity.

Here we feel completely overwhelmed, lost, tired and defeated. Positive quotes annoy us and we stop caring about the things we once loved because we feel like we are constantly putting out fires.

It can be hard to get out of such an emotional roller coaster. Especially when we are surrounded by negative, critical, judgemental people.

We often hear quotes saying, “stop caring about what other people think.” Well, most people agree that’s a lot easier said than done. Quotes can be good, but how do we put it into action?

We are here to help. In fact, we want to inspire you with quotes, yes, but also help you switch that belief system. There’s power in knowing that your thoughts can change your situation. When your thoughts, attitudes and actions are in positive alignment, negativity dissolves.

It starts with keeping positive, support relationships around you. It’s tough to get out of negative situations if you have a daily negative critic in your life – yourself included. It’s easy to be a critic.

We are usually surrounded by negativity, or at least feel like we are, when we are living living for others.  How do we break free and stop becoming surrounded by negativity? These quotes will help!

7 Quotes To Remember When You’re Surrounded By Negativity

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1. Not everyone will understand you.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.”— Albert Einstein

2. Don’t change for others.

“If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that… I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.”  John Lennon

3. Dream big…really big.

“So many people along the way, whatever it is you aspire to do, will tell you it can’t be done. But it all it takes is imagination. You dream. You plan. You reach.”- Michael Phelps

4. People will disagree with you.

“Don’t waste your energy trying to educate or change opinions; go over, under, through, and opinions will change organically when you’re the boss. Or they won’t. Who cares? Do your thing, and don’t care if they like it.” – Tina Fey

5. Sometimes you are alone, but you don’t have to feel lonely.

“Believe in yourself and there will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe with you.” – Cynthia Kersey

6. You are perfect just the way you are.

“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.”  -Marianne Williamson

7. And when all else fails, remember this quote…

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully. -Kristen Butler

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Final Thoughts

Let’s face it, we can’t please everyone. It’s an impossible task to live up to the expectations of someone who will end up judging us regardless of what we do.

It’s up to us to start standing up for what we believe in – our own happiness. It’s time we change our focus to the people that matter in our lives and surround ourselves with positive people. When we focus on the people we love and who love us, the other stuff seems to fade into the background. Positivity become part of our every day. We attract more positive people and situations. Negative things happen, but it doesn’t surround us anymore.

Walk, talk, associate yourself with people who are positive. In case you find yourself among people having a negative conversation, remain neutral, or you can refuse to participate in the discussion. Be around like minded individuals who are smart and driven.

Have friends who are proud of what you are doing, respect and love you, and make your day brighter than it already is.

No matter what, remember this: True success comes when we know we are being judged and then realize we don’t care. When that happens, we know we are living our best life.

Let’s switch that old adage around. If negativity is surrounding you, it’s easier done when repeatedly said with positive affirmations and quotes. 😉 Let us know in the comments which # is your favorite!