It’s very important for people to value the promises they make to others, and do all they can to keep them. But why so often do many not keep promises to themselves? New Year’s resolutions, promises to eat healthily, lose weight, learn a new language, all get broken soon enough, and are simply laughed off in jest.

The obligations you make to yourself should be just as important as your obligations to others. When you value your own needs and well-being and keep the promises you make to yourself, every area of your life will begin to see new opportunities and advancements. Start with these 7 simple, yet profound promises to yourself (and be sure to KEEP them!)

“Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep.” – Anthony Hitt

7 promises you should make yourself (and keep):

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1. I will listen to my body and mind when feeling stressed.

If you’re in pain, stressed, or fatigued more than usual, this is your bodies’ way of saying you need rest. You can help prevent cardiovascular disease, anxiety, and other ills just by stopping to smell the roses.

When feeling stressed, take 20 minutes to meditate, exercise or just talk to a friend. You’ll enjoy the positive benefits of this and can even see your daily life change because of it.

2. I will smile every day.

Smiling places a person in a better mood and makes you feel confident. It’s an energy booster and stress reducer at the same time. Studies show that even faking a smile if you have to produces better feelings and mood than not smiling at all.

Smiling each day will improve your interactions with others as well.  And not only will your illuminating energy produce more returned smiles, but will also provide a greater chance for positive results in every situation.

3. I will live a life of positive expansion.

One of the best promises to yourself is to live a life of positive expansion. You may have a hidden talent in life, but will never find out unless you’re willing to think outside the box, go out of your comfort zone, and be willing to do something you’ve never done.

Some of our greatest inventions present today are because people have pushed the boundaries from what is to what is possible.

4. I will leave the past behind, but always take the lesson with me.

Remembering your past doesn’t mean that you have to carry it with you. The lessons from those experiences, however, should always be kept.  Each lesson remembered acts as a tool to help you mold the future you truly want.

5. I will always live the life I want to live.

Many people often succumb to leading lives that others want to see them live, never chasing their own happiness.  It’s important to remember that happiness cannot be achieved by satisfying everyone else’s vision for your life. Live life how you want to live it and contribute to the world in your own creative and loving way – it’s OK to content your soul’s desire.

6. I will remember that relationships are seasonal.

People are going to come and go in your life. When you’ve thought that you’ve met your best friend, perfect business associate, or the love of your life, you may be let down. If you lose a relationship in life, let it go and realize that relationships are often seasonal – with all things that begin, an end will come.

Promise yourself to take what you’ve learned from them and move forward with your life.


7. I will accept when changes are needed in my life.

Embrace the fact that change is necessary. The above promises will lead to a positive ripple effect in your life. You may need to end relationships and accept new challenges, but it’s all for the best.

Create a promise journal and write each of the above promises in it. Write what each promise means to you. Whenever you forget why you are continuing this promise or feel down, pull out your journal to refresh yourself.