A lot of us look at highly successful, influential people and think that we will never reach that status because those people just possess something we don’t have. We might say “Oh, they were just born that way” or “I just don’t have that kind of luck.”

But, what if someone told you that you could achieve whatever you wanted in life, if you just adopted the same habits as the people you admire?

You can, starting with these powerful practices:

6 Simple Rituals of Extremely Successful People

1. Successful people practice their craft as much as possible

Highly successful people didn’t get to where they are today by sheer luck or coincidence – they reached their goals and made their dreams actualize by consistent, dogged determination. The saying “dreams don’t work unless you do” definitely applies here; you must have a steadfast work ethic and believe in your vision so much that it has no choice but to materialize!

2. Successful people follow through with promises.

Stick to your word, whether you promise something to yourself or to someone else. Be consistent with what you say and do, and never guarantee something unless you know for sure you can make good on your promise. Highly successful people feel comfortable saying no when they have to, because they realize that no one person can do everything that people ask of them. They just don’t have enough time, hands, or energy to commit to everything that people want them to do.

Only promise what you know you can deliver, and write down what you promise if you have trouble remembering. You will build trust and therefore build a loyal audience.

3. Successful people focus energy on a few key things.

This means: don’t spread yourself too thin. Realistically, you have a limited supply of energy, and you need to use it on what you perceive as important. Hone your energy on what absolutely matters more than anything else: your family, very close friends, your work, and keeping yourself healthy. Simplify your life to give you clarity; you can sell things in your house that clutter your space, distance yourself from people that don’t encourage or uplift you, or eat simpler foods that will make you feel lighter.

Make your life work for you, and learn to capture your energy and allocate it to the things that will make you the best person you can be.


4. Successful people use quality tools.

This could have many different meanings, but simply put, it means only try to use what brings you the best results. If you paint or draw for a living, buy only your favorite paintbrushes, canvases, and drawing pads so that you can perform your best.

If you blog, invest in a computer that has an easy-to-use keyboard and a good-sized memory capacity so you can write without technical issues standing in your way. This point might seem materialistic, but in reality, the most successful people on the planet must invest in some amount of tools in order to deliver their work.

You can still be a minimalist but have a few great tools to work with in order to get the job done.

5. Successful people surround themselves with supportive, uplifting people.

Do you have friends that constantly complain or don’t inspire you? As hard as it might seem, you need to move on from relationships that drain you of your creative energy. Your friends should uplift, understand, and support you, not use you as a security blanket for their unhappiness. Happy people attract other happy people, so the more fulfilled and whole you feel about your life, the more you will be a magnet for like-minded people. Honor your soul, and come clean to anyone in your life who you feel doesn’t fit anymore with your agenda.

If you want to become your best self, you need to surround yourself with others interested in doing the same. Evaluate who reciprocates the value of your relationship and who doesn’t, and act accordingly.

6. Successful people study habits of other highly successful people and learn how to replicate them.

It is never wrong to sell your expertise and experience to people if you have a genuine desire to help others achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. You can definitely do what you love and still earn a living from it, but you must learn the delicate craft of converting followers into customers. What do you know that could help someone else?

Once you know this, make a blog, YouTube channel, or some other creative way to showcase your knowledge and talents to build a following. After you make those connections and people start to resonate with your message, it becomes a lot easier to put up a product or service for sale (think E-books, video courses, etc) that people will actually want to buy from you.

Never feel selfish or greedy for putting your passion up for sale – you deserve the energy exchange of money for your time and hard work, and others will appreciate you for helping elevate them in life.