5 Ways To Find Yourself When You Feel Lost

5 Ways To Find Yourself When You Feel Lost

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Sometimes to find yourself, you have to lose yourself somewhere along the way. You might feel confident and content with your path one day, but feel totally confused and conflicted the next. The path to the top might look clear one day, but it can easily slip out of view depending on what circumstances you face. All of us have different ways of approaching life, and what makes us feel happy can change drastically from moment to moment. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t know which direction to turn sometimes – this is just a normal part of life.


However, you can pull yourself out of the trenches and find your way back to the light again whenever you feel lost in life.


Here are 5 ways to find yourself when you feel lost:

1. Don’t fight your feelings

First and foremost, you can’t ever climb out of the hole you’ve found yourself in if you try to suppress your feelings. To get to know yourself again, you have to walk through the darkness – not avoid it. You might not see the point in evaluating your feelings, but to get anywhere in life, you have to become aware of how you feel. Your emotions at any given time can tell you a lot about your current situation and can serve as the catalyst for change.


So, when you feel lost, go deep within and learn to listen to your feelings. Your intuition always serves your highest good – you just have to learn how to tune into it.

2. Trust yourself

Secondly, you can’t ever find yourself again if you don’t trust both yourself and the process of knowing yourself. At some point in life, all of us will lose touch with ourselves in some manner. The key to finding ourselves once again, however, is to believe in ourselves and know that we have everything we need in order to thrive. If you turn your back on yourself and the faith you have in your abilities, where else will you turn?

Remember, the most important relationship you have in life is the one with yourself, because you can’t ever run away from you. So, learning how to trust your inner voice and intuition will go a long way in finding yourself once again.

3. Remember to engage in things that you enjoy

When you feel lost, try to remember what truly makes you happy. Get outside and get fresh air, join a gym or yoga studio, work in the garden, or any activity that brings a smile to your face. Simply doing these little things that make our hearts happy can dispel any feelings of hopelessness that might creep up. As humans, we naturally worry about if we’re living “the right way,” but just keep in mind that everything is subjective.


There is no rule book to life; we get to create it as we go along. So, it only makes sense then to use our time wisely, and to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion whenever we feel lost. Oftentimes, we feel lost because we’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere in life; so, going down the wrong path can usually help us to find the right one eventually.

4. Try new things

Feeling lost? Why not shake things up a bit and get out of that boring daily routine? As contradicting as it sounds, you can easily lose yourself inside the mundane and familiar. Inside our comfort zones, we can start to lose touch with our spirit, with what makes us truly come alive.

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We all need some variety every once in a while, and who knows, maybe by learning a new skill or keeping ourselves occupied with new activities, we can reinvent ourselves and become even better than the person we once knew.


5. Dispel negative thinking patterns

The easiest way to start feeling lost and alone is to engage in negative thinking. That voice inside your head telling you that you can’t accomplish something and won’t ever find your way in life only exists because your ego feels too scared to actually let go. So, to quiet your ego, you need to feed your soul. You need to breathe in the good, breathe out the bad, and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Easier said than done, we know, but starting out the day with just one positive affirmation can put things into perspective and get rid of those pesky, nagging negative thought patterns.

Don’t allow your mind to overtake your life – feeling lost doesn’t mean you have to totally give up on yourself. You can do whatever you set your mind to in life, and you didn’t come here just to worry and feel worthless. You do have a purpose here, even if you can’t always see it. Trust yourself and never give up, and you’ll start to notice beautiful things unfolding in your life.


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