A brief glance at the news gives us so many examples of darkness in our world. It’s time for us to make a difference, shine a light and bring healing when it is most needed. It’s also time for you to shine your own light, and take these tips with you wherever you go…

5 Ways To Shine Light on The Darkness

Darkness is an absence of light, so being a bringer of light is a way to improve a world where pain and hurt happen too often. Using our own conscious minds to help bring a positive change, especially when negative events have saturated the media, is a skill that we encourage others to learn and spread. Let’s look at 5 ways to help shine a light on the darkness that we see far too often.

1. Use your meditative time to send healing energy

When you meditate, you reap the benefits of reduced levels of stress, emotional well-being, healing your relationships with others, and a healthier body among other benefits. Even without consciously focusing your energy toward healing others during your meditation, you are able to create a positive change in the dark times that heals others as well as yourself.


An English study found that when as little as 1% of the population practiced Transcendental Meditation, the crime rate dropped, which shows that our consciousness can influence positive social change and bring light to the darkness. Researchers are not sure of the mechanisms of this effect, but the Global Peace Project says that ‘consciousness, at its deepest level, is a field that underlies and connects individuals throughout society.’

2. Be an example of positive change

‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ – Mahatma Gandhi

Don’t wait for someone to fix things when you are capable of making a positive change yourself. The impact of a kind word to a stranger can be enormous if that person is dealing with the depression of not knowing that they are loved and valued. If you want to see a world filled with kindhearted, caring people, be a kindhearted caring person yourself.

3. Teach others how to be a lightworker

Lightworkers are healers who are called to help people fight off the darkness that can settle into our souls and infect our minds and bodies. When we feel a significant period of darkness, it can also distort our perceptions and make us see negativity where there is none.

If you have learned to heal your own hurt, show others how you were able to do so and guide them through the steps to release the anger, hurt, sadness, or frustration that they feel. Encourage them to find their own way of self-healing by reminding them of the resources available for replenishing their souls.

Here are some examples of lightworker healing methods:

* Spiritual connection through prayer, reading, or community groups

* Meditation

* Spending quiet time in nature

* Making meaningful connections to people

* Providing a safe space to talk openly about feelings

* Asking thought-provoking questions

* Avoiding language that is negative, belittling, judging, or blaming

* Reminding people of their inner courage

* Loving touch like a hug, an arm around the shoulder, or a hand squeeze

* Sincere words backed by real emotion

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4. Practice loving forgiveness

Forgiveness is a way of healing ourselves emotionally and shining light on our own darkness. When we hurt, we may feel that someone has hurt us. The only way to truly heal is to let go of the anger and sadness that we feel and replace it with a positive emotion like self-love.

Forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation, which means that we heal by re-establishing a relationship with the person who has caused us hurt. Also, by forgiving the person who has caused so much pain we certainly aren’t condoning the hurtful behavior that has caused so much darkness in our lives.

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Researchers looked how incest survivors are able to heal themselves and move on after such a terribly abusive life experience. They found that a program of forgiveness therapy helped people recover from trauma. The participants in the therapy program had higher ratings for levels of forgiveness and hope, and had lower levels of anxiety and depression. The program participants also reported having higher self-esteem as a result of forgiving their abuser.

green light therapy
5. Share your story of positive change, perseverance, and courage

Everyone has a story of a difficult time that they have overcome that has helped them to get where they are. These stories are the inspiring ones that we read that fill us with hope. You probably have a story of your own to share that can inspire others who are dealing with a difficult loss, a broken relationship or a financial hardship.

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