A polar vortex that affected the Northeast and Midwestern areas of the United States brought frigid temperatures and feet of snowfall in 2019. Roughly 65 million Americans were affected by the storm; temperatures dropped well below zero in many places. Homeless people and animals were especially vulnerable during the polar vortex.

But fortunately, some people came to their rescue and showed kindness and generosity when they needed it the most.

Here are some of the heartwarming stories about how humanity came together and helped one another brave the storm.

5 Ways People Helped Each Other Survive The Polar Vortex

1. A police officer rescued and adopted a black kitten after finding it stuck in the snow in a ditch.


Aren’t they adorable together?! Wisconsin saw some pretty brutal weather during the polar vortex; if it wasn’t for this police officer, this kitten would have likely met a terrible fate. Officer Froiseth heard meowing coming from a ditch covered in snow and then discovered the kitten buried underneath it. He brought the kitten back to his squad car where the little guy immediately curled up next to him and didn’t leave his side.

2. In Cleveland, Ohio, people left numerous bags full of winter items for people in need.

Holly Jackson, a resident of Cleveland, Ohio, said she had lived in a homeless shelter in the area 25 years ago. Now, she wants to pay it forward and donate items to those less fortunate. She created the “Wall of Love” and hosts events where she and other Cleveland citizens place care packages along fences of local businesses across the city. Some of the items are donated while others are handmade. During the polar vortex, these items were much-needed and greatly appreciated by those who couldn’t survive without them.

3. Firefighters in Iowa responded to a woman in labor and helped her deliver the baby. They stuck around to shovel her driveway, too!


While some people got to stay warm in their homes and shelter themselves from the brutal weather, firefighters and other emergency responders had to keep working. We’re sure the woman who made the call was very grateful for the help!


4. This generous woman bought 70 homeless people a hotel room for the night in Chicago when temperatures dropped to 20 below zero.


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We need more people like this woman; she didn’t care about the cost. She simply cared that people who would otherwise have no place to stay could survive the night during the polar vortex.

5. A man in Toronto shoveled a major road by himself so that cars could keep driving.

The polar vortex brought a storm that chilled the northern part of North America, but the kindness of these humans brought a little warmth during tough times. Which of the stories was your favorite? Do you have any to share with us? Please leave your comments below and join in the discussion!

(We hope another polar vortex won’t come to visit for quite a while!)

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