5 Ways to Make Yourself Believe in Yourself

5 Ways to Make Yourself Believe in Yourself


To do well in life, you must believe in yourself. You are the one person you can truly rely on. Your belief about yourself and your abilities reflect in your personal success and happiness.  When you lack confidence in yourself, others pick up on that, and don’t take you seriously.  And in turn, your confidence can shrink even more.

Belief in yourself opens the doors of opportunity to your dreams and aspirations. It allows you to live your truth and be your best self.  You are an important and integral part of life as much as anyone and anything else. You have a purpose!  When you believe in yourself, the ability to follow your passions and live your purpose is available. You are allowing good things to come to you, and your belief in yourself allows you to act on those opportunities.

But, in this often highly competitive and demanding society we live in, we can feel small, unworthy and far from confident.

That doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It just takes specific skills and habits that must be consistently practiced.

Here are 5 Ways to Make Yourself Believe in Yourself:

1. Reflect on your past success.

If you’re in an emotional rut, use the tools from your past and get yourself out.

Here’s an exercise: Vividly remember a time when you absolutely just kicked butt! You rocked it! You exceeded your own expectation. 🙂 Put yourself there and feel the excitement and pride you had inside. Now, remember you can do it again.

It’s healthy to use the past to your advantage. Too often we easily recall what has hurt us, but we can just as easily allow the past to help us propel.

If you need a bigger boost, repeat the exercise.

2. Seek positive external validation.

Every day we are subconsciously seeking validation, essentially for love in some form. That level of validation depends upon the attitude of the people around us.

If we surround ourselves with positive people who care about us, cherish our strengths, and help us be uplifted, we will flourish. However, if we are around people with negative, limiting beliefs, we can become surrounded in a negative environment, not providing ourselves with the fertile ground we need to grow.

Happy, confident, successful people credit others. We all need positive encouragement. That can be a good friend, family member, or mentor.

3. Transform your self talk.

We create who we are, every day, by our daily beliefs and self talk. Our words are essentially affirmation. It’s important that we talk to ourselves with love and kindness. We deserve our own compliments.

For some that can be incredibly difficult. We can compliment and love others, but… love ourselves? It seems egotistical! But, it’s not.

You deserve your love and appreciation more than anyone else.  Shine your light and love towards every area you feel needs improvement.

Embrace your flaws? But, doesn’t that mean you’re accepting and allowing them to be there?

Actually, loving your flaws releases them and allows them to become whole and well again. If you are having a hard time, switch your focus to another area and come back to it later.

This practice can be achieved easier through daily personal affirmations and mirror work.

4. Give fears less credit, give yourself more.

Fear is merely false evidence appearing real. It’s worry set on fire. It holds you back from believing in yourself more than anything else. It’s an illusion.

Realizing that your fear is not real is the first step (which can actually be hard to do, so when you do you are well on your way).

Transcend the fear with action and do not hesitate. Yep, just like the Latin Proverb – Carpe Diem!

You are capable of much more than you believe. When you conquer fear you allow for more of your true self to shine. Keep up the momentum and declare to conquer a few fears in a specific amount of time (like once a month). In a year, you’ll look back and feel like a completely new you! 😉

5. Celebrate the positive.

Your everyday attitude affects how you treat yourself and others. Strive to be an optimist and see the good in the world. Focus on what you love about yourself and your strengths. Celebrate who you are and the good people you have in your life. Feel gratitude for everything going right and all the blessings on the way. Learn lessons from the challenges you’ve conquered.

A positive attitude is the quickest way to believing in yourself. It bypasses everything else and gets right to the end goal – happiness, love, success, and belief in yourself.

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27 thoughts on “5 Ways to Make Yourself Believe in Yourself

  1. Stop comparing your life to others. It's easy to see the positive in others lives without knowing their realities. We are surrounded by media images of fake happiness it is no wonder we feel that our lives do not match up. Please stop judging yourself so harshly. When friends come round, welcome them, listen to them and realize you're lucky to have them in your life. Don't expect a miracle change but take it a day at a time.

  2. I started a simple practice – every morning I write down 3 things I'm grateful for, and every evening I write 3 things that went well today. It turned things around for my attitude – it took about a week to notice the effects.

  3. I started each night listing 5 things I am grateful
    For each day; 5 good things I did each day; and 5 good things about myself. I mentor other women and ask them to also do it. This helps us look for the positive each day. It also motivates us to be sure to do at least 5 good things each day.

  4. I understand your pain Richard, I started liking myself then loving myself. Like attracts like. People will see the positive and love in you and loving people will be attracted to you. Try meditation, it works. Sending you love blessings and healing

  5. I cant break out of this self made cage,Idont see any light, Icannot be positive when everything in my life is shit…my freinds try to help, but iI cant defeat my eternal judge…my own mirror, and im driving them away and I dont want to…omg…I just want to be happy like everybody else, ghey have the best life and the best fun…im down on the beach crying cause its all couples and im always the odd one out…please somebody just smack it out of me please…I cant keep living with this heartache everyday…

  6. You give me encouraging words, right now I'm in a bad situation, but you are giving me hope that things will slowly get better as I get better in my self esteem and changing my negitive thoughts to positive. Thank you and God Bless.

  7. I do believe that reinforcing that belief on myself, i have become better and slowly achieving success. We have to remember our past successes and always reinforce ourselves with positive thoughts about ourselves. Good article.

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