One of the biggest goals in life is to be your best self.  Our friend Chalene Johnson shares 5 of her favorite ways to do just that!

5 Tips to Be Your Best Self

1. Brag (to yourself).

Start with a nice long list of things you like about yourself. To “be better” you have to start with gratitude for all the greatness that is already inside of you. Start with all the wonderful things that you are pretty dang proud of! This might sound bragalicious…but it will honestly help you feel better about yourself and feeling better about who you are will automatically help you to BE BETTER!

achieve your goals

2. Make a list of three character traits you want to work on in the next 30 days.

For example, being on time, doing a better job of recognizing co-workers for their efforts, being more romantic with your partner, etc. (When you put your goals on paper, you have a MUCH greater chance of seeing it come to pass!)

3. Invest in personal or business development.

Studies show that the average person receives a $7 return on every dollar spent on personal development. Keep in mind that statistics take into consideration all the people who invest in personal development and then do nothing with it. Make investing in yourself a habit. By taking good notes and applying what you learn I’m certain you can double, triple or even quadruple your return on investment.

4. Focus on being a student.

Be a better student of the people you meet and the people around you. Learn to love learning. Be curious. Read. Study and apply. Studies show that one of the easiest ways to boost self-esteem is by learning something new. Knowledge makes us stronger. Wisdom makes us kinder!

5. Give genuine praise and compliments.

Give genuine praise and compliments to those who deserve it and especially to those who you think already know how you feel about them. Nothing feels better than making another person’s day. Get in the habit of starting each day by sending 5 people a text of sincere appreciation.

Please feel free to share or tag someone who you’d like to publicly acknowledge how much you appreciate them!


Here’s to being your best self!  Add to these tips in the discussion below and always shine ON!