When we wake up in the morning, we’d all like to have a great day full of inspiration, growth, and laughter, wouldn’t you agree?

Fortunately, we can control how our day will go by how we start our mornings. When you wake up, instead of grabbing a Pop-tart and a coffee to go, why not start off your day mindfully and consciously with a few simple practices? It just takes five minutes to do the following things, and the best part is, these practices can make a world of difference in what kind of day you will have.

Here are 5 things you can do in 5 minutes to make your whole day better:

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1. Write in a gratitude journal.

Studies prove the benefits that come along with expressing gratitude for what you have. Some of these benefits include a greater sense of well-being, better immune system, more positive outlook on life, more energy, and better relationships with others.

If you take just a few moments in the morning to write down what you feel thankful for, this will set the stage for a positive, fulfilling day to unfold before your eyes. Life responds directly to your energy, so the more positive vibes you put out, the more will come back around to you. You don’t have to write down any major thing you feel thankful for – just the ability to walk, see, laugh, hug, or breathe will suffice. Write down whatever you feel in your heart, and watch how your world changes as your thankfulness expands.

2. Practice positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations simply mean writing or saying a phrase that empowers you. Something like “I am capable of accomplishing whatever I set my mind to” or “I love myself” constitutes as a positive affirmation. Of course, you can cater the phrase to fit your personal preferences and beliefs, but just make sure that you make time to repeat this phrase to yourself a few times in the morning. You can also remind yourself of the phrase throughout the day to keep it fresh in your memory and keep the energy flowing. If you’d like some ideas for positive affirmations, read our article about them here.

3. Stretch.

Nothing feels better than getting out of bed in the morning and loosening those tight muscles and joints. Taking just five minutes in the morning to get your body limber and ready for the day can set the stage for your work or school day, plus, stretching keeps your body healthy and your mind sharp. You don’t have to do anything fancy or complicated – just doing a few simple movements like reaching your hands down to your toes, doing back twists, or even your favorite yoga poses, will help you feel ready for the day.

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4. Make a smoothie.

In the mornings, we tend to grab something quick and easy for breakfast so we can head out the door and begin our hectic, busy day. However, you can still have an easy breakfast with just a little more effort by making something yourself. This way, you know exactly what goes into your breakfast, you save money, and plus, something you make at home will generally have more nutrition than a fast food meal or something similar. All you need for a smoothie is a few of your favorite fruits and vegetables, some water or plant-based milk, and a blender.

It might take a little work to chop or peel the fruits/vegetables, but you’ll have a healthy, nutritious breakfast that you can take with you, and it will give you energy for your day.

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5. Laugh.

In our overly serious society focused so much on productivity and consumption, we sometimes forget to laugh in the midst of it all. Laughter keeps us sane, boosts our immune system, and simply gives us more energy to keep going in life. Laughter also helps connect us to others, so when you start your day, remember to laugh. Watch a funny YouTube video, play for a bit with your kids, or make a funny face in the mirror. Do whatever it takes to make yourself laugh, because how can you really have a bad day if you start it off with laughter?!

While these tips might not totally transform your life, they will certainly give you a headstart and create more positive energy throughout your day.