The path to authentically becoming happy involves clearing the blocks to the happiness already waiting within us–we were never meant to search for things on the outside because our wellspring was waiting inside. We don’t have to fix anything or make ourselves better–we just have to brush off the dust that’s clouding and dulling our shine.

Taking spiritual teachings from the esoteric realm, or intellectual level into an experiential level was the catalyst for my personal shift from suffering to happiness. We do this through making a commitment to ourselves and creating a daily practice in which we connect with our higher self in meditation and then throughout the day so that we are able to consciously observe our life by being “up above it” rather than “stuck within it”.

From this higher perspective, observe your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions, and patterns so that you can begin to see clearly what changes you need to make in order to clear the blocks to your happiness within.

5 Things to Release in Order to be Happy


1. Thoughts

We begin by identifying the spiritual ego which is synonymous with fear–this means all thoughts that are not love can be released. Loving perceptions feel expansive, inspired and free. Fearful perceptions feel tight, stuck and doubt, judgment and lack are at the forefront. Choose love over fear to truly be happy.

2. Beliefs

A belief is simply a thought that has come in over and over until it has formed into a belief. What we believe in, we create. Are you believing in a nightmare or a happy dream? Identify limiting beliefs and commit to releasing them moment-to-moment.

3. Emotion

Feeling is healing–as we allow emotions to surface and release, we clear emotional patterns from our bodies that were energetically blocking us from happiness and abundance.  Energy is always trying to flow to us in the form of new relationships, creative and financial opportunities, and even better health. However, it’s up to us to open the pathways to be happy.

4. Actions

The actions we take directly affect our well-being.  When we pay attention to those which lower or drain our energy, we can let them go; even if it might not make sense on a logical level, it’s important to listen to our inner guide and body because it knows best.

5. Patterns

Unconscious activities or behaviors are operating from the place of the ego, not our inner guide, which requires us to be present and conscious to align with it. Create awareness of the behaviors that create self-sabotage and cause you suffering, and have the willingness to let them go. This will allow them to fall away naturally. Thus, you can free yourself to become happy.

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