5 Signs “The One” Is Still Out There

5 Signs “The One” Is Still Out There

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We have been taught to believe in two things: (1) You will one day meet that great “one” who will bring fulfillment into your life; and (2) “the one” is a myth and you need to stop searching for it. Eventually we fall into one of those two categories.

We either believe in a soul mate and profound love, or we give up and settle for whatever comes our way mostly out of the fear of being alone. What are the chances that you will meet the mate of your dreams with all the qualities you have dreamed up since adolescence? Well you can definitely hold on to the belief that there is someone you can love and will forever love you back.

Here are 5 signs that “the one” is still out there:

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1. Synchronicity appears often.

There are times that meeting someone is just a step up to then meeting the next person. Don’t allow a sign to go unnoticed. Imagine this: You meet a man on a plane from Australia on the way home from a business trip. He goes back home while you stay in the United States. You keep in touch. You meet another woman from Australia. She introduces you to another person who is in the same type of business as you.

Before you know it, you are guided to visit the Land Down Under. You get there and you meet the one. Had you not entertained all those signs to get to Australia you might had never met this person. Signs come in many forms. The One might just be down the road from you and until you follow the signs to meet you will continue to travel apart. Let your heart guide you.

2. You aren’t pairing up with anyone.

Some of us go through an array of disastrous dates before the one shows up and it’s usually not on a planned event. It could be as simple as the grocery store. You may have spent countless hours, and years, with online dating and one day the right woman shows up at the deli counter. You might have even given up and fallen into the second part of our belief system that a soul mate is a myth.

But, it is exactly then that your “one” shows up to love you. Love has no expiration date. You might have to endure all those others just to get to this one person. This is the place most people feel exhausted and just settle for Mr./Mrs. Right Now rather than wait for Mr./Mrs. Right Forever.

3. Each new relationship teaches and heals you from the past.

You can’t appreciate kindness and true love unless you’ve had some deep heartaches from past relationships. How can you know what you want until you pass those lessons? There is a reason you experience all those relationships. They catapult you into figuring out exactly what you want out of a loving union. You cannot cherish light until you have been in darkness. It’s duality.

4. You feel as if something is missing in your life.

You might not be looking for the one. But there is a feeling of loss that is not clear. You’ve tried to fulfill your life with work, hobbies, travel, and other relationships. You might have been married and now divorced with children. Despite that, you still feel this ache as if something has gone missing. That is “the one” searching for you. The moment you allow for this awareness the universe starts to align with your desires. Let go of old programmings and begin to envision your future partner.

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