It seems that it takes a lot of work to find a soulmate. We go through life with a million expectations of what we want in a partner. That’s why we get on sites for online dating or go to Meet-ups to try to meet someone. We go through countless processing and debating to find that one. It doesn’t have to be so difficult. Your soul mate is out there waiting to align with you.

Here are 11 ways to attract your soulmate into your life:


1. Be happy.

Joy is contagious. We gravitate towards laughter. Joy is a high vibration in our bodies. When we take life with this high frequency we get to attract the things we want. No one wants to be in an unhealthy relationship. Happiness is a fantastic road that forces others to travel along with you.

2. Be truthful.

Do you know what you want in a partner? Be honest of the things you want and those you will not tolerate. You cannot attract your soul mate based on misconceptions and lies. You need to be honest and truthful with yourself. Thus, you are the only person who knows what you can live with and those things you cannot.

3. Don’t settle for right now when seeking your soulmate.

You cannot attract your soul mate if you are entertaining someone in the meantime to fill an empty space. You are not required to be alone forever, but the universe cannot provide a life partner while you are holding on to someone that you know is not right for you. Let go of the idea of loneliness.

4. Use visualization.

We all have an ideal persona of what we want in a mate. Use this to attract your soul mate. Make a vision board. Write down in a journal the qualities you want in your partner. Make clear intentions of what you want as a lover, a partner, a friend, and a parent for your children (those you have and those you want in the future).

5. Before you look for your soulmate, heal past wounds.

You cannot attract a healthy relationship when you are carrying the wounds from an old relationship. You cannot feed love into a partnership when you are still hung up on someone else full of resentments and regrets. Those things will not allow for a wonderful person to partake in your life. You might just be attracting the same type of person, repeating the same painful lessons.

6. Make your life a playground.

You must play alone in order to share with another. Enjoy the ability to be with yourself. Get creative. Take classes and pick up a hobby that enriches your soul. Another person is not going to cure you from loneliness. It might even exaggerate those emotions. You have to learn to entertain yourself and enjoy the childlike moments that are fragments of your wholeness.

7. Forgive yourself.

Why is forgiveness important when attracting a soul mate? Because forgiveness sets you free. It allows your vibration to rise and feel no more pain. Forgiveness is never for another. It is an act of letting go of all past emotions and what drama you played in the past. It’s okay. You are okay. Forgiving yourself makes room for true love.

8. Make room in your life for your soulmate.

This is literally and metaphorically. If you want a soul mate you have to make room in all aspects of your life. Clear out a drawer in your bedroom, make room for another person’s clothes in the closet. De-clutter your life mentally and physically. You attract whatever you put out there. If there is no room in your house for someone else how can you expect the universe to align with the right person who will be taking part of your home and your life?

9. Let go of expectations.

No two relationships are the same. Your high expectations of what you will find in a relationship are irrational and will stop the flow of true love. Expectations are dangerous. They are part of a controlling mind. You cannot expect perfection. You can only attract who and what you are. The more loving you are, the more love you attract. Likes attract likes. You cannot be disappointed if you have no expectations.

10. Listen to your intuition.

This is a huge part of your life. Your intuition is an internal GPS guiding you towards the highest good. If you meet someone and it doesn’t feel right or easy, that’s not the person for you. Follow your gut. Your internal guidance will align with the right person. And, when you finally meet that person you will know he/she is your soul mate.

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11. Be the love you are wanting to give another.

Love is a seed of hope and grace. When you love and respect yourself to the highest level, another person will love and respect you for it. Do not substitute lust for love. Do not settle for anything less than the way you love yourself. Giving yourself worth attracts another to treat you with utmost love and appreciation. You deserve the acknowledgment, acceptance and unconditional love out there. It all starts with you.