5 Plants That Help You Get The Best Sleep

5 Plants That Help You Get The Best Sleep


These five plants will get you to dreamland faster than Faithless singing “I can’t get no sleep.” So forget counting sheep, here are Power of Positivity’s Top Five plants for a decent night’s shut-eye.

5 Plants That Help You Get The Best Sleep

1. Aloe Vera

Say “Aloe” to Vera! Aloe Vera, known in Ancient Egypt as the food of immortality, is low maintenance and also emits oxygen during the night in the home. Giving off oxygen is the catalyst to kip (“sleep” in British English slang), which staves off insomnia. This gives you the best sleep you could ever want. You can even get an Aloe Vera sleeping pack, including a mask. Ladies, fancy some all-night pampering while you sleep? Or was that a silly question?

2. Lavender Plant

Purple plant power present. Perfect for reducing those stress and anxiety levels to help you sleep at night. Lavender helps lower the heart rate, too. It promotes pure relaxation, which is precisely what sleep is. Many people use it in the bathtub after being put through their paces at their 9 to 5. Purple plant power pampering indeed!

3. Jasmine Plant

This is Princess Jasmine’s plant, and Aladdin can be rest assured that his sweetie is getting her beauty sleep. What is her secret? It is the smell of the Jasmine Plant, increasing the quality of sleep and helps after you wake up with elevated levels of alertness and productivity and lessened levels of anxiety. She does not need to use one of her three wishes that the Genie gave her. If it is good enough for a princess, ladies…

4. English Ivy

Forget English tea, English Ivy is definitely the plant to help thee. English Ivy is simple to grow and it is the best air purifier around, being beneficial for those with pulmonary problems, including asthma. It reduces air molds by a whopping 94% to help you get some well-earned kip. For those not from the country of Pride and Prejudice and Downtown Abbey, it is time to give London a miss and head out into the enchanting English countryside for some English Ivy seeds. It is why English cottages have them all over the exterior walls.


5. Snake Plant

Fear not, dear friends. This plant will not bite your head off, I assure you! What is there not to love about this plant? It is easily maintained, pleasant on the eye in the home, and improve air quality and general atmosphere within it. No harm involved at all. In fact, you might be tempted to put a couple in your place and let them do their thing.

With all these plants at home at 10:30pm, I am surprised that I did not doze off in the middle of writing this! Sweet dreams.

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