5 Mind Tricks That Improve Relationships

5 Mind Tricks That Improve Relationships

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Imagine the romantic relationship that you deserve to have and keep reading to learn the 5 mind tricks that can help you have a better one now with your current partner.

5 Mind Tricks To Help You Have A Better Relationship

1. Practice mindfulness

One of the best gifts you can give your relationship is mindfulness. When you bring focus to each detail of your partner’s life, you become a better listener, you pick up on emotional cues, and you meet the needs of your partner better.


Mindful moments create joy, and joy is similar to love. Any mindful, joyful moments will be positive memories that serve to solidify your bond with your partner.


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‘One answer is, don’t accept a partner who wanted you for rational reasons to begin with; look for a partner who is committed to staying with you because you are you. Committed by what? Committed by an emotion. An emotion that the person did not decide to have, and so cannot decide not to have. An emotion that was not triggered by your objective mate-value and so will not be alienated by someone with greater mate-value. An emotion that is guaranteed not to be a sham because it has physiological costs like tachycardia, insomnia, and anorexia. An emotion like romantic love.’

2. Get your partner to like you more by asking them for favors

Of course your partner will appreciate it when you help them, but the funny thing is that you will like your partner even more when you help them. When we help another person, our minds rationalize why we are willing to help this person.

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This interesting mind trick can be used on people outside of your partnership as well. If you and your partner have not been feeling close lately, ask them to do a favor for you. The fact that they are willing to invest the time to help you will help them to focus on the positive traits about you. They must like you or else they wouldn’t be willing to help, right?

3. Be a dopamine fiend

You may recall from our article 8 Ways To Create Endorphins In Your Brain that dopamine is the hormone that acts on the reward and pleasure center in your brain. Dopamine is also released during sex and deeply connected love.

The doctors at centersite.net say ‘Food, water, and sex activate the reward system. When the brain’s reward center is activated, it releases dopamine. Dopamine creates a pleasing, enjoyable sensation. Thus, we are likely to repeat these behaviors that are necessary for survival.’


By seeking out dopamine-inducing activities, like exercise, you can increase dopamine to the levels that mimic having great sex and being in love. Trick your mind into helping you feel like you did when you had a better relationship.

4. Choose to not have things your way

Positive people know that part of the key to living a happy life is choosing our attitude and perspective. For couples who find that they argue too often, the easiest mind trick to having a better relationship is to change your mind.

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For example, if you want to go out for Italian food and your partner wants Chinese, you would just tell your partner that you have changed your mind and would love to go for Chinese food with them.

This mind trick of saying aloud an opinion that is different from your own makes you believe it also. In other words, by simply saying the words ‘I’ve changed my mind and I want to go out for Chinese food’ will make you feel like you really did want Chinese food all along.


Basically, you are also helping your partner by agreeing with them, which makes you feel better about your relationship for having helped them. Changing your perspective is a quick mind trick that will make your relationship better.

5. Recreate the feeling of love

This mind trick is a kind of body trick that works on your mind. Think about the way that you feel in your body when you are in love. Your pulse is high, your rate of breathing is higher, and you feel uncertain of anything, and these sensations in your body are almost exactly how you feel when you are a little afraid.

Think about it; picture the level of anxiety that you feel when you leave a haunted house or scary movie, for example. This is almost the same feeling as when we are falling into that obsessed love with someone we have a huge crush on.

After you see a scary movie, and once you have that mildly afraid feeling, look in your partner’s eyes for at least one minute. If you can re-create the physical feelings of love by watching a scary movie, and then spend a minute looking into your lover’s eyes, then you will feel as though you are deeply in love all over again.


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