No matter how close your relationship is, there’s always room to grow. And when it comes to being close with your partner, there are ways to make that happen. Intimacy is a way of closely connecting with your partner that doesn’t have to involve anything physical, but it can if both partners want it to.

Improving your intimate relationship is all about three things:

  • Trust with your partner
  • Willingness to break old ways of thinking
  • The desire for a stronger intimate bond

Intimacy is a connection to your partner that involves physical closeness and an emotional connection. This intimacy is where our feelings of love come from. Did you know that when you cuddle with your partner, your brain releases oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a pain-killer that can naturally rival what pregnant women in labor receive to dull their pain. No wonder we are addicted to love. Loving cuddling is like being addicted to this incredible natural painkiller. Here are some suggestions on how to deepen your relationship.

4 Ways To Get Closer Than Ever With Your Partner


1. Think about your ideal encounters

Start this process off by thinking about your ideal encounters and then compare it to how your actual encounters with your significant other are. If it’s not ideal, think about what would make your relationship better, and then talk it over with your mate. Let them know what your needs are and listen to theirs as well. Communication is key when it comes to deepening your relationship.

2. Learn about yourself

You might have never thought about your preferences before unless you were in a situation where something new came up with your significant other. This doesn’t just mean in a physical sense, either. People can become closer through activities enjoyed together or by just having a conversation.

Ask yourself these questions now. What am I unwilling to try? Do I already know that I enjoy? What am I curious to learn more about with my partner?

3. Develop communication with your partner

First of all, if you aren’t having ideal communication, you either have not told your partner what you want or they already refused your offer. More likely than not, you never even asked.

Trust, even at our most vulnerable, is indeed important for an intimate bond. You want to be able to reveal your deepest desires to your significant other and feel comfortable doing so.

Decide now to face your fears and ask your partner for your innermost desires in a relationship. If they seem uncomfortable with what you’ve asked for, you might need to reach a compromise so that you can both feel a certain level of comfort in the relationship.


4. Make an appointment with a licensed therapist

There is no safer way to explore intimacy with your partner than by working with a professional. A licensed therapist can help with problems such as psychological fears and anxieties about intimacy, and other problems that keep couples from having an excellent intimate life.

You can find a licensed intimacy counselor through the American Association of Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT). These are ethically trained professionals who ‘share an interest in promoting understanding of human intimacy and relationship behavior.’ If you want a healthy intimate life, it is within your reach.

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