Connecting with someone on a romantic and intimate level can bring so much joy and wonder into someone’s life. When you are finally able to find that one person whose love for you is unconditional, and who absolutely adores you and everything about you, it can be one of the most affirming experiences in life. At the same time, the thought of how to attract someone to you can be daunting.

Modern society seems to have just as many rules for attracting a partner, for either gender, as it did back when our parents or grandparents were courting one another. Still, even if it seems like an impossible task, there are ways to attract someone who absolutely adores you, and everything that you have to offer the world.


“Mysteries of attraction could not always be explained through logic. Sometimes the fractures in two separate souls became the very hinges that held them together.” – Lisa Kleypas


The most important part of attracting someone into your orbit is to be confident in yourself. Confidence will help you absolutely radiate warmth, happiness, positivity, and respect for yourself, as well as others. Don’t allow people to misread or misinterpret your confidence as arrogance. You will become more attractive when you are self-assured and don’t try to fit yourself into a label or box of something that you are not.

Embrace yourself, including all of your flaws and quirks, and all of the things that make you a unique human being. Trust me, there will be someone out there who finds everything about you attractive, simply because you don’t try to hide pieces of yourself. Confidence defeats self-shame.

The more confident you feel in yourself, the more confidence you will be able to instill in other people. When you make others feel good about themselves, they keep coming around for more positive interactions.



Don’t allow your confidence to shift into arrogance. Practicing humility will make you more approachable, and will genuinely make your interactions with people more positive and enjoyable. Be confident in your abilities, but don’t give in to bragging and putting yourself on a pedestal. If you put yourself on a pedestal, you’re setting both yourself and the people around you up for disappointment.

We are all only human, and humility will allow people to see you as a whole, complete person with both attractive qualities, capabilities and flaws, rather than just the sum of your accomplishments. Not only will humility make you more attractive to other people, but it will also make you feel better about yourself.

Feeling good and positive, along with a healthy outlook on yourself and life, will shine through in all of your interactions and cause people to gravitate towards you.


Being able to laugh about things and to connect with people through humor is an attractive quality. Nobody likes to be around people who are too serious all the time. It’s good to be able to be serious when the situation calls for it, but sometimes the best answer is to just laugh it off. Humor will help you navigate all the stress that comes with life, and make you a generally more positive person to be around.

Knowing when to laugh, or being able to look back at a situation later and find the humor in it, will make you both more confident and less stressed out. As well, people naturally gravitate towards others who make them feel good. It feels good to laugh! Being able to make those around you laugh, even when they are feeling down, will make others want to be around you all the more.

Attracting someone who will adore you for all that you are means being able to connect with them on all levels – deep, emotional connections, or sharing the same sense of humor.

There is always someone out there for everyone, and it’s just a matter of putting yourself out there. Knowing the right qualities that will attract people to you will make the process of finding that one special person easier, and will also dissuade negative people from entering your life.

There are a lot of qualities that can be found in all of the best people that we surround ourselves with. Being able to project and connect with these qualities will allow you to attract someone that will adore you, inside and out.

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