25 Things Creative People Do Differently

25 Things Creative People Do Differently

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While most think of creative people as “right-brained” or artsy, creativity exists within all of us – even the most logical, linear thinkers.

However, some of us have honed our creative sides a little more than others, and we know how to capture and express that imaginative energy. Creative people cover a broad spectrum of personalities, from the stereotypical starving artist to the entrepreneurial businessman. They share some common traits that allow them to bring that creativity to life, including the following:

25 Things Creative People Do Differently:

1 – They work when the work comes to them.

This first point suggests that they only paint, draw, write, sew, dance, or write out business plans when they feel like it. Creative people know the mind performs best in small bursts of concentrated work.


2 – They probably don’t have a “normal” job.

The creative spirit feels dampened by a job in which it doesn’t get to roam free and do as it pleases. Many creative types turn to entrepreneurship to make money because it fulfills their soul while still allowing them to get paid.

3 – They see inspiration in everything.

Creative spirits become inspired by anything and everything, from an unusual pattern on a leaf to the bright lights of a city at night. They see the world as their oyster, and have a knack for finding inspiration in the most unlikely of places.


4 – They never stop questioning.

The creative mind always wonders and always wanders; creative people have highly active imaginations and ponder the big AND small questions in life. They want to know it all.

5 – They aren’t afraid to fail.

They don’t even see failure as a bad thing, because they know that the only way to grow in life is by putting yourself out there and making mistakes. Think of the Wright Brothers, and all their failed attempts at flight before their eventual success. Where would we be today without their persistence?

6 – They are very independent people.

They don’t like being told what to do or when to do things. They work best alone and feel totally confident walking their own path in life.


7 – They are risk-takers.

Creative people don’t just love doing new things, they actually seek out dangerous or uncomfortable opportunities because this makes them feel alive. It unlocks new doors of creativity, and might even give them insight into previously undiscovered talents.

8 – They use their pain to fuel their passion.

Creative people have likely been through very hellish and traumatic experiences, but these experiences give life to their work. They feel inspired by what they learned from their setbacks, and transmute the negative energy from the pain into something positive.

9 – They practice self-development.

Imaginative people know that a foggy, unproductive, negative brain will block their creativity and not allow them to express themselves fully. They read self-help books, practice mindfulness, meditate, do yoga, and say positive affirmations. They know that a positive attitude is a cornerstone of achieving a high level of creative success.

10 – They daydream.

Creative people let their minds wander, and don’t ask any questions until later. They simply enjoy traveling to new lands and thinking up new concepts through their imaginations, and know that daydreaming can lead to the most profound, unparalleled ideas.

11 – They enjoy spending time alone.

Most creative people are seen as loners or misfits, and never really fit in to any stereotype or clique. While this may not always be the case, creative people usually feel most comfortable in solitude because they do the best work in their own company.

12 – They aren’t afraid of being different.

They know they’re different, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. They own their uniqueness and feel honored to show it off.

13 – They only want friends who uplift and inspire them.

They don’t want to be around people who don’t have big dreams and visions – they seek out friendships with people who they can bounce ideas off of and who truly understand their soul.

14 – They often act before they think.

Despite the stereotype of creative people, most of them actually take huge leaps of faith without going through all the scenarios in their minds first. Why? Because they know that they must live it, not just think it, in order to reach their goals.

15 – They do things most people aren’t willing to do.

They don’t give up easily, they put themselves out there, they fail over and over again but see it as growth, and they put in hard work even when they’re tired. Creative people are troopers; they have a strong will and don’t let anything stand in their way.


16 – They have a “yes” mentality.

They say yes to life because they know this will create more opportunities for them. They do things even when they’re scared or unsure – they realize that momentum coupled with a positive attitude creates the perfect mixture for exciting things to happen.

17 – They have a strong work ethic.

They might work fifteen or more hours a day, depending on how they feel. They know that dreams don’t work unless they do.

18 – They are complex people.

They might feel that no one understands them, but they don’t care. They have an intricate web of personality traits and deep emotions, but they feel proud to have so many layers. They think this makes them a more interesting person!

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19 – They get bored with the same old routine.

They thrive off of new experiences, and actually cringe and feel caged in by doing the same things at the same time, day in and day out.


20 – They move around a lot.

They don’t like staying in the same place too long, because their creative energy thrives off of new places, faces, and activities.

21 – They are highly emotional, intuitive people.

Most creative people identify with being an empath, or highly sensitive person. They feel things very deeply, and let out their emotions through their creative work.

22 – They may have a hard time falling asleep.

Because of their active brains, they might stay up into the early morning hours some nights, either working or just thinking.


23 – They take care of themselves.

They realize their creative energy can’t move through them if they don’t keep their mind, body, and soul healthy. They likely care about their diet, exercise often, and meditate daily.

24 –  Life means nothing to them if they don’t follow their hearts.

They don’t relate to people who see everything as a means to an end. To them, their passion is both the means AND the end.

25 – They live life on the edge.

They know that they must always feel excited and challenged in life in order to live to the fullest. They want to live a life that is anything but ordinary.

What is your favorite part of being a creative person?  Share in the discussion below!


83 thoughts on “25 Things Creative People Do Differently

  1. I relish the ability of the creative force to take me from the maddening crowd into my intuitive self, the Higher Self that connects me to the NOW, my heart and my soul.

  2. while i find most of this statements to be true and i identify with the mayority of them, some of the great creative minds of our time (and throught the time), turned to drugs and overdose, commited suicide… or just whent throught a spiral of self destruction, depression and such, obviouslly thats was not due to a yes mentality or positive thingking, so i guess every creative mind or person, owns their own land in the world of dreams.

  3. Most of it is not true for many creative people. You could also title “some people are like this”. Example “They take care of themselves.” as soon as there is a big project it might happen that you don’t take care of yourself at all. “They only want friends who uplift and inspire them.” everybody can be inspiring you don’t have to dream big to be inspiration for somebody. Friendship is you much more complex that this. “They aren’t afraid to fail” of course they are and sometimes its even harder because with are you can not generally say “this is a fail” and this is not.

  4. I wholeheartedly disagree with number one. Sometimes I feel like not writing, but I still do it. I believe that real creatives are those who sometimes don't feel like doing something even though they love it, but push through anyway because they know they won't feel fulfilled if they don't do it.

  5. Thanks, your view articulated what I was feeling, which was a wee bit of unease. These characteristics aren't necessarily delightful or easy to deal with from someone else's perspective. Wonderful ideas don't outweigh self-centredness. Being creative is actually not enough.

  6. When reading, I felt like I was looking into a mirror, and that someone had defined my personality- my image was drawn into a painter's model, and labeled- someone really knows me! I wonder if this underlines most of my problems with the everyday; surely, my constant need to defy others, my inability to take orders, and strong hatred of suppression, is explained by this. Everything I do is a dynamic with possibilities, and nothing is linear. Routines and schedules fly out the window when I am in my element; I work until five a.m. every night without a single thought for consequence- I disregard rules and set patterns, and completely ignore any rebukes sent me.

    My relationships with others are built upon this need to be different. Anything that feels strange or unique to me, is a wily magnet for my attraction. I like people that help me to build this concept, that help me to live beyond the matrix of standard. I like different beliefs . . . and I hate the concept of feeling normalized. I cannot stand it when people tell me I should 'do it otherwise,' because the premise of their reason is always, that's how it is.

    Who is to say what I should or should be? Who is to tell me what rules and regulations to follow- who creates the rules here? I maintain that I am an self-independent starter, and that I create myself. There have been hundreds of self-starters before me, who have laid the concept of these rules- when you have the ability to create them, though, why follow what has been done in the past?
    Creation is in the present . . . life is a fluid line that is constantly moving forward. Independent thoughts, and creative thinking, are moving this world. We are all moving weirdly, and the molecules of though gravitate towards one grand, beautiful creation of life-

    Why stop in the face of reality? True beauty is a constant, imaginary flow of creative thought . . . which moves us closer and closer to our dreams. Are the lines of reality and belief so very different? I think they are very much the same. Everything is a concept in the mind- it just depends on how you look at it the concept.

    The reason I defy others, is because I see it my way ~

  7. Ridiculously rose-colored list of traits of creative people. This looks more like "traits of successful entrepreneurs". Not all creative people take care of themselves or have a strong work ethic, though many list items are appropriate.

  8. Amber: While in the creative work force you will learn to be underappreciated, over worked, paid less, shit on most days and squeezed dry for every ounce of creativity you have. Brutal is a good word for it.
    The happiest artists I know don't have regular jobs, do what they feel artistically ( which is in essence what an artistic "style" is all about ) whether they make money or not.
    No matter what you think, most of these are true. But you can't pick and choose either. Nor can you say I want to be this today and this tomorrow. Being creative is inside you.

  9. This was not a very creative article. I'm pretty sure most people are creative, then.

    And some of these are contradicting; how can you say yes to everything and have a desire to question everything? Those seem to be at odds with one another…

  10. I cannot create one word or paint a stick figure unless I'm feeling that rush of inspiration- I've tried for years! But when I do feel it—- that article / painting will be finished EXACTLY how it was meant to turn out in my imagination. I always start & finish in the same sitting- it may take hours & hours but those have always been the pieces that got published- shown etc. Works for me! I'd like feedback on how others get started- to finish. Isn't fun being colorful, artsy and expressive in whatever genre? Being a rocket scientist or molecular biologist just doesn't get my creative juices going- 🙂

  11. These massive generalizations are frustrating. I am most definitely a creative person, but a lot of the ones pertaining to not caring about what others think are totally not right for me. I am not a risk taker, secure in myself, or confident. That doesn't make me less creative, it just means that right now I am not at my creative peak. It just seems that all of these kinds of lists put a stereotype on a group of people who are very different but may fall into the same category. Just a little annoying. Rant over

  12. We can't generalise and say they are bogus myths for everyone. I, for one, do relate to #1, not on purpose, but if I'm not feeling particularly good or inspired, the work that comes out isn't good and that makes me feel worse; so I've learnt to notice when I'm feeling inspired and I use that time to get a large amount of work done.

  13. some of your deep thinking might be better spent learning about homophones, . . . a flaw in almost every post I read on the internet these days. That and just plain bad spelling ~sigh~ unfortunately being creative usually comes with a case of OCD .

  14. I'm a musician, and honestly? My best work has come from short, concern tested spirts. This is also very true for Alot of my friends. Of course we work hard and practice but when it comes to writing material, it's very true.

  15. I'm all these things… Ex for number 14…. I'm a deep thinker.. I'll always think things threw and threw, before I act on it. I don't allow my emotions to take over, I always think about every angle to everything, then try to come to a rationality with things. I'll ask a few people of their opinion on the matter, take it into consideration, think some more. Then act. I always want to make sure I come to the best decision. I also think deeply on my words before I speak. Words can be extremely hurtful, and I do not like being misunderstood, esp after thinking so long about things. lol

  16. Being creative means I get to use my gifts to leave a beautiful mark upon this world, through words, repurposing a discarded item, to creating something one-of-a-kind for someone special. I may live and tink outside the box….but coloring inside the lines is soooo overrated! 😉

  17. For me, I like the constant challenge. I can amaze as well as confound myself. . I have worked with clay almost 40 years and still have things happen that I don't understand. There are so many components that make up a work of art It's overwhelming sometimes, so I start in 1 corner, and and try not to look up. Then I work from that point on. It grows from that little corner.

  18. Me too. Im a workaholic because I am always creating at work. My "spare" time is spent teaching my horse tricks, gardening, I am a horse photographer, I oil paint, I work with clay, I love travel, and my husband is just like me! He is a writer and photographer. I wouldn't trade our exciting life for anything. Married 45 years and still making up our fun.

  19. I approach my job creatively even when it's mundane…
    I have found that I cannot create every day, my creativity needs time to mull it over, try out new ideas, jot things down, make lists, research…for years I thought that meant I was lazy. Now I know it's just ME.

  20. I love the fact that I love the journey, and enjoy doing things that would seem ridiculous to some people, like enjoying a novel experience for no reason, me and a buddy of mine were bored and decided we were going to go down to the abandoned quarry in the middle of winter a good couple inches of snow on the ground, at around 1 am to… Make a fire just because why not.

  21. They say positive affirmations? Really? Like…"I'm a genius", "I'm so creative" ? And they only create when the 'muse' is upon them? And they're so predictable they summed up in 25 self- congratulatory points? What a tiny, glorious thing to be creative and wonderful!

  22. I often feel that when this topic is discussed, that people approach it from different perspectives. Some want to define themselves as "creative" people…. and others are creative people because that's just what they do.

  23. Completely agree with you, esp about #1. I write, draw, photograph, jot ideas, dream, work on roughs, etc. everyday…even when I am tired or sick. It is quite often that something comes from nothing in my experience. Also, I am back in Art School, so I have to create constantly and at times it is brutal. I never wait, to create and as for #2, being in the non-creative workforce allows me to see perspectives other than my own.

  24. My favorite part of being a creative person is seeking out and associating with other creative people. They're so interesting! I can always learn something form them. There's such a strong drinking culture in our society now and I find it depressing being around people who do nothing but get drunk/talk about the last time they got drunk (I was so wasted–haha!)

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