While you may not ever truly know every single thing about your partner, you can always learn something new about them if you just ask the right questions! On the flip side, your partner may not know certain things about you, either, so getting them to ask you the following questions could help make the relationship seem new and exciting all over again. Let’s face it, if we’re not careful, relationships can grow stale and boring once the honeymoon phase is over.

So to help spice things up, we’ve come up with a list of questions that both of you can ask each other!

Here are 25 questions that prove if your partner truly knows you:

1. What’s my favorite season? 

This might seem like a generic question, but it’s one you should definitely ask to see if your partner has been paying attention. This usually comes up when a couple is getting to know each other, so if you’ve been with your partner for a while, cut them some slack if they don’t get it right the first time. Generally, this falls under the “basic questions” category, and some people tend to forget small details. However, if your partner gets it right, extra brownie points for them!

2. What’s my favorite restaurant? 

Pretty much everyone loves food, and it’s a common thing to bond over. After a couple months, your partner should know what your favorite grub is and where you like to get it. Enough said!

3. Where’s my favorite place to relax?

Whether it’s a park, your bedroom, or on a rooftop somewhere, your partner should know where you like to chill out. Chances are, they probably like to wind down with you in the same place, so they should definitely know the answer to this question.

4. Where do I like to go on vacation?

Maybe they haven’t been on a vacay with you yet, but you’ve probably mentioned where you like to vacation. If you have the means and the time, surprise your partner with a trip there if they get the question right; it’ll make for a fun way to bond and relax together.

5. Where would I move to if I could?

This is another one of those questions that your partner probably should know the answer to. After all, most people would move if given the chance, so it’s usually a common topic of conversation among couples.

6. What’s my favorite car?

Maybe it’s the one you own or it’s just a dream car at the moment, but either way, most people have a favorite set of wheels. This is one of those light, fun questions you can ask your partner to see if they really know you!

7. What is one thing I would change about my life if I could?

Let’s face it; most of us like to play the “what if” game from time to time. Most people would want to change at least one thing about their lives, whether it’s having more money, more time, less stress, etc. If your partner knows this answer, they are definitely a keeper.

8. What’s my favorite TV show/movie?

If your partner doesn’t get this answer right, do they really know you at all? We’re not trying to be harsh here, but honestly, it’s a pretty easy question for the most part!

9. What’s a language that I’d like to learn?

When the topic of travel comes up, you will probably discuss languages that each of you wants to learn at some point. If you end up planning a trip to a country that speaks the language you want to learn, take the opportunity to enroll in classes together if you get a chance.

10. What country do I want to visit more than anywhere else?

Questions about travel always come up in a relationship, so your partner should definitely know your travel dreams by now.

11. What comforts me more than anything?

This is very useful information in a relationship, because your partner will know how to help you when you get depressed, scared, or just feel down. If they know this about you, they’ve definitely been paying attention.

12. What helps me cheer up when I’m sad?

This might be similar to the answer above, or it could be totally different; it just depends on you as an individual. Knowing the answer to this question can help your partner comfort you and put a smile back on your face when you have a bad day.

13. What is my favorite type of nature?

Whether it’s lakes, mountains, beaches, rivers, forests, or deserts, your partner should know this important fact about your personality.

14. What’s my favorite book(s)?

Questions about “favorites” help two people get to know one another, so this should’ve come up at some point in the relationship. If your partner knows your favorite book, he or she might be inclined to read it so you can discuss it together.

15. What are my favorite foods?

Your partner should know what makes your tummy and taste buds happy, and if they do, they’ve probably taken you on many dates to indulge in your favorite cuisine. Or, maybe they like to be the chef and cook homemade meals for you (if this is the case, you’re one lucky guy/gal!)

16. What’s my favorite dessert?

This goes right along with your favorite food (even though dessert is a food, but you get the idea!)

17. What helps me relax?

As crazy as this world is, everyone does something that helps them decompress and recharge. Maybe you like yoga or meditation, or maybe going on hikes helps you de-stress. No matter what it is, your partner will know this fact about you if they truly care.

18. What are some of my hobbies?

What you like to do in your spare time is an important aspect of you and shouldn’t be forgotten by your partner.

19. What’s my favorite holiday?

Besides your birthday, of course. Knowing your favorite holiday can help your partner bond with you and immerse themselves in the spirit of the holiday with you. Whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or some other special day, there are endless activities to do together to celebrate.

20. What are my favorite pets?

This is another question your partner should know the answer to right off the bat. You might even own one of your favorite pets, which would make this question even easier to answer!

21. What are my strengths and weaknesses? 

While part of this question might be hard for your partner to answer, it proves if they truly know you or not. Keep in mind that you should only ask this question if you’re fully prepared for the answer.

22. Who inspires me?

Most people have someone they look up to, whether it’s a family member or a superhero in their favorite movie. Knowing who inspires you helps your partner know an important part of your character.

grow old together

23. What’s my favorite childhood memory? 

Most people have a few memories from the good old days that they like to replay from time to time. If your partner and you have discussed your past in any detail, then they will be able to answer this question with no trouble.

24. What are some of my goals?

Partners should know each others’ motivations and dreams, because that makes up such a big part of what drives you in this life. It shows what path you want to take, which is important to know about someone in a relationship.

25. Where do I see myself in the future? 

This answer may change throughout your life, but you’ve probably shared a little bit about your future desires with your partner. They should know things like where you want to live, what career you see yourself in, and if you want kids or not.

Final thoughts

This is not an exhaustive list of questions by any means, but it makes for a fun, lighthearted way to see if your partner really knows you, and if you know your partner. Their answers might actually surprise you, because people do change throughout their lives, and it helps you to stay connected to your partner. Asking your partner these questions every so often can keep things exciting and help you stay in the loop as your partner evolves and grows.


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