Long distance relationships certainly get a bad reputation for driving people apart, but this doesn’t have to be true. True love can survive anything if both partners are willing to work for their relationship. Let these relationship quotes serve as your beacon.

Relationship Quotes for Long-Distance Couples

One of the best ways to keep your relationship going strong, regardless of where you are in the world, is to use relationship quotes to remind yourselves of the love you have for one another. The best relationship quotes make it easy to see that love can last any amount of distance.

Read on for the following 20 best relationship quotes that will inspire you to keep going:

1. “Her absence means more to me than the very presence of others’.” — Edward Thomas

Being without your loved one can be particularly difficult to deal with, but there’s a silver lining to missing someone: missing them is a reminder of all the amazing feelings you have when you’re with them. Thus, this absence at the moment means more than another’s presence does.

2. “Let their presence, strengthen your love, let their absence sharpen it.” — Richard Bach

The distance between two lovers can often be incredibly overwhelming. However, absence needn’t be destructive. Let your time apart sharpen your love for one another through phone calls, video chatting, and letters.

When you’re both together again, you’ll feel your love that much more.

3. “The world’s most beautiful things can’t be touched or seen; we must feel them with our hearts.” –Helen Keller

Helen Keller’s beautiful words remind us that wherever on earth our loved ones might be, we can still experience the beauty of their presence and our love for them by digging deep inside our hearts. This is especially true in long-distance relationships; whether your partner is near or far, carrying them in your heart will keep the love ever-present until you can see each other again.

4. “In regards to love, the absence is just like the wind is with fire. Though the wind may extinguish the smallest flames, the greater the fire, the more the air will kindle it.” — Roger de Bussy

Many partners wonder if their long-distance relationships will go the distance. While the miles in between two lovers can spell trouble for some relationships, if both of you truly believe in building your love, any absence or distance will only strengthen your love.

5. “Love is missing your lover when you’re apart, yet feeling warm within because you know you are close in heart.” — Kay Knudsen

The beautiful thing about love is that it surpasses time zones, miles, and years. When two people are meant to be together, no amount of distance can tear them apart. As long as both partners work to feel close through communication and intimacy, it doesn’t matter how far apart they may be.

6. “Though the distance might be far and wide, love can surpass it all. The space between lovers is greater than any distance that threatens to keep them apart.” — Linda Roy

The distance itself won’t be the thing that ruins a relationship. All partners should understand that the love that exists between the two of them should be strong enough to bridge any gap of time or distance.

7. “The truest loves show that while small distances can at times feel insurmountable, the greatest distances can easily be bridged. ” — Hands Nouwens

In love, it can be difficult to just be apart from a partner for a few hours in the day. However, lovers that are committed to one another go above and beyond as they invent new ways to make sure their love goes on regardless of how many miles are between them.

8. “With distance, the heart grows fonder. ” — Thomas Haynes Bayly

Popular relationship quotes like this will always ring true, no matter how far your true love may be. Essentially, the trials that distance puts two partners through will transform their relationship, forcing it to grow stronger until they can be together again.

While this doesn’t mean that couples need to be far apart to learn how to love each other, it is this distance that makes them more cognizant of how they truly feel for each other.

9. “As you listen carefully to the wind, you’ll hear me whispering that I love you.” — Andrew Davidson

Whether your lover is a city away or in another country, being in a long distance relationship can often feel like you both are on two separate worlds. If you start to feel this way, take a break to remind yourself that you both are closer than you think.

The beautiful thing about any relationship, wherever you may be, is that you both see the same stars, moon, and sun from wherever you are. While you may not be next to each other physically, you still get to experience the same wonder of the world that will remind you and your partner of how you feel life in the same way.

10. “People can feel closer than ever, even if they are far away. These loved ones walk with us and stay near every moment of our lives. ”– Senora Roy

If you love someone that is far away, it can be tempting to question if the love you both share is genuine. However, this distance doesn’t need to separate you two.

By investing in intimacy and reminding one another of how you both feel for each other, you will both feel closer than ever before, no matter where on earth you are.

11. “Though parting can be painful, this feeling can never compare to the joy between two lovers meeting again.” — Charles Dickens

Though saying goodbye can be particularly heart wrenching, keep in mind that you will see one another again.

While your long-distance situation is separating you for the moment when you both reunite again, the intense feelings of seeing one another again will be like a wave washing over any feelings of pain or sadness.

12. “Lovers have the same desire: to be close forever. However, the true test of real love is being far apart and managing to still love one another in the same way as both did when they were close.”– Senora Ray

All relationships are hard, but relationships that are long-distance are even more of a challenge. While it’s easy to feel close when physically near to your partner, choosing to pursue a relationship despite the distance will truly test the authenticity of your love for one another.

13. “We don’t say goodbyes. Wherever you may be, you’ll be in my heart always.” – Gandi-

Gandhi knows how to make love last. Relationship quotes like this show us that while many lovers do say goodbye to one another, there is something that seems so final in “goodbye”. Instead of giving into this finality, walk away from each other knowing that you will keep the love you both share in your heart until you both are reunited.

14. “Love travels as far as anyone will let it. Love has no limits” — Dee King

Relationship quotes like this one remind us that love is limitless, boundless, and endless. If we truly wish for love to last, it will, no matter how far two people may be from one another.

15. “Love is truly immeasurable and powerful. True love will endure any set of circumstances and will reach across any length of distance.” — Steve Maraboli

Do you believe in the power of your love? If both you and your partner are committed to pursuing each other, no amount of distance will be able to change that.

The best relationship quotes encourage us to let love be as powerful as possible and keep choosing our partners every day.

16. “Though love may be strong, its depths are truly tested upon separation. ”– Khalil Gibran

While it’s easy to feel the pangs of separation, are you still able to feel your love when apart from one another?

With your partner nearby, it’s easy to feel as though you have found your true love, yet separation is the thing that will truly test how deeply you feel for each other.

17. “We were apart, yet we were still together.” — Shannon A. Thompson

Long-distance relationships will only survive if both partners make the effort to be with one another. Though they can’t physically be next to each other, couples can spend time with each other by scheduling dates for phone calls, connecting through social media, and using any other communication tools that will bring them closer to each other.

18. “Long-distance isn’t easy, but if you’ve found someone worth the pain, hardships, and sacrifices, your efforts will always be worth it.” — Anna Agoncillo

The best relationship quotes show us that in true love, any sacrifices that are made will be worth all the effort. These hardships will be painful to experience at the moment, but in the end, your love will win.

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19. “Sometimes two people must be apart. Sometimes this separation makes them love each other more.” — Nicolas Sparks

Distance shows us we should never take one another for granted. By being apart from them, we see how much they truly mean to us.

20. “Choose to be the couple that makes long distance work.” — Dee King

If you’ve ever heard that long-distance relationships don’t work, don’t buy into this lie. Choose to be the two partners that make their love last.

Final Thoughts on Relationship Quotes

All relationships require open communication, commitment, and dedication. This is even truer in a long-distance relationship. While these LDR’s can be particularly complicated, they can and do work.

The best relationship quotes show us the beauty of true love, regardless of how far one may be. If you find yourself far apart from your lover, take heart: though you both may be away from one another in the moment, remind yourself of the love you both share. If your hearts are closer than ever, no amount of distance can separate the two of you.