Virgos are some of the most loyal people you could ever have in your life. They wholeheartedly believe in commitment, not only in their personal relationships but in their goals, as well. They understand that to achieve anything of value in life you must work hard, be persistent and have faith. One would imagine that nothing can aggravate such a resilient being. Yet, there are some things that are guaranteed to irritate this mutable sign.


This earth sign is meticulous when it comes to their appearance, and they expect the same high standards from those around them. No hair should be out of place, and your attire should always be appropriate. A strong Virgo personality would never let their friend wear clothes that are too tight or unflattering for their frame. They would help them upgrade their wardrobe to match their grown-up lifestyle. Any clothing items with rips or stains would automatically be tossed out, or better yet, recycled.


Have you ever seen a group of friends enter a food establishment and wondered which one was the Virgo? Look for the one cleaning the table off before sitting down. They refuse to be surrounded by dirt and grime. They may even carry around antibacterial wipes and use hand sanitizer to stay clean. Now imagine how they feel about their home. For them, a person’s abode should only be that much cleaner than a public restaurant. Floors should be spotless and the living area kept tidy. Do not think you can leave dishes in the sink overnight and that they will be okay with that.

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The only thing worse than having a dirty home is someone who has a dirty body. The religious saying, “cleanliness is next to Godliness” completely encompasses the Virgo personality. They know that their outside appearance is a direct reflection of their spiritual value. Therefore, to be pure in spirit is to be clean in the flesh. Never go out with them if you are dirty or look unclean. Make certain to wash and style your hair. Clean underneath your fingernails, and keep your breath smelling fresh. A Virgo will be the first to point out that piece of food stuck between your teeth, or that you haven’t cleaned the crust from your eyes.


In a partnership, do not even think of keeping the door open when using the bathroom. For them, all bodily functions are better kept concealed. That also includes passing gas, especially in public. Man or woman, they will not find this habit funny or acceptable. Unless you are their child, they won’t even watch you brush your teeth. A Virgo parent will always ensure that their offspring are as impeccable as they are. As a significant other, however, they will have no tolerance for witnessing such private acts. Also, they consider it gross.


Though it may seem that being messy and being disorganized is the same thing, a Virgo understands the distinction and hates it all the same. A messy person will use their clothes, instead of a napkin, to clean their face and hands after a greasy meal. A disorganized person will leave their clothes on the floor after taking them off. If you do both, never invite this earth sign over to your home. The combination of being both messy and disorganized will wreak havoc on their unique sensibilities. They function best when things are in their proper place; categorized if need be.


For the most part, this reserved sign does not like to be the center of attention, and they feel a certain type of way about people who do. They do not appreciate it. Being loud for the sake of having everyone’s gaze upon them seems crass in their mind. Not only is it a social faux pas, but it is also a major turn-off. You will definitely catch their attention with those antics, but only to have them quickly dismiss you as immature or low-class. Even during an argument, they feel no need to raise their tone; not when they can destroy an opponent with their cutting words instead.


On the surface, they may find your critiques unnecessary. Remember, they are their own worst critics. They have already overanalyzed the outcome and concluded what needs to be done to correct it. Sometimes, however, this may not always be the case. Deeper introspection into their psyche reveals that they could also be feeling insecure. According to Cafe Astrology, “They get nervous when others look at their unfinished work, and they are quite protective of their methods of doing things.” A perfectionist’s worst fear is being seen as imperfect. Unless asked, do not give them any form of criticism. And if you do, prepare to see their not-so-friendly side.


This earth sign, especially, does not like eccentricities, whether in behavior or in style. You would never catch them putting on a gaudy look because they abhor anything flashy. Wearing layers of jewelry or ultra-bright clothing that screams for attention is distasteful to their eyes. They prefer well-crafted items in neutral tones that compliment the body’s natural form. Their dislike for over-the-top theatrics does not mean that they hate opulence. On the contrary, they have a deep appreciation for quality. They just have a more subtle way of living in their luxury.


These people can back up their information with facts. Do not attempt to argue with them unless you can do the same. This zodiac sign is one that thrives on hoarding knowledge. They are the type of people who binge-watch the history channel on their days off and play along with the contestants on trivia game shows. Do not think they have fabricated the information solely to win an argument. Odds are, these people came across this information a while ago and have been waiting on the perfect opportunity to use it.


If you love a Virgo, never lie to them. Because of their incredible attention to detail, they are human lie detectors. They observe facial expressions, tone, body language, inflections in your voice, and any other measurable data when speaking to you. So they will notice when you are exaggerating the truth. They may not become visibly angered since they have a tendency to bottle up their emotions until it explodes in a barrage of insults. But, they do know how to enforce their boundaries. If you ever cheat on your Virgo partner or betray their confidence in any way, know that the relationship has been forever altered. Even if they forgive your transgression, they will never forget it, nor will they ever have the same level of trust in you. From a factual standpoint, the chances of their trust getting violated again are higher, which means they need to be on guard.


In the zodiac, Virgo is one of three Earth signs; Taurus and Capricorn being the other two. People born under this element are innately connected to nature. They immediately feel at ease when surrounded by trees and mountains. The natural world is their sacred space. Therefore, littering would be one of the worst things to do in front of them. Besides it causing a mess, which their personality cannot tolerate, littering damages the whole ecosystem. If any sign can understand the value of preserving our planet, it would be Virgo.


This sign does not spend its free time attaining knowledge just to have superficial conversations. As a matter of fact, many people can confuse them for being anti-social for this same reason. As a classic introvert, the Virgo personality hates engaging in small talk. Chatting about the news can be a bonding experience for other zodiac signs, but not for this astute one. They prefer intellectual stimulation, and that includes romantic partnerships. Do not attempt to court them if you fancy surface discussions about pop culture.


It is in their nature to find solace in solitude. They often use those moments of silence to take a deeper look into their personal lives. By themselves, it is easier to ponder the philosophies that guide us. If you want to keep this sign happy, let them enjoy their alone time. They will return to your company once they have fully recharged.

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These are the type of friends that show up at your party a half-hour beforehand to help you finish setting up. Their concept of being on time is arriving fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. They picked out their outfit the day before and also know what their partner or children should be wearing. These people stay prepared. For this reason, the Virgo personality cannot compute how other people will habitually show up late for events. Time, for them, is a valuable commodity that everyone should respect.


It cannot be stated enough that their mind is an analytical one. It works best when given detailed instructions. They can create systems and strategies for getting things done efficiently. So if you are tasked with working in a group project under their leadership, do yourself a favor and follow their methods without question. Odds are, they have thought about the process more than you. Unfortunately, not everyone can operate in that type of work environment. Thus, Virgos should choose a career where their analytical skills are always appreciated.