Work can quickly become overwhelming. With the day in and day out our routines and schedules, it’s easy to feel overcome by the every day responsibilities we have. Despite these feelings, it’s possible to find joy and happiness from these obligations by taking pride in your work.

Motivational Quotes to Help You Feel Pride in Your Accomplishments

Finding success starts with learning to appreciate the little milestones in our lives. Frequently, we work ourselves to the bone with the idea of eventually achieving our long-term goals or living our dream life.

Whether you hope to be famous, build wealth, or buy a dream home, these are all admirable goals that many people work towards. However, during the daily grind, these goals can feel further and further away, causing some to lose motivation or faith in themselves.

Don’t lose hope.

Have faith in the fact that each day brings you one step closer to your goals. Your daily achievements are essential stepping stones on the way to reaching your dreams. Use the following motivational quotes as inspiration to help you be proud of your work:

1. “One should never creep if they want to soar.” –Helen Keller

Being ambitious is a choice. Many people fail to live up to their potential purely because they never allow themselves to do more, or they don’t believe they’re capable of doing so.

Know that you’re more powerful than you could ever imagine. Recognize your talents and work ethic, and know that success is just on the horizon.

2. “Few people can walk in your shoes. You are the only one that knows your obstacles, challenges, and struggles. Be proud of yourself and the progress you’ve made.” –Edmond Mbiaka

Edmond Mbiaka has it right in this quote. Life isn’t easy. The fact that you’ve gotten to where you are today is no small feat.

Celebrate every obstacle you’ve surpassed and every hurdle you’ve jumped. You’re more capable than you know.

pride in accomplishments

3. “Don’t be ashamed of anything you’ve gone through. Be proud of everything you’ve overcome!” — Phil McGraw

Life’s most pressing struggles can make anyone feel inadequate. Regardless of what you’ve been through, the fact is that you’ve made it out.

You’re here, and you’re still going forward. Take pride in knowing that you’re incredibly strong and let that inspire you to keep moving forward.

dr phil quote

4. “Following your bliss will put you on the track that’s been waiting for you all the while. This is the life that you should be living; the one that you are living. ” –Joseph Campbell

Do you wait with bated breath to walk into the life of your dreams? While we all envision a version of ourselves that is achieving our wildest dreams, the truth is that you are already where you need to be right now.

This motivational quote by Joseph Campbell is a present reminder that the life you’re living now is the life of your dreams.

Never be afraid to dream bigger.

5. “What I establish I am today, I will be tomorrow or in the future. Today, I am what I established I’d be yesterday or any previous day.” –James Joyce

It’s easy to miss the progress we’ve made if we’re not looking for it. Though growth takes time, it’s happening whether you realize it or not.

Take the time to acknowledge how much you’ve grown in recent months and years. You are the person that you’ve wanted to be for so long. Whatever you decide for yourself today, you will be in the future.

6. “Be happy being you. Don’t try to be anyone else. You’re unique, so be loud and proud.” –Apollo Ohno

Motivational quotes like this by Apollo Ohno remind us to take stock in ourselves.

Though life may give you every reason to feel insecure about yourself, don’t fall for the trap. You’re perfect the way you are, and you have unique talents that no one else does.

7. “It requires strength to accept yourself, and to be proud of yourself when you’re aware there’s something extraordinary about you.” –Abigail Tarttelin

Don’t mistake humility for lack of confidence. There’s something extraordinary about you that is unique to who you are; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Find the strength you need to accept who you are right now. Be proud of everything that’s helped you become the person you are today.

8. “Passion is the easiest to develop, yet it fades the quickest.” –Robert Sternberg

Passion is what gives meaning and immediacy to our lives. If you’ve ever suffered from a lack of enthusiasm, you understand how debilitating and demotivating this can be.

Keep passion from fading by regularly reminding yourself of your accomplishments. Taking pride in the work you’ve done will reenergize your zeal and zest for life.

9. “Human progress isn’t inevitable or automatic. Every step you take towards your goal requires struggle, suffering, and sacrifice. These are the tireless efforts of dedicated individuals.” –Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote is an ever-present reminder that the path to achieving our goals is hardly an easy one. While it may seem as though you keep spinning your wheels in your attempts to get to your next step in life, don’t mistake this struggle as stagnation.

Though it will require sacrifice, suffering, and struggle, you’re on your way to doing something extraordinary.

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10. “As you follow what energizes you and focus on doing what you want to, you’ll see that the difference between play and work dissolves.” –Shakti Gawain

Don’t take your work for granted. If you happen to work a job you love, take pride in it!

Though a job still requires you to work, if you find that you get to spend your working hours doing something you’re genuinely passionate about, remember that you’re blessed. On the stressful days, have gratitude that you get to do something you love.

11. “Success is a long process. If you’re making steady progress on the path to your goals, you have already succeeded. Feel proud of that.” –Hal Elrod

Motivational quotes like this remind us that success isn’t a destination. It’s a mindset and a journey.

Hal Elrod points out that if you’re working to achieve your goals, you’ve already found the success you’re searching for.

12. “People that have clearly written goals will accomplish more in a short amount of time than anyone without written goals might imagine.” –Brian Tracy

Don’t become bogged down by the work you have yet to do. Writing out your goals will help you find meaning in your work and understand just how much you’ve achieved already.

Writing out your goals makes it easier to celebrate the little wins and be proud of what you’re well on your way to achieving.

13. “Most people are only as happy as they choose to be. ” –Abraham Lincoln

Taking pride in your work isn’t just a way to stay motivated to keep doing work. Finding joy in what you do each day will contribute to your overall happiness, both inside and outside the workplace.

Making a habit of acknowledging your achievements will help you find joy in the everyday. Whatever struggles may arise, you’ll find comfort in knowing that you truly value what you do.

14. “We can decide to be miserable, or we can decide to be strong. The work involved is the same.” –Carlos Castaneda

Taking pride in your work may seem like an unnecessary step, but it is a must on the way to being content with one’s life.

If you fail to search for happiness in life’s little moments, you’ll soon see that life feels like an endless stream of responsibilities and stress. While work can be stressful, you shouldn’t let anxiety make you miserable.

Finding a way to be proud of your work will make it easier to return to it each day. With a renewed sense of joy, you’ll find that work feels more like a blessing than a curse.

15. “Humans are good at specific things. What comes naturally may not seem like a special skill, but it is. It’s just you and what you’ve always been good at.” –Stephen Jay Gould

To you, your work may seem like second nature. However, what comes natural to you may seem impossible to others.

Take the time to highlight your superpowers. Your unique skills are what set you apart and are something to be celebrated.

pride in your accomplishments
Learn how to be proud of yourself and boost your self-esteem.

Final Thoughts on Motivational Quotes to Help You Feel Pride in Your Accomplishments

Feeling good about yourself will always give you more motivation to get the job done. Whatever job you’re doing or task you have to complete, remember that you’re a valuable asset, and you’re well on your way to achieving your goals.

The motivational quotes are a reminder to be proud of yourself and take pride in the work you do. Though each day may have its challenges, you’re doing a fantastic job, and you’re already achieving success.