When you don’t love yourself enough, it can stand in the way of reaching your goals as you lack self-confidence. It can also make you unhappy in general and negatively affect your personal and professional life. These empowering affirmations can help you love yourself again, boosting your confidence and increasing your resiliency.

Self-love can make you more optimistic, confident, and enthusiastic about your life and all that you have to offer. You’ll want to share your talents and strengths with the world as you strive to reach all of your dreams. Affirmations are statements you say to yourself that help validate certain truths about yourself.

The empowering affirmations will give you everything you need to radiate positive energy within your soul. They provide you with positive internal thoughts that turn into spoken truths. Plus, they help you guide your life in any direction you desire.

Repeat the affirmations, keep an open mind, and believe the words that you say. The more often you repeat them, the more self-love you will experience. Don’t hold yourself back thinking that you aren’t good enough because you can do anything.

Fifteen Empowering Affirmations to Use When You Don’t Love Yourself Enough


1. I keep myself safe and prioritize my well-being.

Reassuring yourself that you are safe can make you feel better about yourself and your life. Knowing that you are protecting yourself will prevent some of the anxiety that accompanies not loving yourself enough. Plus, fear of being harmed can help you focus on the essential parts of your life.

By saying that you prioritize your well-being, it encourages you to put yourself first. You’ll start thinking about what’s best for you and turning down things that don’t align with it.

2. I have what it takes to do great things and reach my goals.

You have everything that you need to start working toward your goals. While other tools might make it easier, you have what you require within you. Use what you have right now, and you’ll quickly acquire more tools to help you along the way.

Please don’t get stuck in a negative thought cycle of telling yourself that you don’t have what it takes. You are good enough, and you can do anything you set your mind to. Set your goals, and don’t lose sight as you keep moving forward and learning to love yourself again as you see what you can do.

3. I look for the good in all situations to keep my mind positive.

When you look for the good, you’ll feel happier and experience more self-love. With a positive mindset, anything is possible, and you’ll start to see the good in yourself, too. Repeat this phrase each morning until you feel positivity radiating within you.

With consistency, you’ll start seeing the good around you without telling yourself to look. Even when things don’t go as planned, you’ll look for the silver lining in the situation.

4. I am manifesting love, happiness, and joy in all areas of my life.

When you manifest love and happiness, you won’t struggle to love yourself enough anymore. Things will seem more manageable, and you’ll stay focused on the essential things in your life. Plus, you will become more resilient to unfortunate situations or mistakes. Life can’t always be perfect, but you can always choose love, happiness, and joy.

5. I am open to new opportunities and experiences.

Being open to new opportunities and experiences will help you identify and acknowledge your strengths. You’ll be more equipped to take on new challenges, showing yourself what you’re made of. This empowering affirmation helps manifest new experiences, bringing things into your life that wouldn’t have come otherwise.

6. I trust my decisions and know that I’m doing what’s best for my life.

When you trust yourself, everything else seems to fall into place. It helps you love yourself for who you are and gives you the confidence to move forward and chase your dreams. Plus, it’ll reassure you that you’re making the right decisions for your life.

Never forget that this is your life, so you get to decide what is best. You’ll likely encounter other people who tell you to do things differently but return to this affirmation when it happens. You know what you want and need in life, so trust in your decisions always.

7. I am strong and can handle anything that comes my way.

With inner strength, anything is possible. Unexpected things happen in life, no matter how well you prepare for a situation. Use this empowering affirmation each day so that you’ll be ready for the unexpected.

You are strong enough to handle whatever situation you find yourself involved in. Don’t let your lack of self-love stop you from doing what it takes. This affirmation will remind you of your worth and abilities, helping you embrace who you are right now.

8. I am kind and compassionate toward myself.

Being kind and compassionate toward yourself can make all the difference in loving yourself enough. When you give yourself grace, forgive your mistakes, and say kind things to yourself, you’ll quickly feel better.

Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend because you likely don’t say mean things to them. Don’t belittle yourself or say negative things about who you are. Instead, be kind, show compassion, and learn to love yourself again.


9. I choose to feel good no matter what is happening around me.

You can’t control what happens in the world, but you can choose how you feel. Even when everything seems to be falling apart, you can choose happiness and love. Don’t let unexpected situations, the actions of others, or anything else get in the way of your life.

Using this affirmation each morning can get you started on the right path. Keep it in mind as you go through your day, repeating it whenever necessary. When you empower yourself this way, you’re sure to start loving yourself more, too.

10. I deserve good things, and I accept them as they come.

When you don’t love yourself, you might feel like you don’t deserve good things. However, you are deserving of all the great things the universe has to offer. Don’t let opportunities pass you by, assuming that you aren’t good enough for them.

Using this affirmation each day will eliminate the negativity that tells you that you don’t deserve goodness. Then, you’ll be more open to accepting good experiences when they come your way. You never know what can happen in your life if you shift your thoughts to positivity.

11. I love my resiliency as I go through challenges.

A lack of self-love will make you feel like you can’t overcome challenges. You might want to give up, thinking you’ll never make it anyway. This affirmation can shift your mindset and allow you to see how much you can truly handle.

You are resilient, but you have to see it in yourself first. Making a habit of repeating this phrase will give you the self-love and confidence it takes to overcome anything.

12. I can change any part of my life at any time.

You control your life, even when it feels like things aren’t going well. You can decide to make a change for the better and focus on empowerment at any moment. If you aren’t happy, do something about it instead of beating yourself up over the situation.

13. I create my life path because I deserve to love my life.

While other people will always tell you how to live your life, you shouldn’t listen to them. When you do what everyone else wants for you, you’ll never love your life, and you’ll struggle to love yourself. Creating your life path will make all the difference in your life, allowing you to embrace the person you indeed are.

14. I am doing everything I can to show myself love today.

Use this empowering affirmation each morning as you get ready for the day. It’ll help you take the time to care for yourself, and it’ll encourage you to put yourself first.

After only a few days of doing this, you’ll begin to see how beneficial it is for your life. You’ll learn to love yourself again, prioritize your well-being, and do the things that make you happy. Plus, you’ll be more likely to make healthy choices, including eating healthier and being more active.

15. I am intelligent, valuable, and worthy.

Never underestimate yourself because you are beautiful the way you are right now. Tell yourself that you are intelligent, valuable, and worthy, and you’ll start to see it in yourself. Then, your self-love will increase, and everything about your life will seem better.


Final Thoughts on Affirming Your Self-Worth When You Don’t Love Yourself Enough

As you read through these empowering affirmations, a few likely stood out to you. Choose the phrases that resonated the most and implement them in your daily routine. It’s best to use them in the morning or at night before bed, but they’re helpful any time of day.

The more often you repeat these empowering affirmations, the more of a difference they will make in your life. It solidifies the things you’re saying, forcing you to believe them. Eventually, it’ll become a part of your routine, and you won’t even have to think about it.