The spice saffron is one that has ancient roots and is also one of the most costly spices in the world. This vivid red spice is known for its floral and honey-like aroma. Chefs use it predominantly in meals like bouillabaisse and paella.

Using Saffron for Health Benefits

Just as this spice is iconic and used in many meals in various cultures, it has astonishing health benefits as well that most people don’t realize. When used as more than just a spice, you’ll see that saffron has powerful benefits for boosting your health.

Why Saffron for Health Benefits Works

According to Hippocrates (the father of all medicine), this spice is an effective treatment for coughs, uterine bleeding, heart trouble, colds, flatulence, and insomnia.

Rich in manganese, this powerful spice contains more than 150 volatile compounds, making it one of the most powerful spices on earth.


15 Health Benefits of Enjoying Saffron

Wondering how to use the spice to transform your health? Read on for fifteen ways this red spice will change your life.

1. Fight Cancer

Studies show that when used as an aqueous extract, this spice is effective in fighting cancer. The active compound crocetin in this spice helps to keep colorectal cancer cells from growing (leaving the healthy cells unaffected).

Additionally, this study shows that there are similar effects for prostate and hepatic cancer. Rich with carotenoids, this spice has powerful anticancer properties and experts have noted it can be used effectively to prevent leukemia and breast cancer.

2. Treat Arthritis

According to one study, the crocetin in this spice also works to enhance cerebral oxygenation in the body. Simply put, this helps to treat arthritis.

A certain variety of this spice is also effective in treating gout. However, experts warn that using this spice as a treatment for gout or arthritis is not recommended for pregnant women or elderly patients with bone marrow, kidney, or liver disorders.

3. Improve Your Vision

This spice’s natural compounds make it an effective choice for improving your vision. This spice can prevent retinal degeneration and vision loss.

One compound, safranal, was found to be effective in preserving photoreceptor morphology (a mechanism in your eyes that help you study the things you see), capillary network, and visual response.

Additionally, this spice can also be used to improve patients’ macular thickness, which helps to improve retinal function.

4. Cure Insomnia

Humankind has utilized this ancient spice for hundreds of years an insomnia cure. Certain studies also show that it is helpful in treating depression as depression is a condition related to insomnia.

Other studies link the crocetin in this spice to an improvement in non-rapid eye movement. Additionally, this compound doesn’t lead to adverse effects after it induces sleep when treating insomnia, making it a preferable insomnia solution.

5. Boost Brain Health

Want to give your brain more energy in an all-natural way? Start using more of the spice to treat and prevent any memory or learning impairments.

According to certain studies, 30 mg of this spice will improve the condition or patients that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Additionally, the ethanolic and crocetin extracts from this spice also have antidepressant effects, making it an effective treatment for depression.

6. Cure Asthma

Doctors often issue prescription medications to treat patients with asthma. But with the help of this ancient spice, you can treat and even cure asthma.

While research is limited, many medical experts do point out this spice’s healing benefits when it comes to curing asthma. If you’re considering using this spice to treat asthma, be sure to consult a doctor to make sure you are doing this as safely as possible.

7. Promote Digestion

This spice plays an important role in promoting proper digestion and treating certain digestive disorders with its radical scavenging, anti-inflammatory properties, and antioxidant effects.

Additionally, this spice shows strong potential as an effective treatment for ulcerative colitis and ulcers in general.

8. Heal Wounds

In addition to healing certain medical conditions, this spice also plays an instrumental role in healing wounds, particularly burns.

As a treatment for burns and similar wounds, experts find that this spice increases the rate-epithelialization of these wounds.

9. Enhance Energy Levels and Immunity

Tired of getting sick and trying to ward off illnesses? Consider using this spice to boost your immunity.

Certain studies show that the carotenoids in this spice will positively affect one’s immunity. By taking about 100 mg of this spice a day, you’ll trigger a temporary immunomodulatory action (a stimulation of antibody formation) without any side effects.

Similarly, scientists have found that the petal extracts from this spice can increase one’s antibody response. In other words, the carotenoids in this spice positively affect your immunity.

10. Improve Cervix Readiness

While most pregnant women take several supplements and vitamins to ensure they have a healthy pregnancy, certain studies show that including this spice as part of one’s pregnancy regimen will increase the cervix’ readiness when it’s time to give birth.

Additionally, this spice reportedly has a high effect on effacement (the thinning of the uterus walls and shortening of the cervical).

Additionally, women that consume this spice report a lower number of c-sections.

11. Boost Your Heart Health

Trying to boost your heart health? While many people that try to maintain their heart health turn to certain medicines, part of transforming the health of your heart requires a change in the diet.

As you transform your diet, consider consuming this spice. With its antioxidant properties, this spice will help to keep your blood vessels and arteries healthy. Similarly, these anti-inflammatory properties will also benefit your heart as this spice is high in riboflavin, which is an essential vitamin for your heart.

Additionally, the crocetin in this spice indirectly works to regulate your body’s blood cholesterol levels, reducing the severe effects of atherosclerosis. Similarly, this spice is also instrumental in lowering blood pressure, ultimately reducing the risk of heart attacks.

12. Improve Sexual Function

groin pain

While some people aren’t inclined to believe in the power of aphrodisiacs, this spice is reportedly known for its ability to improve sexual function.

When using this spice for aphrodisiac purposes, men can expect to see improvements in erectile dysfunction. While these results are reportedly marginally effective, this spice poses no side effects, so the potentials are quite great.

Additionally, saffron is also beneficial to men’s reproductive system as the crocetin in this spice reportedly improves erection frequencies. Similarly, this spice is also effective in improving sperm motility and morphology for infertile men.

The crocetin in this spice also reportedly reverses any damage from nicotine to men’s reproductive system.

13. Treat Inflammation

As one of the most important properties of this spice is its anti-inflammatory qualities, saffron is often used to treat inflammation.

According to research, the ancient Egyptians used this spice as an inflammation treatment.

Other studies show that this spice has certain potential effects for conditions like acute kidney injury as a result of induced ischemia. Additionally, extracts from this spice possess anti-inflammatory properties as well.

saffron for health

Other sources show that this spice will improve one’s blood flow, treat fever, promote cell repair and formation, and treat toothaches. If you are hoping to use this source as a treatment for inflammation, be sure to speak to a doctor to make sure this is a healthy option.

14. Reduce PMS Symptoms

Many women long for a cure for their PMS symptoms. While most turn to the likes of birth control and painkillers to get through these monthly symptoms, there are holistic options to reduce the effects of PMS.

Women with intense PMS symptoms may want to consider using this spice to treat these various symptoms. According to a study of women between 20 and 45, taking 30 mg of this spice daily was effective in treating symptoms like pain, cravings, headaches, and irritability.

Other studies also show that smelling saffron for up to 20 minutes will help to reduce symptoms like anxiety as it helps to lower cortisol (the stress hormone).

15. Reduce Appetite and Encourage Weight Loss

Want to lose weight but can’t seem to stop snacking? Take control of your weight by using this spice to trigger weight loss.

According to experts, this spice is effective in curbing one’s appetite. In a study, women received supplements of this spice and reportedly felt full and were less inclined to snack throughout the day. As a result of this feeling, these women lost more weight than those in the placebo group.

Another study shows that this spice helps with appetite reduction,, waist circumference, BMI, and total fat mass.

While this spice does indeed aid in weight loss by curving one’s appetite, the theory is that the spice elevated one’s mood, which reduces the desire to snack.

Final Thoughts on Saffron for Health Benefits

There’s a reason this spice has been used for generations and generations. As it is as old as the history of medicine itself, it’s clear to see that using saffron for health benefits will have an incredible impact on your mood, health, and bodily functions.

Whether you use this spice when you cook or you take it on a daily basis by supplement, this is one ingredient that will add flavor and good health to your life. Keep this information in mind as you use saffron for health benefits as an all-new holistic remedy.