12 Women Who Prove That Bikinis Aren’t Just For Skinny People

12 Women Who Prove That Bikinis Aren’t Just For Skinny People

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When you scroll through Instagram, you might compare yourself to other people’s “perfect bodies” and get a little jealous. It happens to the best of us, but it really shouldn’t. Why? Well, what most of these popular Instagrammers won’t tell you is that lighting, poses, and Photoshop can make quite a difference. What you see online isn’t reality, and even if someone looks the same in their photos as in real life, everyone is beautiful in their own way. At the same time, everyone has something they’re insecure about; for example, maybe that person you envy because of their skinny body might actually wish they could gain weight. Never judge someone’s online profile, because you have no idea what their real life is like.

With that said, since summertime is here, many people are hitting the beach and throwing on the bikinis for some fun in the sun. No matter your size, we hope these women will inspire you to feel confident and proud of the person you are.

Here are 12 women who prove that bikinis aren’t just for skinny people:

1. Bikinis are for everyone, and this woman is absolutely rocking hers!


2. Body confidence activist and plus size model Iskra Lawrence helps women everywhere feel comfortable in their own skin.

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3. Jordyn Woods, one of Kylie Jenner’s best friends, shows women that curvy bodies look great in bikinis too!

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4. One of the most famous plus size models, Ashley Graham shows off her beautiful bikini body at the beach.

5. Tara Lynn, a lingerie model, also promotes body positivity and self-love.

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6. Barbara Ferreira, a plus size model, won’t work for companies who airbrush or Photoshop her pics.

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7. Bikinis are for every type of body, and this woman proves it!

8. You don’t need rock hard abs or sculpted thighs to feel confident in bikinis. You just need self-love!

9. Thick thighs are perfectly welcome in bikinis, too. 🙂


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10. Have stretch marks? No worries; those are acceptable in bikinis, despite what you’ve been told.

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11. She’s absolutely killing it!


12. We hope you feel as confident in your bikini as she does!


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