A fruit named after a mythical creature? While dragon fruit may sound too good to be real, it is an exotic fruit that has, any fantastic health benefits. From turning the clock back on aging to helping eliminate achy joints, making this fruit part of your diet is a must if you hope to live a healthier life.

11 Real Dragon Fruit Benefits

Never had this fruit before? You’re in for a surprise. Crunchy and sweet, this fruit is reminiscent of both a kiwi and a pear. However, this fruit will. Likely taste a bit blander than most of the fruits you’re used to.

Need more of a reason to try this versatile fruit? Keep reading to learn all about dragon fruit benefits.


1. Boost Your Immune System

As is the case with most fruits and vegetables, this particular fruit helps to boost one’s immune system. Which higher levels of vitamin C, consuming this fruit on a regular basis will help you to improve your immune system.

In addition to vitamin C, this fruit contains a fair amount of phosphorous, calcium, iron, B vitamins, and fiber.

2. Maintain Cardiovascular Health

Your heart health is one of the most important things to consider when analyzing your diet. By consuming this fruit with your regular meals, you’ll be able to take advantage of the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids inside the fruit’s flesh. These polyunsaturated fatty acids help to lower one’s triglyceride levels and prevent the possibilities of future cardiovascular issues.

In addition to these fatty acids, this fruit has a high level of vitamin B3. This is a nutrient that helps to lower one’s bad cholesterol levels while maintaining good cholesterol levels. Similarly, the red dragon fruit’s antioxidants help to keep one’s heart protected from free radical damage that leads to oxidative stress.

3. Control Your Blood Sugar

This fruit is a particularly powerful fruit for people with type-2 diabetes. The fiber in this fruit helps to stabilize one’s blood sugars levels when it is eaten as a way to suppress sugar spikes. Certain studies show that this fruit has a positive effect on oxidative stress from the aortic stiffness in their test subjects.

These findings suggest that eating this fruit regularly will help to prevent some of the more common issues and symptoms linked to diabetes. Individuals that have type-2 diabetes can take part in these benefits by eating the red flesh fruit.

4. Improve Your Digestion

This fruit can help to improve your digestion as it contains a significant amount of fiber. The fiber in this fruit will work to regulate your bowel movements and facilitate its passage through your digestive tract.

Individuals that are facing gastrointestinal issues like IBS, diarrhea, constipation and the like can benefit from eating this fruit. In addition to improving these gastrointestinal issues, this fruit can spur the growth of important probiotics in your body, helping to improve your body’s detoxification and digestive processes.

5. Maintain Eye Health

The red flesh variety of this fruit contains plant pigment like beta carotene that helps to keep the eye safe from any effects of free radicals. Essentially, these plant pigments prevent certain diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts.

Additionally, this fruit’s vitamin C content helps to improve the function of one’s retinal cells, which is another way this fruit helps to reduce the risk of developing cataracts. The best way to ensure this fruit helps improve your eye health is to juice it or eat it whole every day.

6. Slow Down the Aging Process

The vitamin C in this fruit is also a powerful agent for slowing down the aging process. Vitamin C works to tighten the skin, which helps keep key signs of aging at bay. Additionally, this fruit’s vitamin C content can fight off any free radicals in the skin, which helps to keep the skin looking as young as possible.

Additionally, the phosphorus content in this fruit can regulate your cellular membranes, helping to prevent other symptoms of aging like age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. By eating this fruit every day, you’ll be able to maintain tighter and younger skin.

7. Strengthen Your Bones

Rich in phosphorus and calcium, this fruit is an excellent way to strengthen your bones. The body requires calcium for proper muscle functioning and nerve transmission.

Additionally, this fruit has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an excellent treatment for joint pain and any inflammation related to health issues and arthritis.

8. Support Your Nervous System

As this fruit is also rich in B vitamins, consuming it on a daily basis will help to support your nervous system.

Eating dragon fruit will help to produce nerve cells which supports the function of your nervous system. Additionally, eating the fruit frequently will help to improve your mental clarity, ensuring that you’re more alert throughout the day.

9. Promote Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight more consistently?

Try adding this fruit to your diet. High in fiber and low in calories, dragon fruit benefits help to satiate your hunger and will make you feel fuller faster and for a longer period of time. Thus, reducing the amount of food you consume overall.

Weight loss with dragon fruit

Similarly, this fruit’s combination of high fiber and low calories will allow you to lose weight at a faster rate. The vitamin C content will also help you to burn fat faster.

10. Prevent Anemia

The lack of iron caused by anemia can cause serious health issues like a constant cough, body weakness, and more. If you are struggling to maintain an adequate level of iron in your body, start eating more of this fruit.

A daily serving of this will provide you with 10% of your daily recommended iron intake. Prevent anemia or treat your anemia by consuming this fruit on a regular basis.

11. Keep Your Skin Healthy

Making a habit of drinking the juice of this fruit will keep your insides functioning properly while ensuring your skin is glowing and healthy. This red fruit is high in antioxidants which will help to keep your skin firm and glowing. Additionally, this fruit will help to prevent the negative effects of free radicals from damaging your skin.

Best Practices for Consuming Dragon Fruit

Never eaten a dragon fruit before? Start this healthy journey by first learning how to choose a ripe one.

When looking for this fruit, find one that is shiny and bright with green scales. Avoid any fruit with brown spots on it as this is usually a sign that the fruit is overripe.

To determine if the fruit is perfectly ripe, start by gently squeezing it. The former the fruit, the less ripe it is. However, the fruit should still have some level of firmness to it rather than being completely soft.

Once you’ve found the right fruit, you might not be sure how to start eating it. Follow these tips:

  • Slice Fruit lengthwise then shop its flesh out and slide the spoon between the skin and the flesh.
  • Quarter your fruit then peel the skin back and loosen a corner of its skin using your finger. Next, slowly lift its flesh off of the skin.
  • Need to eat this fruit faster? Quarter the fruit and bite the flesh straight off the peel.
  • As you eat the fruit, avoid eating any of the skin as it may result in a stomach ache.
  • To improve the taste of this fruit, try chilling it in the fridge and eating the flesh after a few minutes.

Final Thoughts on Dragon Fruit Benefits

Our health is so dependent on the types of foods we eat. If you’re hoping to diversify your diet and eat healthier, what better way than to start with dragon fruit.

Though you may find the bland taste takes a little getting used to, the more dragon fruit you eat the better you’ll feel. Over time, you’ll see firsthand just how powerful this fruit’s benefits are to your health.