Being cheated on is the worst feeling in the world. The trust you’ve lost along the way makes you feel like you can feel you will not find your true soul mate. Unfortunately, most of us have probably experienced being cheated on. It’s getting more common, especially in relationships between young people.

So, it’s only natural that we strive to develop defense mechanisms as much as possible to protect ourselves from being hurt again. This doesn’t mean distancing yourself from relationships forever but being cautious after experiencing a loss of trust. Some signs might indicate your soul mate is interested in someone else or looking for love elsewhere. If you see any of these, beware. Importantly, broach the conversation directly so you can always have the upper hand.

“When you’re in love, you’ve found your soul mate, you think life is going one way, and suddenly it’s completely apparent it’s not. You have to rethink your whole purpose.” – Scott Weiland

Here Are 11 Signs Your Soul Mate Is Looking for A Different Partner

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1. Their new habits are hard to explain.

This is particularly obvious if you’re living together, but if you notice your soul mate suddenly developing erratic, baffling movements, there needs to be an explanation. You have a right to be concerned, especially if they take too long to return from somewhere. For instance, it takes them hours to do the shopping. Don’t ignore your instincts. Cheating partners often try to hide their affairs by trying to throw you off the scent in any way they can.

2. You feel they don’t want to spend time with you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re talking to someone, and you feel like there’s somewhere else they’d rather be? If you constantly have that feeling with your soul mate, chances are you aren’t wrong. First, an attitude of “hurry up and get this over with” isn’t typical in a relationship. Moreover, it may signal that your soul mate is getting tired of you and looking for romance elsewhere.

3. They make less eye contact with you.

When people feel guilty about something, it’s evident in their eyes. If they’re lying, they avoid eye contact with you at all costs. Hiding that guilt can be very off-putting, especially if you’re used to lovingly staring into each other’s eyes. Some people go all the way to wearing sunglasses when they don’t want you to see them – because it’s the best way for them to avoid eye contact.

4. There are more fights.

Your soul mate will always try to make it out as if you’re in the wrong or treating them poorly. They’ll blame you for the minor things, and make you feel as if there’s nothing you can do right. It’s their way of projecting their guilt of being interested in someone else. The more they pick fights with you, the more suspicious you should be.

5. The passion’s gone.

This one is very difficult to gauge, as sex drive naturally fluctuates in a relationship. But if your soul mate suddenly seems utterly disinterested in having sex with you, that should ring some alarm bells. Always make sure there isn’t some other issue – like a medical problem – but if they insist everything’s fine and still act bored or fail to be passionate when you have sex, that’s a sure sign something’s off with your relationship.

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6. The deep conversations are gone.

Having a significant other is like having a partner in crime … in a good way. You should be able to share everything and anything and talk to each other freely, without worry. If you feel like your partner isn’t sharing with you anymore, or they’re closed off and refuse to engage in anything but small talk with you, that’s a problem. If you’ve stopped being your soul mate’s confidante, someone else has taken that position – and you might not know it.

7. They make you feel left out.

This doesn’t only mean that your soul mate is looking for love somewhere else, but that they’re trying to shun you away from their social circle (possibly to introduce someone else in). If you’re no longer invited to company functions, family get-togethers or parties, your partner might have started taking steps towards your separation, or worse, they don’t want you to see the new object of interest.

8. They have become more vain.

When someone grows overly preoccupied with their appearance, that should ring some alarm bells. Many people cheat because they feel their self-confidence is suffering in their relationships. If your soul mate starts taking longer than usual to get ready for mundane trips out, buying new clothes, or making an extra effort to look smart, they may be doing it for someone other than you.

9. They hide their phone.

If the trust’s gone, then the relationship is gone as well. You’ll notice your soul mate getting increasingly neurotic about their phone and the possibility of you glancing at their messages or social media. That means that they’ve already developed an interest in someone else and they know it’s wrong, so they’re trying to hide it from you.

10. They show physical attention towards someone else.

This one is difficult to gauge because you’re not always physically with your soul mate. However, if you do see them being too handsy with someone else, that’s probably not just your eyes playing a trick on you. Many people try to stay positive and tell themselves it’s just part of their partner’s character – but you might need to take it as a warning sign.

11. They’ve stopped caring.

Soul mates work towards fixing their relationship with each other. If they complained about something ages ago and now they’re not mentioning it anymore, it could mean they’ve given up on it, on you, and your relationship. Monitor their reactions to their usual pet peeves to gain the best insight.


Final thoughts on suspecting your soul mate is seeking a new partner

No matter how much you try to think positively, you can’t ignore the signs that your soul mate has fallen for someone else. Keep an eye out and know when to detach from them to save yourself more heartbreak.