A strong person is someone who’s built their life and self with a focus on growth, maturity, resilience, and openness. Though it can be challenging to embody strength, it’s a trait that most people can successfully achieve in their lifetime. Once someone reaches that point, they’ve gained a new outlook on life – and they’ll want to surround themselves with similar people.

This desire means that a strong person often looks for specific traits in the people they let into their circle. That’s even more true when they seek a partner. For them to see a future with someone, that person must be able to meet their strength halfway. After all, choosing a partner is a significant decision in life. Because of that strength, they won’t settle for less than what they deserve!

Maybe you want to be a stronger person who picks better partners. Perhaps you’re trying to build qualities that would be best suited to a strong relationship. Or, possibly, you’re a strong person who wants to consider your next steps. Whatever the case, you need only read on to get the information you need! Here are five powerful things a strong person looks for in a partner.

1.    A Strong Person Needs Honesty And Trust From A Partner

Trust and honesty go hand-in-hand, and they’re both powerful building blocks for a relationship. A strong person has no time for a relationship that isn’t founded on these traits. They want someone truthful with them, so they never have to second-guess what’s real. And they want someone who will trust them, so there aren’t incidents involving a breakdown of communication.

Ultimately, a strong person doesn’t have time for games. They need a functional and positive relationship that won’t bog them down in the pettiness that comes from distrust and lies. As such, they want honesty and trust because they want:

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·         Peace Of Mind

Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt that you couldn’t trust your partner? Or perhaps one where your partner made it clear they didn’t trust you? These sorts of issues cause quick deterioration of any relationship. You can’t feel at peace, and you’re always looking over your shoulder. Either you’re trying to prove your innocence constantly, or you’re trying to invade your partner’s privacy constantly. Whichever way it goes, it’s not healthy, and it’s exhausting!

·         Commitment

You cannot be truly committed to someone you lie to and who you don’t trust in turn. Sharing a deep, understanding bond of trust and truth is crucial to facilitating any deeper bond. This is even more powerful because studies have shown that these traits are part of a robust positive cycle. The more trust you have, the greater your commitment. The greater your commitment, the greater your confidence!

·         Comfort and Security

Getting close to someone with the foundation of trust and honesty allows for wholesome, comfortable, and safe-feeling bonds. Research has shown that this form of attachment development is ideal for a healthy and positive relationship. The ability to grow vulnerable and be completely open is a beautiful and influential part of a partnership, and strong people crave that!

2.    A Strong Person Wants A Partner With A Sense Of Humor

Strength isn’t about stoic seriousness. In fact, for many, humor is a sign of resilience. The strong desire to find someone ready to laugh at themselves, their mistakes, and adverse circumstances. That’s probably why strong people gravitate towards funny people when seeking a partner! Humor is capable of:

  • Helping people to cope with difficult situations
  • Taking things quickly, even in the event of less-than-ideal circumstances
  • Diffusing a tense or uncomfortable situation
  • Maintaining a fun, loving, and exciting relationship
  • Allowing contentious topics to be brought up lightheartedly
  • Improving self-awareness and the awareness of others
  • Providing a non-confrontational and positive approach to conflict
  • Creating a clear divide between serious issues and non-serious ones
  • Sharing many moments of laughter and building memories on them
  • Improving mood and boosting positive thinking
  • Encouraging your special someone to follow their heart.

Of course, humor is not the best approach in all situations unanimously. But it can be a great approach to many, and it can be a great approach to life. Strong people like funny people because they’re resilient and enjoyable partners. They don’t have to be full stand-up comics, but a compatible sense of humor, used often, goes a long way!

3.    More Similarities Than Differences

There’s a saying that “opposites attract.” While that’s not necessarily wrong, it’s not an approach that works in all circumstances, and strong people know that. Moreover, studies show that being more similar than different can be a pretty big deal in ensuring long-term relationship satisfaction!

Of course, that doesn’t mean a strong person wants to date themselves. No, it’s more than they want to be with a partner who’s similar to them in the ways that matter. The definition of what “matters” will differ from person to person. Regardless of their meaning, a strong person knows what is important to them and will seek partners with those similarities. Examples of parallels that could matter to some strong people may be:

·         Social, Political, Or Economic Views

Not all views are “agree to disagree” types of opinions, and strong people know not to compromise their integrity.

·         Preferences For Dates And Downtime Activities

To have quality time with a partner, of course, you’ll want to be able to do things you both enjoy. For example, someone who values their quiet home time may not be compatible with someone who wants to party nightly.

·         Future Goals

A strong person won’t give up their desired future for someone else. For example, someone who wants kids will not want to date someone who wants to be childfree.

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4.    Fundamentally Positive Traits A Strong Person Seeks In A Partner

It’s not surprising that someone with positive traits is a more desirable partner on all fronts. Few people want to be with jerks! But you may have noticed a degree of attraction that people have for the “bad boy” or “bad girl” types. There can be something enticing about the “danger” or unpredictability that their mysterious ways offer!

Strong people don’t have much interest in people of that sort. They want those with genuine hearts of gold. They don’t want someone who’s only nice to them – they want someone nice to everyone! This is an entirely non-negotiable reality for them, which means they’re also careful in evaluating potential partners.

This doesn’t mean that solid people are suspicious. It’s quite the contrary! They’re willing to give everyone a chance to showcase their true qualities. They’ll take the time to get to know someone instead of judging them by the facade of early dates. They know that genuine goodness isn’t always obvious or flashy and want to see the content of someone’s innermost character.

This is a great thing because these traits of fundamental “goodness,” such as compassion, generosity, and warmth, are crucial in relationships. Studies have shown that more “agreeable” personalities lend themselves to healthier, more satisfying relationships. These traits also allow people to pick partners who are likely to be a good match for their positivity, too!

5.    A Strong Person Knows The Value Of Maturity In A Relationship

Long-term partnerships are stronger when all parties involved are emotionally mature. While there will be space and time to grow together, they also come into the relationship with wisdom. Those who lack that wisdom may not be sufficiently equipped for the connection that strong people seek.

Strong people want someone equipped with the necessary maturity to handle different situations in a positive way. They’re happy to make mistakes and learn as the relationship develops, but there must be a baseline of maturity to begin with. Without it, the growth mentioned above can’t happen! Here are some signs of maturity that strong people look for in a partner:

·         Openness

Someone open-minded and emotionally open isn’t blocking their partner out with unnecessary walls. They’re not shooting down any feedback or new ideas. Instead, they’re ready to receive beneficial and constructive information, as well as to provide it. They have no interest in keeping secrets that make things more difficult. And they don’t have an interest in shutting down the possibility of growth! It’s no wonder that strong people seek this trait.

·         Communication In Conflict

Conflict will arise in any relationship, no matter how much one tries to avoid it. Strong people know this, and they don’t mind that at all. All they want is a partner who will continue to work with them through conflict. Maturity means there won’t be tantrums or kicking and screaming, nor will there be childish shutdowns and invalidations. Instead, there will be honest and direct back-and-forth that allows for productive discussions instead of shouting matches.

·         Independence

A lot of immature people wind up forming codependent and unhealthy attachments to their partners. A strong person doesn’t want that, mainly because they’re independent themselves. They don’t want to lose their freedom and personal space to a partner who latches onto them and blurs boundaries. As such, they choose mature and capable partners who don’t need them but want them.

·         Willingness To Face Hard Times

Immature people are likely to run or cower when difficult situations are upon them. They may practice avoidance tactics or throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble. Strong people detest that idea. It goes against all the strength that they have! They want a partner who will be with them through thick and thin and who’s in it for the long run. That way, all partners can draw strength from each other and bond as they overcome challenges side by side.

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Final Thoughts On Some Powerful Things A Strong Person Looks For In A Partner

Looking for a serious, long-term partner is not an easy task! Many people out there seek similar relationships, and they all have their desires and baggage. The goal is often to find someone compatible enough with you to build a healthy relationship from your bond.

A healthy relationship requires honesty, trust, humor, maturity, positive traits, and things in common for strong people. So if you consider yourself a being of strength, it’s time to adjust your dating goals accordingly!