Do you wake up feeling like a zombie, mindlessly repeating yesterday’s process? Today we will share tips on how to feel happier before your feet hit the floor.

It’s not uncommon to wake up to an alarm and immediately start the day following the same routine that guided us yesterday. We are busy after all, and using habits helps us stay on track.

However, there are a few simple habits that can take us into our day feeling happier and more optimistic. Adjusting your morning routine can make you happier before you even get out of bed. Soon, you’ll notice your day benefitting from a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

These 10 morning habits will make you happier before you get out of bed.

1 – Make sure you’ve had enough sleep

Your day will always be better following a good night’s sleep, and that means going to bed early enough the night before to get it. Good sleep helps us start our day rested and recovered from the day before. It’s been repeatedly reported in the news that sleep deprivation is growing in the United States, and it’s affecting our happiness.

The Institute of Medicine says more than 35 percent of Americans sleep less than seven hours a night, the recommended amount of sleep necessary to be our most productive. They also estimate that 50 million to 70 million adults in the U.S. have chronic sleep disorders. It’s hard to have a happy day when we are dragging our feet and dreaming of a nap.

Bottom line: Get at least seven hours of sleep a night.

2 – Set Your Alarm 15 minutes Earlier

The thought of setting the alarm 15 minutes earlier might be too much to bear, but it’s well worth it. Having the luxury of time before we have to jump out of bed and start our day will help slow the pace of our normally hectic lives.  Besides, if we are going to be early enough, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Bottom Line: Start the day more gradually.

3 – Breathe

Now that we’ve have awakened early enough to enjoy some leisurely time in bed before starting our day, we can take a few minutes to bring our body back to life with some deep breathing. Breathe in and out, slowly paying attention to the body as it comes alive. We will feel any anxiety or stress towards the coming day subside, and we’ll be better positioned to enjoy what lies ahead.

Bottom Line: Deep breathing fuels your mind and body.

4 – Forgive and Let Go

We should spend some a few minutes forgiving ourselves for any blunders from the day before. Today is a new day, and we should begin it by letting go of our past mistakes and focusing on making this day a better one.

Here are 5 Ways to Forgive and Let Go

Bottom Line: Be kind to yourself.

5 – Express Gratitude

We’ve made it to another day and for that we should express gratitude. Starting our day in a place of gratitude for the abundance in our life will attract more abundance throughout the day. Even if life isn’t perfect right now, there is always something to be grateful for.

Bottom Line: Be grateful for what you have.

6 – Set Your Intentions

When we step forward into our day with intention, we are more likely to end our day satisfied. We often set goals, have to-do lists and know where we need to be when, but how often do we set an intention to be happier, be kinder and be more mindful? Chances are not that often.

Setting intentions as to how we want to act and feel throughout the day, will help us respond better to challenging situations and can help keep our emotions in check.

Bottom Line: Be mindful.

7 – Drink Some Water

Keep a glass of water near the bed and then drink it up in the morning. Our body gets dehydrated while we sleep and getting liquids back into it as soon as possible not only keeps us healthy but energizes us as well.

Bottom Line: Take care of yourself.

8 – Stretch

Before our feet hit the floor, our body will benefit from some movement, fidgeting and stretching in bed. Get the blood flowing and lose some of the stiffness from the night before. As blood begins flow, there will be a feeling of energy build that will make getting out of bed more attractive.

Bottom Line: Get your blood flowing.

9 – Cuddle

Cuddling feeds our need for human connection. Spend some time cuddling your partner, kids or even your favorite stuffed animal. Start the day spreading love.

Bottom Line: Practice love and strengthen your connections.

10 – Smile

We’re here to see another day, and that is worth smiling about. Wearing a smile, even in private, has a tremendous impact on our mood and it will last well into the day.

Bottom Line: A smile makes the world go ‘round.

Final Thoughts on Feeling Happier When You Wake Up Each Day

It isn’t necessary to do all ten things every morning, but it certainly can’t hurt. The more gratitude, intention and self-love you start the day with, the more likely you are to feel accomplished and happier when the day ends.

Take the time necessary to start your day off on the right foot before your right foot even hits the ground. You deserve it, and so do the people around you.  

What are your favorite morning habits? Share in the discussion below!