10 Things You Should Never Do Before 10AM

10 Things You Should Never Do Before 10AM


Many times, we start our days on autopilot, simply going through the motions of our routines, and not really paying attention to how we feel. We should make a habit of doing certain things in the morning when we wake up, such as meditating, stretching, listening to calming music while we get ready, or something we enjoy that will get us in the right mindset for our day.

However, some morning activities hinder our productivity and overall mood, and can really put a damper on the rest of our day.

Here are 10 things you should never do before 10AM:

1. Check your email.

Although emails can contain important information about your life or work, you shouldn’t immediately check them upon waking up. Checking your phone right when you wake up will make you feel rushed, and take you out of the present moment. According to an IDC Research Report, 80% of smartphone users check their phones right when they roll out of bed in the morning. 

In particular, checking emails will prompt you to take some sort of action, and nothing is so urgent that it requires you to immediately answer emails instead of having your breakfast, working out, or getting your mind ready for the day ahead.

2. Make a big decision.

When we wake up in the morning, we usually feel a bit groggy and out of sorts, until having some coffee and a nutritious breakfast, of course. However, even after getting some food in our bellies and wiping the sleep from our eyes, making hugely important decisions in the morning can be a recipe for disaster.

You should wait until you feel fully awake before making any major decisions, so you don’t make a choice that you will later regret.

3. Browse social media.

Social media already takes up a large portion of people’s time these days, but checking it in the morning can inhibit our productivity even further. With most people checking their phones right when they wake up, social media likely accounts for the majority of what smartphone users do on their phones in the morningtime. Checking notifications and reading updates about your friend’s lives can seem tempting, but wait until you have gotten all your tasks done for the day before getting lost in social media.

It can easily take away valuable time and serve as a huge distraction when trying to get important things done.

4. Check your bank account.

Who needs added stress in the morning when getting ready for work, getting the kids ready for school, and everything else that comprises our morning routines? According to reports by the American Psychological Association, finances continue to top the charts as the biggest stressor in people’s lives. With that said, mornings don’t make the best time to check your bank statements, as this might start off your day on the wrong note.

If you need to check your finances, try to do it at a time when you can sit down and really take time to analyze your expenses.

5. Watch the news.

We all know the news rarely paints a positive picture of the world, so why start off your day with so much negativity and fear? Not only that, but checking the news headlines and reading the newspaper can take up a good chunk of your morning if you get carried away, which means you’ll have less time to get ready for work or spend time with your family. If you enjoy keeping up with the news, try reading just a few of the main stories, and save the others for later in the day.

6. Make a major purchase.

Mornings usually don’t make the best time to buy something, especially if it involves a car, home, or something else of that nature. You should make sure you’ve had ample time to consider all possibilities before making a big purchase, and not fork over a large amount of money when you feel groggy in the morning. Wait until you feel more energized and awake before making any major purchases.

7. Play games on your phone.

Another big time waster, playing games on your phone can definitely eat away at your time in the morning. Sure, Candy Crush might seem really fun, but save it for a time when you don’t have a million things to do. You can always play games when you get your errands and work done, or maybe at in-between times during the day, like waiting for a doctor’s appointment or sitting in the car waiting on your kids to get out of school.

8. Get in a debate with someone.

Arguing with someone when you still feel slightly grumpy and tired can only have one outcome, and it doesn’t look good. Debating with someone takes energy and logic in order to get your points across clearly. If you get into a debate with someone before you’ve had time to properly wake up and adjust to the day, it might lead to saying things you don’t mean, and having a discussion based on emotions rather than facts.

9. Sleep through your alarm.

We set alarms for a reason – to wake up at a certain time so we can fit everything into our day and make it on time to work or school. Even pressing snooze once can start your day off on the wrong note, because you’ll have to hustle a little more in order to get ready. No one likes mornings that feel rushed and frantic, so make sure to wake up when your alarm goes off, so you can get your day started on a positive note.

10. Eat unhealthy foods or skip breakfast entirely.

It’s not new knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; however, plenty of people don’t treat it as such. They either opt for a quick, easy meal from a fast food chain, or skip breakfast altogether. According to WebMD, skipping breakfast can actually lead to weight gain, as people eat larger meals later to make up for breakfast. Make sure you take the time to have a nutritious, good-sized breakfast so you have energy to get through your day.


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