A creative person brings so much value to our increasingly hectic and stressful world; without them, we wouldn’t have books to get lost in, art to marvel at, movies to take us into another world, or music to inspire and move us. It seems that creative people live in an entirely different galaxy sometimes, always living within their heads and letting their imaginations carry them away. This makes them very intriguing and alluring, and allows them to use their skills to better this planet in a unique way.

According to a study published in NeuroImage, artists have a totally different brain than their counterparts, with increased neural matter in various parts of their brains. With that said, creative people have certain habits and characteristics that help them to keep the creativity flowing. A creative person sticks to a routine in the AM, as this allows them to tap into those innovative and inspiring ideas, and sets their day up for prosperity and good vibes.

Here are 10 things creative people do before 10AM:

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1. They have a regular self-love practice.

One of the most important aspects about a creative person, these types crave a deeper understanding of themselves, and continually strive to uncover more about their souls. To do this, they keep up a regular routine of yoga, meditation, or any practice that encourages one to know him or herself on a deep, spiritual level. Taking some time to just focus on breathing and disconnecting from their environment allows the creative person to go within themselves and learn how to truly love their creative spirit.

Starting off their day with meditation sets the stage for a productive, positive day full of love and light.

2. Creative people exercise in the mornings, too.

While most people recognize the numerous benefits of exercise, they might not make the connection between moving their bodies and increased creativity. Yep, it turns out that exercise can enhance creativity in a variety of ways.

According to a study in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, regular exercise can enhance divergent (thinking of multiple solutions to a problem) and convergent (thinking of one solution to a problem) thinking – two essential components of creative thought.

So, exercising in the morning sparks those creative juices, which allows creative people to bring more to their work.

3. They write in a journal.

Creative people usually have a knack for language and have a very profound, deep relationship with themselves. They have so many thoughts throughout the day that tend to bog them down, so getting them out in a journal helps them to maintain mental clarity for their work.

Writing in a journal can also spawn more creativity, and helps the creative person to keep their perspective about themselves in check.

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4. Creative people fuel their brains and bodies with a healthy breakfast.

Creative people understand that giving their bodies and minds proper nutrition will allow them to have enough energy for their work. Without the right fuel, they wouldn’t have the energy for their hobbies and passions, so they begin their day with a nutritious breakfast of fruits, oatmeal, or other high-quality foods.

5. They get fresh air.

Creative people thrive off of nature, as the peace and tranquility of the natural world give them energy. To start off their day, they might go for a walk in the woods, or simply go outside and marvel at the world around them. The quietness of the outdoors, unadulterated by the noise and hectic pace of modern living, provides them with the inspiration to continue with their work.

6. Creative people start their work early.

Obviously, creative people have certain “windows” of opportunity to get their work done, and morning time usually stimulates their brains and cultivates an innovative spirit within. Although nighttime is the optimum time for creativity (generally speaking), the mornings can provide a wonderful time to get things done. Creative people work in short bursts of intense passion, and in the morning, their mind is still fresh and clear, which gives them a perfect opportunity to dive inside their imagination.

7. They listen to music.

As you might already know, music provides many wonderful benefits, including increased creativity and a boost in mood.

While creative people might differ in what types of music they enjoy, you can rest assured that they will have some sort of tune blasting through their home or apartment while they work.

8. Creative people read a book.

Another favorite hobby of creative people is reading, as they can get lost in a story and expand their imagination. They might just read a chapter every morning, but this alone can stimulate their brains enough and give them new ideas for their creative endeavors.

9. They keep the lights down low.

Did you know that dimming the lights can enhance creativity?

Consider the findings from this study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology:

– Dim illuminations and priming darkness improve creative performance.

– Perceived freedom and a creativity-supportive processing style explain the effect.

– Light setting and the stage of the innovation process alter the effect’s emergence.

10. Creative people watch the sunrise.

Finally, creative people understand and appreciate the beauty of the natural world, and take time out of their day to enjoy what nature so graciously provides. Creative types love to wake up to watch the sun peek out above the horizon, and just marvel at the beauty of the Earth. This gives them the perspective and attitude of gratitude that they need to begin their day on the right note.

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