10 Things That Bring Couples Closer Together

10 Things That Bring Couples Closer Together



Knowing our partner well is very important in an emotionally strong and committed relationship. Of course, as we go through the different stages of love, the more we get to know the other person, the more connected we become as a couple.

Creating a connected and solid relationship is hard work. And there are some things that need to happen before your relationship can grow into its full potential. It all starts with being friends and liking each other for who that person is individually and as a partner.


Believing in the love the relationship holds is also important to building a connected relationship. Love can make each person better as individuals and together. It’s what will connect the couple in the long run. Once your relationship is solid, then it’s time to work on solidifying your connection.


Here are ten things couples do to stay closely connected:

1 – They Stay in Touch During The Day

Closely connected couples stay connected by keeping in touch during the day. Whether it’s through a quick phone call, text, an email or a quick selfie posted to Instagram, each person takes an interest in what the other person is doing and looks for ways to let the other person know they are on their mind.


2 – They Send Love Notes

Surprising each other with love notes is just one way couples can show their love and appreciation for each other. These notes often come at the right time, when some cheering up or encouragement is needed. The surprise never gets old because both partners appreciate the efforts and the sentiments. They may even try to one-up each other with their creativity and surprise factor.

3 – They Continue to Date Each Other

Closely connected couples do not take their relationship for granted and know it requires work to keep it healthy. They schedule regular date nights with each other, but they go beyond the “normal dinner and a movie” type of date. They explore new interests and hobbies as a way of keeping things fresh and new.

4 – They Dance it Out

Sort of like Meredith and Christina on “Grey’s Anatomy,” when things get tense a closely connected couple looks for ways to release the tension. One way of doing that is to dance it out. Good music and movement can often lighten the mood and help a couple get back on the same page. Dancing it out won’t solve the problem, but it can help alleviate the heaviness so more productive conversations can take place.

5 – They Properly Say Hello and Goodbye

Closely connected couples do not take each other for granted, and they show their love and appreciation for each other in their greetings. They kiss deeply, hug tightly and display sincere affection.

6 – They Practice Gratitude Together

Strong relationships are based on gratitude, not only for each other but for their relationship and life together. They often share their appreciation with each other, making sure each feels valued, loved and supported.


7 – They Regularly Go Off-Grid

Closely connected couples stay connected when they disconnect. They carve out time where it’s just them. No distracting texts, no binge-watching, and no work. This time is important to recharge and revitalize their relationship and keep the lines of open communication open.

8 – They Make Common Goals

It’s hard to be in a strong, healthy relationship when each person in the relationship has separate goals. Making life goals together is an important part of growing into a long-lasting relationship. Of course, individual goals are important to maintaining each person’s individuality, but it’s the common life goals that connect a couple.

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9 – They Are Interested In Each Other’s Schedule

Couples that are connected and in tune with each other are genuinely interested in their partner. It’s more than asking about their day; they want to know what their day looks like. They care about how they spend their time away from each other, not in a needy, codependent kind of way but out of genuine interest.

10 – They Fight Fair

Mostly strong and closely connected couples fight fair. They are respectful of each other’s opinions and truly want to find a compromise that suits each other and the relationship. They may disagree, but they do so with kindness and love.


A closely connected relationship develops in its own time and cannot be rushed or forced. Take the time to get to know each other and what makes each of you tick and even more importantly what makes each of you laugh.

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In the end, closely connected couples like each other and have fun together. They are respectful and kind and honor their relationship. Even when times are tough, a closely connected couple will still value their feelings for each other enough that the problem never becomes bigger than the relationship. They learn to let the stuff go and enjoy each other.


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