What fruit is not sweet and is:
-high in fat,
-high in fiber,
-low in carbs, and
-a significant source of bioavailable protein?

It’s difficult to imagine a fruit that meets these criteria, but the one that does is the avocado. This superfood gem carries generous amounts of almost 20 vitamins and minerals, plus countless phytonutrients. An average-sized one has over twice the potassium as a banana as well as a dense load of brain-nourishing and cancer-fighting attributes.

The avocado is truly in a class of its own with its ability to curb the appetite due to its fat content. This is the good stuff — monounsaturated fat — that helps regulate cholesterol. Its insoluble fiber helps maintain colon health and blood sugar levels. A versatile food that does all this could be eaten every day. In fact, here are over 20 reasons to include it in your diet as often as you can.

Discover a variety of ways to enjoy its wonders with these easy avocado recipes.

1. Salad Dressing

This salad dressing is a cinch to make with only five ingredients. It works wonderfully as a veggie dip, too. Try it with baked potato fries!

2. Citrus Salad with Mint

Our nutrition power player pairs tastefully well with citrus fruits grapefruit and clementine for a refreshing snack or appetizer. The citric acid slows down browning, so this dish maintains its bright appeal to the eye and the palate.

3. Avocado and Pea Salad

Fresh avocado and green peas make an amazing combo of healthy, tasty bliss. Fresh peas would be awesome, but thawed frozen ones will yield great flavor as well. This quick salad pairs well on top of toast or a bed of lettuce.

4. Pesto Linguine

The bold flavor of freshly made pesto shines in this simple recipe, just slightly toned down by the lusciously smooth addition. The pesto is loaded with fresh ingredients that come together quickly. Introduce your pasta to a new favorite sauce.

5. Vegan Sushi

This fuss-free sushi nigiri recipe makes it easy to bring Oriental cuisine to your table. Slices of avocado make a perfectly textured topping that melts in your mouth and satisfies you with abundant healthy fats.

6. Brownies

As long as you thoroughly blend your ingredients, no one will catch on to your secret ingredient. Even if there are a few green chunks, though, the taste will be just as mouth-watering. Bake these decadent, fudgy squares in a 9 ½ x 7 ½ baking dish. Feel free to use coconut palm sugar, stevia, or your favorite granulated natural sweetener instead of raw sugar, or try different flours or meals. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

7. Kourtney Kardashian’s Pudding

Who would think that a superstar’s treat could be so simple? One of the simplest of avocado recipes, this calls for only three all-natural ingredients. Kourtney calls this trio “a power meal in a cup”.

8. Raw Ice Cream Sandwiches

Our high-fat fruit rocks in this raw vegan frozen dessert. Whatever your food preference, you will absolutely love this totally healthy treat that is pretty easy to assemble. You won’t even need an ice cream maker or have to freeze the “ice cream” ahead of time.


9. Hummus

Boost the health benefits and flavor of hummus with this creamy indulgence. Our green friend shares the spotlight with chickpeas to make a delightfully easy spread or dip. The lemon juice retards browning, so as long as you store this in a tightly sealed container in the fridge, the color should be fine for a few days (if the hummus lasts that long). Peel the chickpeas for a smoother finish.

10. Avocado & Strawberry Smoothie

This perfect smoothie ingredient adds a whole new level of creaminess along with vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy fat, and more. Try this and other variations of avocado recipes for a quick breakfast or post-workout treat. Your taste buds will not believe that this flavor-packed smoothie is so low in calories.

Avocado is a beautiful garnish on virtually any dish. Place it on toast for breakfast and in salads and veggie bowls for lunch or dinner. They are also delicious solo with a little salt, pepper and olive oil. Whether you are going for sweet or savory, the avocado is your go-to for nutrition-packed, satiating goodness.


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