You might not think ice cream flavors and personality traits have anything to do with each other, but think again. Your ice cream of choice says a lot about your personality, according to a study by Dr. Alan Hirsch, a nationally recognized smell and taste expert and founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.

Hirsch uses psychiatric test results to make correlations with statistics about ice cream flavors, explaining that a part of the brain – the limbic lobe – controls both food preferences and personality traits. Hirsch goes on to say that your favorite ice cream flavor becomes set during childhood and tends to remain the same throughout your life.

So, no matter whether your favorite flavor is chocolate, vanilla, or something in between, here’s what your go-to sweet treat says about your personality!

What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Reveal About Your Personality?


While most people think vanilla is plain and boring, vanilla lovers are actually likely to be idealistic, impulsive, easily persuaded individuals who “rely more on intuition than logic,” according to studies conducted by neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch. Vanilla lovers also showed a higher likelihood of risk-taking, as well as the tendency to be expressive and successful in close relationships.


In the study by Hirsch for Baskin Robbins, strawberry fans tended to be tolerant, devoted, and introverted; in research done for Dreyer’s/Edy’s, he found strawberry lovers were also logical and thoughtful.


If chocolate is your go-to choice for ice cream, then you’re likely dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive, and gullible.

Mint chocolate chip

If you prefer the delicious combo of mint and chocolate, then you’re probably ambitious, frugal, confident. Besides that, you might be a bit argumentative at times, according to Hirsch’s study for Dreyer’s/Edy’s. “[They] aren’t fully satisfied until they find the tarnish on the silver lining,” said Hirsch about mint chocolate chip fans. However, Hirsch found that mint chocolate chip fans are likely compatible with one another.

Rainbow sherbet

You’d think lovers of this flavor would be upbeat, bright, and cheerful to match the vibrancy of this ice cream, but the results are surprisingly opposite. “We found that people who prefer rainbow sherbet are more pessimistic than you would think,” says Hirsch, who found them to also be analytical and decisive.

Rocky road

If Rocky Road is your favorite, then you’re likely to be engaging and a good listener, but also aggressive, according to Hirsch’s Baskin Robbins study. The Dreyer’s/Edy’s panel found the Rocky Road lover to often be successful and goal-oriented, but their tendency toward aggressiveness can “inadvertently hurt the feelings of those that surround him.”


If you’re attentive to details, conscientious, and a perfectionist, coffee ice cream is probably your favorite. Coffee lovers also tend to be dramatic and full of life, according to the study. Hirsch’s study for Dreyer’s/Edy’s found that coffee ice cream fans tend to not worry about the future and live in the “passion of the moment,” needing constant stimulation in a romantic relationship. Maybe all the caffeine from the coffee has something to do with that last fact? (Just saying.)

Chocolate chip

If you love chocolate chip ice cream, you’re probably generous, competent, and a go-getter, according to Hirsch’s survey for Baskin Robbins.

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Butter pecan

If this nutty ice cream is your favorite, then you’re likely to be devoted, conscientious, and respectful, according to Hirsch’s study for Dreyer’s/Edy’s. People that like this flavor have high moral standards and strongly dislike hurting others. They also are loving, supportive, and tend to avoid the spotlight.

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Last but certainly not least, fans of this popular flavor tend to be innovative, ambitious, and competitive.

Does your favorite ice cream flavor describe your personality? Let us know in the comments below!