The idea of indigo children has often been dismissed as a pseudoscientific, incredulous notion, but many of us on Earth right now just feel “different” in some way we can’t usually explain. Anderson Cooper from CNN even did a special report on indigo children, and a documentary partially produced by Doreen Virtue called “The Indigo Evolution” was released in more than 350 churches and wellness centers in 2006.

More and more people have been awakening to their true nature and realizing that they have incarnated on this Earth during these transitional times in order to offer their gifts to the world and leave it a better place.

In the documentary, Hopi Elders revealed that we can still reverse the damage we have done to the planet. And, we can still create a new world founded on love and peace. However, that can only occur if we all realize our Oneness. Then, they continued on to say that the indigo children will play a critical role in the Earth’s healing.

So, how do you know if you are an indigo child? These 10 signs will give you the answer:

1. You were born in the year 1978 or later, but possess wisdom beyond your years.

You are aware of the true nature of the world that lies in secrecy behind this current paradigm of monetary gain, greed, power, machinery, war, poverty, etc. Because you understand that this world offers so much more than we have been led to believe, you often feel that you have incarnated here many times before, aka an “old soul.”

2. You are strong-willed, independent, and don’t respond to authority.

You like to think for yourself, come up with your own answers, and live life by your own set of rules. Because of your inherent need to follow your own path and reject conventional teachings, you have been deemed a “troublemaker” or “problem child” in the past.

3. You are diagnosed with ADD or ADHD due to social or attention problems.

In school, constantly disobeying authority figures, non-conformance to social conditioning, and extreme boredom or aloofness to the subjects taught in institutionalized schools. People often misunderstand you and wonder why you can’t just follow the program and do as you’re told. However, you see many things horribly wrong with today’s society, and would never dream of fitting into a world so blind to the truth.

4. You are extremely creative and eccentric

You love to draw, write, paint, dance, or express yourself somehow through the arts. Furthermore, you felt stifled in school. Indeed, you wished that you could just spend time following your passions instead of listening to boring lectures.

5. You feel socially isolated and may not have very many close friendships.

You feel that you just can’t relate very well to others because of their inability to see beyond the veil. Therefore, you would rather spend your time alone bonding with nature or working on your creative and intuitive gifts. You know that people who came to change the world must walk a difficult path, but it will be well worth it in the end.

6. You have a high IQ and a keen intuition.

You often experience sensory overload in bright, noisy environments, and crave total peace and quiet in nature when you find yourself in these situations. You’ve likely been drawn to the term “empath” because of your unique psychic abilities and problems functioning in very crowded, loud, and chaotic environments. You may have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression because of this.

7. You reject social norms and long for people to see the truth.

You have no patience with the scripted life of buying, selling, going to school, getting a job, and just becoming a number in a computer. Additionally, you could care less about the status quo. Besides, you often blaze your own trails in life despite popular opinion. You know that just because everyone does something, doesn’t make it right.

8. Many people have misunderstood you.

Perhaps others called you entitled, selfish, or unruly in the past. Your parents or teachers just didn’t understand that your spiritual and emotional needs weren’t being met.  You go within and enjoy solitude much of the time due to feeling misunderstood. You have a high sense of self-worth and know that your personal needs matter more than satisfying authority figures who don’t take the time to understand you.

9. You bond well with other animals and feel immense compassion for all creatures.

Because you have realized that all life on this planet is sacred, you chose the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle at an early age.

10. Above all, you just have an intense longing to make this world a better place.

You have an unstoppable determination to bring about lasting changes despite all the challenges you face. You want to create a world where all life can thrive. And, you won’t listen to anyone who tries to stop you from your grand mission of healing this Earth.

Don’t ever feel alone on your spiritual path; many of us have identified as indigo children, and we all have an unbreakable connection to one another. Remember this any time you feel lonely or confused because all of our collective efforts matter in the end. Any act of kindness or friendship you offer to others will always lift the vibration of this planet, and if you can make one person smile or feel loved, you have done your part.

Watch the Documentary, “The Indigo Evolution” here: