10 Signs You’re Losing Your True Self

10 Signs You’re Losing Your True Self



“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

When we think about being ourselves, the meaning behind that often gets pretty blurry. What does it mean to truly embody our truest essence? And, more importantly, how can we accomplish this? While people do change over time, and even from day to day, being your true self means expressing the deepest you in every moment you get. No matter what you become or who you’ve been in the past, your true self wants you to shine your brightest colors at all times.



While figuring out your most authentic nature can seem like a daunting, confusing task, you will just know if you’ve been showing others your true self by how you feel inside.


Here are 10 signs you may be losing your true self:

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1. You feel unhappy most of the time.

When we don’t embody our true self, negative emotions will creep up more often than we’d like. Feeling unhappy the majority of the time indicates something deep going on within you, so pay attention to your emotions. If you don’t feel content with yourself and life as you know it, then you need to make some changes. Becoming our true self starts with being honest with our emotions and feelings, so don’t hesitate to look within your soul when you feel you need a new beginning.

2. You don’t feel comfortable around most people.

Another indicator of not being our most true selves lies in how we interact with others. If we feel uncomfortable or often cancel plans with people, this might signal that we need to reevaluate ourselves and the people we keep in our lives. If the people around you don’t reflect your truest self, this might mean that you either don’t know yourself on an intimate level, or you choose to ignore your highest self and keep hanging out with those who don’t resonate with you.

3. You judge others frequently.

Judging others often means that we see something in ourselves we don’t like, and therefore see this in everyone we meet. If you don’t like yourself, chances are that you won’t like anyone else either. In becoming our authentic self, we can begin to strip away the layers of hate and judgment upon ourselves, and therefore, remove the need to judge others so harshly.

4. You don’t value yourself.

Becoming your most authentic self means valuing your true being. If you don’t value yourself, you likely haven’t gone inside your soul to reveal the truth that lies within. You spend the most time with yourself, so you have to learn to really love the person inside in order to live life in a genuine way. When you see your own self-worth, you will begin to value others that much more as well.


5. You seek acceptance from others.

In life, we can’t always gain the approval of others. Plus, if you skip that step and simply look to yourself for validation, you won’t need the acceptance of others. Looking to others for approval just means that you don’t trust yourself enough to make decisions for yourself. When you become your most authentic self, you learn to trust your intuition and not let the opinions of others sway you.

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6. You feel negative emotions quite often.

Feeling negative emotions more than the positive usually means that you haven’t allowed your true self to emerge. When we move into a place of love, compassion, and acceptance for ourselves, we remove those layers of negative thinking and programming and can see the beauty of positive living. While you will still feel negative emotions when you embody your true self, you’ll begin to master your mind more and see the importance of filtering out those heavy emotions.

7. You don’t express yourself authentically.

In life, we get the privilege of expressing ourselves however we see fit. We all come into this world with different likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses, so when you become the truest form of you, you just know how to express yourself in the purest form. When you don’t do this, you literally stifle the free-flowing energy in your body, and feel stuck within yourself.


8. You hang out with people you dislike.

Another indicator that you haven’t found your authentic self is keeping friends around that you don’t really like. Our friends should uplift us and provide meaning in our life. If you frequently hang out with people who don’t resonate with you, you need to look in the mirror and ask if they really add value to your life, and why you choose to keep them around.

9. You do activities you don’t enjoy.

Also, when you don’t act like your truest self, you’ll engage in activities you don’t really like. When we become who we were always meant to be, we automatically feel drawn to certain activities and people, and everything untrue just seems to fall away.

10. You second-guess your intuition.

Finally, when you act like anything except your highest self, you’ll question your heart a lot. You’ll take longer to make decisions, and often disregard your first gut feeling. Our intuition can guide us through life so that we may live according to our truth, but denying it will only set us back further on our course.


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