As the world tries to pull us in so many different directions with jobs, money, responsibilities, and everything else in between, we can start to feel a bit weathered, a tad broken, and just utterly lost after a while. This planet serves as a place for us to all learn and grow, but the trials and tribulations we must endure here certainly can seem overwhelming at times. We all go through periods where we just don’t know where to turn or how stop feeling lost, but if you look a bit deeper, even these dark, lonely times can unearth important information about our journeys.

Here are some common reasons for feeling lost in life, and what you can do about it:


1. You let other people’s opinions influence decisions.

One surefire way to feel lost and alone is to let other people dictate your life and forget about your own wishes and dreams. Other people can never live your life for you or know the inner workings of your heart and soul the way you do, so don’t let their voices drown out your own. Stand tall and strong in your viewpoints, and don’t allow people to walk all over you. They can have an opinion, but it doesn’t have to determine the direction of your life.

2. You rarely, if at all, listen to the inner voice.

This one happens to many of us, more often than we would like. Many people only listen to their rational minds when making decisions about their lives, forgetting that the imagination holds many of the answers we all search for. We have lived in a world controlled largely by the mind for far too long now, so we must reverse this trend and look deep within to find solace and direction. When we silence the constant string of thoughts that run through our minds, we can hear our souls’ voices, guiding us and reminding us of our true nature and potential.

3. You have a negative self perspective.

Unfortunately, many people simply don’t love themselves or even remotely like themselves. If you live on this planet currently, you should have a tremendous amount of love and respect for yourself because it isn’t an easy ride. You have come here to fulfill a divine purpose and find any parts of yourself you lost along the way. For committing to such a feat before incarnating here, you deserve the utmost respect and love from yourself. Remember that each day you wake up, you can choose to either love or hate yourself, so choose the one that will make you feel the best in the end. 🙂

4. You haven’t discovered a true purpose.

Many people can’t understand what they have really come here to do, or may not even believe we have a soul purpose at all. However, if you have ever looked outside and noticed the state of the planet, or wondered if you came here to do more than sit at a desk 9 hours a day working at a job you don’t like, you have already awakened to the fact that you DO indeed have a grand mission here on Earth. You don’t have to know exactly what that is in order to feel like a complete being; just recognizing that you are a walking miracle made up of pure energy should make you feel pretty darn special.

5. You live through the mind more than the heart.

Like we said in a previous point, a world dominated by logic can never accomplish what a world run by heart-based living can. You have answers to life’s most pressing questions in your heart, but the mind will always cover them up in favor of rational, linear thinking. To find yourself, you have to be willing to cut ties with your Ego that controls your mind, and instead enter the space of your heart, which doesn’t judge, demand, criticize, or ridicule. Take that journey, and you won’t feel lost and depressed any longer.

6. You surround yourself with people who don’t share your goals.

You have to find people who have the same goals and desires as you, and they will appear once you commit to the path your soul wants for you. Make sure to surround yourself with people who lift you up, not those that drag you down and make you feel uninspired or lost in life.

7. You look to others for answers that only you can provide.

Don’t rely on anyone else for anything; that only creates dependency and inhibits you from the liberation that comes from only looking to yourself for guidance, comfort, and the ultimate answers. Decide to figure out life for yourself and see the world through your own lens rather than always asking others what they think or see. You will truly begin living as soon as you decide to depend on no one but yourself and understand that feeling lost is a blessing in disguise.

8. You live in the past or the future, not the present.

Any state of discontentment or feeling lost can usually be corrected by living in the now. Don’t worry about planning out every last detail of your future or make yourself depressed by reliving the past. Surrender yourself to what is, so you may find what could be.


9. You don’t spend enough time in nature.

You might ask, “How will nature make me feel less lost?” Well, YOU are nature. So, by disconnecting yourself from nature, you have really disengaged from yourself. Just twenty minutes of time in nature a day can make you feel more relaxed, happy, and optimistic about life. So, get outside; you might just find yourself there. 🙂

10. You don’t allow the universe to help guide you.

By controlling every aspect of our lives, we leave no space for opportunities to find us. The universe already knows what you need to do, but you must allow yourself to let go and embrace your journey.  Let the universe step in and help you so that you may live in a way that illuminates your soul and makes the darkness conscious.