“You are quite the inspiration…
You have a story inside that could help someone else RIGHT NOW!”


Hello. You’re just the person I wanted to talk with today. Yes… YOU!  I think you are just what this world needs.

You’re a person that never gives up. Throughout the triumphs of your life there are still trials and tribulations, but you’ve always looked for the positive and get by (and very well, too).

You’ve a beautiful heart and a strong spirit. Helping others is your nature and you strive to contribute to the expansion of a better world and future generation.

So, how do I know? Because you’re reading this right now!

There’s no coincidence that we found each other. 😉 Your soul is drawn to the light.

It thirsts to absorb more positivity, inspiration and knowledge for expansion.

But, psst. . . I have a little secret. You’re quite the inspiration. You have a story inside of you that could help someone else RIGHT NOW!

Actually, I would say it could probably CHANGE the direction of another person’s entire day; maybe even change their life. The very act of sharing that story is part of the purpose of your day today.

Your Soul led you here to share and shine the Power of Positivity.

In the comments below, talk about a time in your life of victory in the face of adversity. I know there’s a story in your heart that will help another person who might be feeling very down, discouraged and maybe even ready to give up.

We know it’s in there and we are looking forward to reading it and sharing it with the Power of Positivity Community that is 700,000 STRONG.

INSPIRE others today. . . READY, SET, GO!! 

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