The World Needs More People Like… YOU!

The World Needs More People Like… YOU!

we-need-youBetter Life

“You are quite the inspiration…
You have a story inside that could help someone else RIGHT NOW!”


we-need-youHello. You’re just the person I wanted to talk with today. Yes… YOU!  I think you are just what this world needs.

You’re a person that never gives up. Throughout the triumphs of your life there are still trials and tribulations, but you’ve always looked for the positive and get by (and very well, too).

You’ve a beautiful heart and a strong spirit. Helping others is your nature and you strive to contribute to the expansion of a better world and future generation.

So, how do I know? Because you’re reading this right now!

There’s no coincidence that we found each other. 😉 Your soul is drawn to the light.

It thirsts to absorb more positivity, inspiration and knowledge for expansion.

But, psst. . . I have a little secret. You’re quite the inspiration. You have a story inside of you that could help someone else RIGHT NOW!

Actually, I would say it could probably CHANGE the direction of another person’s entire day; maybe even change their life. The very act of sharing that story is part of the purpose of your day today.

inspire-positive-quoteYour Soul led you here to share and shine the Power of Positivity.

In the comments below, talk about a time in your life of victory in the face of adversity. I know there’s a story in your heart that will help another person who might be feeling very down, discouraged and maybe even ready to give up.

We know it’s in there and we are looking forward to reading it and sharing it with the Power of Positivity Community that is 700,000 STRONG.

INSPIRE others today. . . READY, SET, GO!! 

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10 thoughts on “The World Needs More People Like… YOU!

  1. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a coworker who was
    doing a little homework onn this. And he in fact bought me lunch
    simply because I discovered it for him…
    lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!!
    But yeah, thanx for spending time to disxcuss this topic here on your site.

  2. Now I am finishing a demo cd, I am doing yoga, meditation every morning. Running, biking, swimming, all kinds of beautiful activities. When I was in hospital I could hardly brush my teeth and didn't feel worthy enough to go to the toilet. There is so much to my story. But I am writing from my phone. Thank you for creating a space to share. I have so much to share. 🙂

  3. I appreciate every moment of life. And I keep going, in times where it is hard, I use Esther Hicks, Byron Katie and Louise Hay. They are my miracle women.

  4. I was in psyciatric hospital 6 months, ready to give up. I had 25 times electro chock treatments and tried to commit suicide. In a year I managed to get myself back on track. I reached out and let myself receive help. And I laerned to guide my thoughts. Now I know that giving up is not a possibility. It only makes things worse. I am living a very Rich life, more healthy than Ever. And I don't waste time on what doesn't matter.

  5. If one door close another one opens. It happen to me. I was in a ski accident a few years ago lost the use of my fingers. I played guitar. Music is in my whole soul my begining After The Accident I Could NOT Use My Fingers. Very depressed I past a house with a board that says music lessons. I stop and knock on the door. I met Gerda o ask her can you teach me to read music and play the piano wella 6 years later busy with my B Music
    Degree at the university of UNISA. Took part in a few competition s. If the one door close don’t be afraid to open the next one. There is always hope on the Horizon

  6. this is the 1st thing that came to my mind:

    can you imagine you have grown old, had conversations with many along the way. You revel in your independence, you don't need help from anyone. But has the years past and the changes of being elderly cannot be ignored someone who loves you has to take away your privilege to drive. You argue, it is my right, but no, no, driving is a privilege, and someone who loves you has taken away the privilege. It doesn't matter the sequence of events, sure cars being wrecked, speeding tickets, missing for days are concerns from the someone who loves you.

    And to help make the transition from being independent to depending on the someone who loves you, that someone makes a promise to you. They will help you to live just a while longer, to dance another song, to get up, get dressed, go out and engage in something about the world. Your special someone tries very hard to not let you down. They make sacrifices, that you will never be able to acknowledge, as your memory begins to go, you will slowly slink into oblivion. But your special someone will be there, to let you die with dignity, even if you don't remember their name.

    This is a real story which is happening to me and my father. I acted from intuition and love and knew he had to stop driving – this was almost 2 years ago. I felt I saved his life and possibly the lives of innocent people, by getting him off the road. But I promised him I would be there to transport him when he needed to go somewhere.

    THE POWER OF POSITIVITY in this situation is that I took control of a hard situation, I put myself in his place and acted with compassion and empathy. To be positive doesn't mean you have to smile all the time and not deal with negativity. To be positive means you can cry thru the hard times, deal with the negativity and keep yourself on a positive path.

    Everyone dies – if it happens to be drawn out and full of complications and you need to put that loved one into someone else's care then by all means do so. But as long as you take on the challenge to care for a loved one you are probably the most positive person I can think of, for you don't let go, or back down. Not many understand why you do what you do, and there are times when you are oh so lonely. It is that positivity that everything will work out just fine that makes you special.

    Growing old has a negative stigmatism if you are in the group of elderly folks who lose their memory and have physical and emotional problems. Often as the adult child of our parent(s) we convince ourselves to put our parent(s) in a home, and certain medical conditions certainly require it. But to grace a parent who brought you into the world with the gift of comfort at home and familiar surroundings takes a very special and positive person.

    If you are going thru something similar know that you are not alone. over the past 4 years I have had my low moments. many have told me to put my father into a home. And now my mother who lives 1000 miles away from where I live needs help. I am just ramping up for some very difficult decisions. I choose to not run away from this – it sucks yes, but as I recently explained to a stranger, in a way I believe I am preparing my own soul for when it makes the journey out of my body. That is why I try to remain positive.

    I know I said too much and yet there is so much more to say…

    Thank you Power of Positivity for your daily posts. <3

  7. I want to share with the world, that even at your darkest hours of your life you can see the light if you find the strength in you to face life with a positive attitude. My life has not been an easy one, but it has shaped me to the woman that I am today. I have beat a drug addiction, survived child abuse, a dysfunctional alcoholic childhood environment and an abusive relationship, but I am still standing here with all my scars intact and grateful to still be alive. If I can inspire someone with my strength and positivity so be it. Please never give up on yourselves. Life can be tough, but we can get through it all with power of a positive mind.

  8. The Thing, why i have never stopped, is, because i have always knew that, there's always something better and there's always some way, to figure/solve things. Because i have always knew that life is not just that simple thing, what we all think to be it. Because i have always trust something powerful, something what can help us. I remember clearly, when i was a young buy, my grandma told me, when i scared thunder, that ty to prave, prave that this thunder is not gonna come to us and it always worked, it didn't came and everything was just fine, i have always trust my parents, especialy my grandmother. Things in life, what everyone should do, trust they're parents and family, hold them, as much as someone can and love them, from hearth. faith is the thing, what make things happen. Faith in something bigger, faith in yourself, faith and love. I have always knew that there's someone, who i belong to be together with and for everyone, there's someone, who u match with. And the power of hearth to hearth speaking is the positively way, strongest thing in the world. Power Of Love.

  9. I lost my father to a very sudden passing & mum had a heart attack same
    Day after finding him in the garden while we were at work no one else was home 🙁
    Although i lost dad & experienced such an incomparable pain I am gratful that i have my mother & as sad as it is unfortunagely we learn to deal with our sorrows & eventually see the light again hard as it is and impossible as it seems. … I have battled my anxiety & dealing with it head on !!! Just be positive & draw good to yourself. If we were not the strong willed individuals we are, chances are we would be in complete different situations…. god gives us the lives that he knows we can handle as hard as it may be…..
    Soldier on Xoxoxox

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