Doing This ONE Thing Will Make You Better In Bed

Doing This ONE Thing Will Make You Better In Bed

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Everyone wants to be at their best when it comes to enjoying intimacy with their partner, and new scientific research is showing that ONE simple lifestyle change can not only make you a better partner in the bedroom, but can also have incredible health benefits as well…

Are you willing to make this one change for you and your partner?

Making the choice to eat a vegan diet can seriously change the relationship between you and your partner’s closest moments.  Here’s why…


Although they are avoiding animal proteins, the vegan diet is incredibly diverse compared to that of most meat-eaters. Vegans are more likely to have a taste palate for unusual flavors, ways of cooking food and unusual imported vegetables. Does all of this dietary open-mindedness means that vegans are also likely to be more willing to explore their sense of taste and smell in bed? It’s possible, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to ask your vegan partner to try a taste.

Here are 5 Reasons a Vegan Lifestyle can make you a better partner…

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1. Sexual potency may be higher in males who are vegans

In a study of veganism and masculinity, researchers say ‘Veganism, a diet that focuses on the exclusion of animal meat and byproducts, challenges hegemonic masculinity. Hegemonic masculinity, the concept of men attempting to live up to an ideal form of masculinity, asks men to exude power and domination, not compassion and empathy.’

The scientists also mention that previous research has shown that men, particularly older men report pursuing a vegan lifestyle for health reasons, particularly to help improve their sex drive.

2. A vegan diet increases your sex hormone

Researchers studying the blood hormone levels of vegans as compared to omnivores found that vegans had higher levels of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which helps the sex hormones to circulate in your bloodstream.


Lower cholesterol in the blood that vegan lovers have gives them better blood flow also.

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3. Vegans have more energy

The same researchers who found that SHBG was higher in vegans found that actual physiological, metabolic energy is also higher in male vegans than in male omnivores. Increased stamina is also important in maintaining a healthy physical relationship with your partner.

4. Vegans have more body confidence

That low fat diet is likely to make vegans lean and physically in shape. Lean vegetable sources of protein mean lean muscles and less body fat. The look of the vegan physique is not that of a pudgy couch potato. Vegans benefit not only from a healthy diet, but also from a healthier sex life than their meat-eating friends. Even if they didn’t look hot, vegans who feel comfortable in their own skin and have body confidence appear more attractive to their partner.

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