For centuries tea has been recognized for its exceptional medicinal values. Many of us know the benefits of green and black tea leaves but not white tea leaves. Have you ever taken white tea? Did you know that white tea is healthier than any other type of tea you have ever taken? Although the three forms of tea are produced from one plant at different stages of is growth the least processed tea is the white tea. It has the highest nutritious content and high levels of antioxidants.

But where are white tea leaves obtained from and what are the common white tea benefits? This type of tea comes from very young leaves and buds of the tea plant. The white tea leaves are steamed and dried to get the white tea. Because the process is simple, the white tea leaves retain more nutrients compared to green and black tea. These factors make white tea very expensive compared to other varieties.

How White Tea Leaves Support Weight Loss

White tea can be used to boost the effects of caffeine among other stimulants. Moreover, its antioxidant properties protect the body against cancer, prevent aging and make the immune system strong. But, can you rely on white tea leaves for weight loss? Of course, you can! This article will outline outstanding white tea benefits including how it helps with weight loss.

1. Ensures new fat cells aren’t formed

When you take more food than what the body requires, it’s stored as fat so that body can use it in the future for energy. Preadipocyte cells are the cells the body transforms into adipocytes or fat cells during this process. When these fat cell precursors are treated using white tea, the formation of brand new fat cells is inhibited. White tea reduces the genes expressions linked to the creation of new fat cells.

2. White tea leaves can break down fat

The body is designed to oxidize or break down fat to form energy. Fat oxidation is usually linked to weight gain and studies have found that obese individuals have a low-fat oxidation process while fat oxidation for lean people is higher. Luckily, a cup of white tea can help. The caffeine in white tea stimulates fat oxidation by activating your central nervous system. White tea stimulates fat break down from mature fat cells.

3. It curbs hunger pangs

Most people gain weight when they overeat due to hunger pangs. By sipping white tea you will keep those hunger pangs away. Its consumption will restrict you from drinking or eating for the sake of it. This means you can rely on white tea leaves for weight loss if you want to keep your weight under control.

4. Minimizes the absorption of calories

A polyphenol (Epigallocatechin gallate -EGCG) found in white tea can ensure that your body doesn’t absorb calories. EGCG hinders the accumulation of body fat meaning more calories will be excreted through the stool instead of being stored in the body.

5. It boosts metabolism

The metabolic rate can be simply defined as the rate at which the body burns calories. When you have a fast metabolism it means that your body is capable of burning more calories each time your body engages in any activity or even when your body is resting. Note that this is partially genetic.

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However, the body can sense dieting or any restriction of food each time you try to starve yourself. It responds by slowing the metabolism process. The body also adapts to weight loss by decreasing the metabolic rate. This is why it’s sometimes very difficult to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Fortunately, white tea may counter this metabolic rate decrease since the tea polyphenols increase the rate at which the body burns calories.

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6. It can stimulate lipolysis

Other than inhibiting and mobilizing fat, white tea can also stimulate the fat burning process also known as lipolysis. It helps the body burn excess fat efficiently and the end result is losing weight.

Note that white tea leaves also contain caffeine; therefore, the tea intake must be regulated. Excessive caffeine can harm the body. White tea shouldn’t be consumed at bedtime because it can cause you to lose your sleep due to its caffeine content. Additionally, sugars, cream, and whole milk should not be added to white tea because they will destroy its benefits. All these white tea properties for weight loss will assist you to prevent weight gain. However, you need to remember that taking white tea alone may not give miraculous results. You have to take a proper healthy diet always and workout regularly to maximize the white tea benefits and its results.

Other than the caffeine content, taking white tea will not harm your body meaning you can consume it regularly in limited quantities. Now you can make white tea leaves an essential part of the weight loss journey and you will enjoy watching those pounds melt off for good!