Women, by nature, are the nurturers and healers of the world. Mother Teresa, Princess Diana; and more recently, people like Angelina Jolie and Oprah Winfrey have made it among their top priorities to contribute something to the world.

How does the above relate to the article’s topic?

Well, as you might know, men and women tend to think very differently, with women coming from a more emotional perspective. If you’ve been wondering what women think about, this list will cover a few common thoughts women have on a daily basis. 

Note that most of the thoughts have something to do with caring for others and making an impact on the world.

Here are six things women think about in a relationship:

1. What to wear

With so many options of what to wear, many women spend a good bit of time each morning picking out an outfit. However, they might change it a few times until they get just the right look for the occasion; for example, their job. Depending on their job, most women have a dress code they have to adhere to. Even if they choose an outfit that they think is suitable, though, they obsess over if their skirt is too short or if they’re revealing too much cleavage. Women typically think more about others’ emotions and opinions than men, so they don’t want to disappoint anyone or embarrass themselves. It’s hard being a woman, sometimes.

2. How are the kids?

Just as a mama bear keeps her cubs close, a woman keeps her babies at the forefront of her mind. Their child’s safety, health, and well-being always come before their own.

Not only do they think about how to arrange their schedules to accommodate their children’s needs; they are also contemplating how they can be a better mother. When your woman appears stressed out and overwhelmed, there’s a good chance that she’s pondering something related to her kids.

On a related note…

3. How does my house look?

Women love to stay organized, and one of the top priorities on a woman’s to-do list is cleaning her home. After all, this is where she goes after a long day of work to relax, restore, and rejuvenate her soul. It’s where she spends time with her family and makes valuable memories. She cannot possibly feel good about coming home to a dirty house, so even while she’s working or doing something away from home, she’s thinking about what needs cleaning or tidying.

Plus, a woman wants to keep the house clean for her family’s sake, too, because caring for them is a top priority for her.

4. How she looks

Whether it’s because of societal pressure or their own body image, women put a tremendous amount of thought into their looks. It’s isn’t because they’re superficial; they just want to feel good about themselves and feel confident in front of others. Especially with the advent of social media, women tend to think about how they compare to other women and can become a little too critical of their bodies or appearance at times.

They also think about if their makeup looks okay or if their hair needs a little sprucing up, along with if they should lose a few pounds or if their outfit is too tight. Sure, women may obsess over their looks, but they can’t help it; it’s just a part of their DNA.

5. If her significant other is happy

As we said before, women are natural caregivers and nurturers, so they always want to make sure their immediate family is taken care of. They will go out of their way to make their partner happy, because they don’t want to see them hurting or in pain. A woman won’t stay in a one-way relationship, however, but if her partner contributes to her happiness as well, then her significant other will most certainly get the love and affection they deserve.

6. Making things better for others

Whether or not you realize it, women – as the more emotional and benevolent of the two species – are always thinking about some way to make someone else’s life better.

Women absolutely love making some type of mark on the world. They want, and sometimes need, to make a notable difference in the world. Whether it’s leaving flowers and a note for a downtrodden co-worker, or volunteering to chaperone for their kid’s field trip, women want to uplift other people somehow.


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