5 Things Successful People Do on Weekends

5 Things Successful People Do on Weekends


Have you ever wondered what Oprah does on the weekends? Even the most successful people in the world are, at the end of the day, only human. How they handle their downtime may give the rest of us a little insight into the way successful minds work.

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” – Brian Tracy

Here’s what successful people do on the weekends:

1. They unplug.

Even if only for a few hours, most of the uber-successful and wealthiest people in the United States take time off from being connected to their work life. Although their reasoning may be slightly different than ours, there’s a big takeaway in this for all of us.

Turning off your cell phone for 24 hours will force you to be more present and take more enjoyment from the activities that you do engage in on the weekends. I’ve mentioned this before, and if it seems like I keep harping on this point, it’s because it’s important. You must put the phone down.

2. They don’t turn into sloths.

Sometimes, after an extremely busy and overwhelming work week, the urge to bellyflop onto the couch and stay there until Sunday night can be tempting. This is a bad idea because it can lead to a feeling of apathy and depression, leading you back to work on Monday with a giant case of the Blahs. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra rest on the weekends, but be sure to temper it with some stimulating activities as well, like going to see a show, having lunch with friends, or having a backyard barbeque.

3. They connect with family.

Even our kids are now tethered 24/7 to some kind of digital device. It’s not life support, so get them into the

habit of unplugging along with you and teach them how to stay engaged in life. It’s an important skill that’s not being taught anymore.  Reconnect your kids with the world, and with you.

successful people

4. They don’t do housework.

Using weekends to catch up on cleaning and laundry will negate the unwinding that you need in order to thrive Monday through Friday. Instead, the most successful people are good at managing their time during the week, enabling them to fit chores into smaller time-slots on weekday

evenings. This frees up the entire weekend for pleasure.

5. They don’t let Monday scare them.

I have heard my sons complain on more than one occasion, “It’s Sunday; the weekend is almost over!” This type of thinking will put you in a foul mindset, and can take away from a potentially fun afternoon and evening. Instead of fretting about what is to come on Monday, enjoy the remainder of your free time by staying unplugged and focused on friends and family.


6. Most importantly, successful people rarely work on the weekends.

“Instead of fretting about what is to come on Monday, enjoy the remainder of your free time…”

While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, more and more success stories are happening to those people who know how to balance their time wisely. Re-charging your batteries on the weekends is critical to your ability to make good decisions during the week. If toting your cell phone (even if you turn it off) causes you undue temptation to check in on work, simply leave it at home while you enjoy life.  Make it clear that during the weekends, you are off the clock and will be busy dedicating your time to unwinding, relaxing, and re-charging.

How do your weekend habits match up to those of some of the world’s most successful people? 

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48 thoughts on “5 Things Successful People Do on Weekends

  1. I don't have a job, so I don't fear Monday. No budy call me on the phone, so I don't have to swich it off I'd rather use it as an alarm clock. There are no friends around me and I have no garden to make barbeque. Mars here is earth, what dream of yours are you telling me?

  2. I used to do that and was more relaxed, even better organized. I did work every night 'till about 10 PM though… Now 20 years later after my day of fulltime working I am too tired to do it 'till 10 pm.

  3. Am not sure how you have arrived at these! What do you mean by successful? If you mean in business – i do believe they make work their lifestyle for it to be a true success and this would mean working on the weekends. Yes i do agree they are not sloths, family time allocated most of the time, they would hire cleaners, Monday is another day… not scary in anyway, unplugging would only be during holiday time which is also allocated.

  4. I was thinking the same. I have spent 36years in Critical Care Nursing and have always carried bleeps or phones (since they were available) and have been contactable 24/7 if needed. Perhaps ours is a different world where we put others before self?

  5. Engaging in a hobby that gives you pleasure is a great way to unwind on a wknd. I love driving my vintage cars on the weekend. Its the only time I get to use them.

  6. I'm a teacher and I feel very successful. I clean my house all day on Saturday. It relaxes me. We have dinner or a date with friends, and rest on Sunday. Then I do my lesson plans on Sunday evening. Maybe that's why I'm not uber rich. But I am successful! (And happy…)

  7. Kristina, yes, I understand that some nurses 'weekends' are in the middle of the week. I wasn't clear. I work Monday-Friday and then pick up overtime on the weekends a lot of the time. But I guess that goes back to the point of the article stating we should learn to live with less, huh? Good point and thank you for bringing me to this awareness. It's all a state of mind. Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

  8. Great Article, but for me Weekends are the same as any other day,
    I am a songwriter composing both lyrics and music, I only write when I feel like it and generally that is most days, Early mornings is a great time for me, and I go over to my home built studio, in my orchard and put down ideas on a multi track computer, via vocals and guitar. I then go and find a job to do on my garden and adjoining prairie, I have always been a do it yourself person,and I find I’m writing and composing in my subconscious, over the day frequent visits to the studio, usually adds something to whatever I’m working on. Also I tend to work on a dozen sons at a time, this way I never get bored with a song ,eventually most of the songs are turned into Demo’s
    Yes I have had success in varying degrees. occasionally I have to spend time pitching songs to various contacts ,fellow publishers and A and R departments.
    All very enjoyable, otherwise I would not do it.

  9. A lot of people shouldn't be so negative about their preconceived meaning of "success". It is to each person a different state of mind. This article achieves its purpose- to remind people to get back to basics and recharge on a more personal level. There is no reason to read it so literally. In order to be successful, I'd think each person would count that as being happy to some extent. Finding negativity in everything does not help achieve happiness. Perhaps instead of criticizing an article about "What Successful People Do on the Weekends", you should figure out whether or not you want to be positive or negative, happy or depressed, and make your own list of what would make you successful on your weekends (or days off). 🙂 Everyone have a beautiful day!

  10. As I was a CNA, I understand your point. However, part of the point of this blog is focused on positivity and as someone who successfully completed an RN degree and has such a high-status job, I would think you would understand to consider "weekend" as it fits into each individual's personal work week, i.e. whenever your days off fall.

  11. yes thank yu for sharing
    it was a great inspirational post
    because most of the time we go in search for happiness and peace but as Adreinne says its all with our family and friends. because of them we were able to pass through event of our life . if yu can make your family and friends happy then your are the happiest person in the world.

  12. As a nurse, not working weekends is not possible for me. I don't think that is a fair representation of what 'successful' people do. Does this mean nurses are not successful? Just a thought. I do however, love the idea of unplugging.

  13. I add some special touch to the post, "doing some creative activity like pursue your hobby" is the best way to recharge for a long.

    1. Good point, Sammy. If housework relaxes you and makes you feel good, then I'm all for it! I think the most important point about cleaning on the weekends is just to make sure you have time for things other than housework. 🙂

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