What Does Your Sleep Position Say About You?

What Does Your Sleep Position Say About You?


Did you know that your sleep position can reveal many things about your personality? Sleep experts have done extensive research regarding people’s sleep positions and how they can uncover important details about personality types. Just as much as your favorite color or car says a lot about your disposition, so does how you sleep, it turns out.

Whether you curl up in the fetal position while you sleep, turn over on your belly, or lie on your back, your sleep position can paint a pretty clear picture of who you really are as a person.

Read on to find out what your sleep position says about you:


The second most popular sleep position, people who sleep this way have their legs extended straight and their arms resting by their sides. Although this position looks uncomfortable and stiff, people who sleep this way have the exact opposite personality, surprisingly. Log sleepers enjoy talking with all sorts of people, and have an extroverted, friendly, nonchalant nature about them. They can sometimes trust people too easily, however.


The yearner sleep position looks very similar to the log, except that the person’s arms extend out in front of them instead of resting by their sides. Their legs are still fully extended, however, and their body still faces to the side. This can also be called “mummy” position, because it looks strikingly similar to a mummy. Sleep experts say that yearner sleepers have a very warm, open disposition, but can also let their suspicions and cynicism keep them from getting too close in relationships. They take a long time to make important decisions, but once they have committed to a decision, they won’t change their mind under any circumstance.  These folks have a mean stubborn streak, apparently.


Soldiers sleep totally on their backs, with their legs fully extended and arms lying by their sides. Just like you might have expected, soldier sleepers have a very strong, tough exterior, and don’t like to do too much talking. People who take this sleep position hold themselves and others to a very high standard, and enjoy a structured, regimented lifestyle. They take things very seriously, and expect a lot from themselves and others.


A freefaller sleeps on their stomach, with their head twisted to one side and their arms hugging the pillow. People who choose this sleep position have an easygoing outlook on life, and have a playful, open personality. They just love to have fun and enjoy other people’s company, and don’t like to feel tied down to anything. Many people would consider them free spirits, although inside, they actually feel anxious and want stability over everything else. They can come across as very blunt and tactless, but they don’t mean any harm. They also love taking risks as much as possible, but take other people’s opinions of them and their decisions to heart.


The least popular sleep position, starfish dozers sleep on their backs, with their legs outstretched and their arms curved up by their heads. As you might guess, people who sleep this way are very open, friendly people who want to help their friends out however they can. They are very loyal, trusting people, and they put their friends and family above anything else. They also make very good listeners, and will give you their undivided attention if you have something on your mind that you need to talk about.


According to research, 41 percent of people sleep in the fetal position, making it the most popular sleep position. More than twice as many women as men tend to sleep this way, according to sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski, PhD, a director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in London and the author of the book Learn to Sleep Well. People who sleep this way have a tough exterior, but are very soft and sensitive on the inside. They have a shy disposition, and tend to mull over problems and let their worries take over their lives sometimes.

We spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping, so how we sleep plays a big role in our overall personality and outlook on life.

Did your sleeping position describe you? If so, share it with your friends and family and let them see what their sleeping position says about them!


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