According to Ayurveda, the traditional Hindu system of medicine, there are three personality types, or doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. By understanding what dosha you have, you can gain great insight into your personality and lifestyle habits. Some may know doshas as “mind-body types,” but whatever you’d like to call it, the three doshas represent the five elements – Earth, wind, water, fire, and space (ether). Ayurveda aims to achieve health, longevity, and enlightenment through learning about our body and personality types, and making lifestyle choices around them.

Ayurveda has been around for 5-6,000 years, and is very much still in practice in India and other places in the Eastern world. By learning your dosha, you can gain knowledge about which foods to eat, what exercises you should do (read which exercise is best for your dosha here), and what your general temperament is. In order to keep your energy in balance, it’s very important to form your lifestyle choices around the dosha that constitutes you. To find out your dosha type first, you can do so here.

Without further ado, let’s get into the characteristics that comprise each dosha, and what that means for you.

What does your dosha reveal about your personality?


The Vata dosha governs all movement, including breathing, your heartbeat, and all bodily functions. The Vata dosha forms when prana, or the breath of life, mixes with the elements air and space (ether). When Vatas stay in balance, they possess creativity, adaptability, vitality, and eloquence. If they become imbalanced, fear and anxiety can easily take over. Vatas need constant movement in order to stay in balance; they are quick on their feet and love to test their limits. Vata types tend to be slender and tall in order to accommodate their need for speed.

They love warm climates, and feel very uncomfortable in the cold. Vata personalities have high energy, but it only lasts for a short while. They tend to overexert themselves and get tired quite easily. Vata types have racing minds because of their tendency to live life in the fast lane, and they don’t normally have a good indication as to when they should slow down. Vata types are very impulsive and spontaneous, but they don’t respond to stress very well.


This represents the elements fire and water. Pitta controls metabolism, body temperature, nutrition, and digestion. These types usually have great digestive systems and an inclination toward athleticism. They have a quick wit and sharp mind when in balance. But when imbalanced, they can get skin rashes and have a bad temper. Pitta types have great self-confidence, physique, and intelligence. They have great focus to accomplish their goals and make wonderful entrepreneurs. They don’t hold their tongue. In fact, their assertiveness gets them far in life. They make exceptional leaders and managers. But when imbalanced, they can seem a bit overbearing and demanding.

They do everything in life to the extreme, and give 150% in all they do. They can seem a bit rigid. But their concentration and willpower allows them to achieve goals that they otherwise couldn’t. Pitta doshas love to show off their talents and have a naturally competitive disposition. When imbalanced, Pitta doshas are prone to skin rashes, acne, stomach acid, and insomnia.


Finally, Kapha types are made up of the elements Earth and water. Kapha represents everything dense in our bodies, such as our bones, teeth, and muscles. The disposition of Kaphas is slow, steady, grounded and nurturing, when in balance. If Kaphas become out of balance, they can get moody, needy, dependent, and depressed. Kapha doshas enjoy a slower pace of life, and need frequent relaxation. Quite opposite of the Vata dosha, Kaphas have a lot of energy, but it endures. Kaphas have big hearts, and show compassion and understanding to everyone they meet.

They’re loving and affectionate, and aren’t afraid to show it. They think before they speak, so their speech might seem a bit slow, but they don’t let their tongue get the best of them. Kaphas tend to have a heavier build, and are prone to being overweight. They also can have sluggish digestion if they don’t watch after their diet and exercise regimen. However, on the upside, Kaphas have a gentle, easygoing approach to life, and don’t let much bother them. They can become possessive and hold grudges, but only when imbalanced. They have soft skin and hair, large, warm eyes, and a soft voice. People normally feel comfortable around them because of their loving, peaceful demeanor.