Have you ever read your birth chart?  It’s actually pretty interesting.

Our birth charts, or natal charts, can deliver important messages to us about our strengths, weaknesses, relationships, and anything else that serves our souls in this lifetime. Learning about how the stars and planets aligned when you were born and how those placements affect your soul can help you greatly along your spiritual path.

Everyone’s birth charts are unique, and take into account all the planetary alignments on the exact day and time you were born. Many people find them to be astoundingly accurate and helpful, because you can uncover so much about who you are and why you came to Earth in the first place.

Here are 5 incredible things you can learn from reading your birth chart:

1. Your birth chart will teach you what career path suits you best.

Our birth charts can also point us down the right road as far as a career choice goes. If you’re more of a drifter, your natal chart can help you determine how you best fit into the working world, and what you can do to illuminate your path further. It all depends on the alignment and positions of the planets and stars, which means that your career path could be entirely different than anyone you know. Our birth charts help us to recognize our individuality, and feel comfortable within our own skin.

Also, knowing what you should do to make an income will help alleviate any stress you might feel about a possible career for you.

2. Your birth chart will teach you your unique strengths and weaknesses.

In your birth chart, you can uncover what types of activities and work come naturally to you, and what you need to work on more. The detailed information included in your natal chart can help you understand what types of experiences shape you into a stronger person, and what people and places you should avoid.
The best part about the chart is that it’s completely honest, and will tell you both the positive and negative aspects of your personality. Don’t take it too personally, though; it’s only there as a tool to help you grow spiritually and allow you to learn important lessons.

3. Your birth chart will show you that you actually have three signs…

Your birth chart will show you that you are not just your Sun sign, but you also have a Moon and Rising Sign as well.

Our Sun signs quite literally describe the zodiac sign that the Sun occupies during the time we were born. So, if you were born on May 24, for example, you are a Gemini in terms of your Sun sign. However, your Moon and Rising, or Ascendant, signs are equally important.

Your Moon sign represents your instinctual self, which you might keep hidden from others. This can be interpreted as the “darkness” in you, and where you go to find peace and a place to rest your head from the pressures of the world. It also governs emotional development, and can greatly explain your behavior. Some astrologers believe our Moon signs more accurately describe who we are, although the culmination of your Sun, Moon and Rising sign should encompass your true essence.

Finally, your Rising sign describes how people see you at first glance, and how you appear to the world around you. It can either be the same as your Sun sign or completely different. Our rising signs help us determine how we will take action in the world, and what sort of help we can offer to others.

4. Your birth chart explains how the planetary alignments and positions affect your personality and energy.


Just learning about the traits of your Sun sign won’t give the proper depth when it comes to discovering all the secrets about your soul; this is where your birth chart comes into play. It describes the position of each planet and which Zodiac sign it was in at the time of your birth. You will see this listed on the left side of the chart.

Make sure you also pay attention to your North Node, because this represents the experiences you need to have in order to grow spiritually. Your South Node, on the other hand, shows the qualities that come second nature to us that we have likely mastered.

In addition, the Earth’s 24-hour rotation about its axis determines which Houses the 12 zodiac signs will fall under. The Houses govern different aspects of life, and the placement of the Zodiac signs and planets at the time of one’s birth explain the great variations between even twins who are born moments apart. You can read here about what the Houses mean and how they affect your personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

5. Your birth chart reveals the big soul lessons you will face in life.

Your natal chart can also reveal the types of experiences you will have on the Earthly plane that will test your will and transform you from a caterpillar into a butterfly. This is important information to know because the lessons you learn while here will help you heal past karma and show others the way to the Light as well. It can also help you know what’s coming in your soul path, so that you may manifest what you need in order to bring those experiences to you.

How to read your birth chart:

There are many free birth chart calculators online that you can use to read your birth chart. After finding one you prefer, follow these steps:

First, you will need to input your name, gender, date and time of birth, and the city and state in which you are born. Then, you will see a table listing the positions of the planets in your chart, ordered by sign and degree. You will also see your Ascendant sign, or how you appear to others, as well as the signs on the cusp of each house in your chart. We will cover that in further detail below.
After looking at the chart, you will see very detailed descriptions about your Sun sign, as well as what all the planetary alignments mean for you.

What does your birth chart reveal about you? Please comment and share with friends!