Welcome to the manifestation of a passionate vision–Power of Positivity. As we write this welcome message, strong feelings of love and warmth completely envelop our bodies. We can literally feel the energy in our heart that whispers, “Accept the love, accept the light. Allow your co-creative spirit to blossom.”

Ghandhi quote


We’re filled to the brim with gratitude and joy, knowing that you’re here to read our very first message. Power of Positivity began in mid 2009 and has been full steam ahead ever since. We’ve been given a true gift to provide inspiration to so many through uplifting messages, notes, and co-creative conversations that we felt compelled to create a larger, more permanent community for you to visit and bring YOUR best life to fruition.

Power of Positivity
Painting of our logo – a gift from fan, Jessilyn Park.

Our soul pours out to you in what we do – it always has and it always will. This is only the beginning; there is more in store including special events, member profiles, deeper inspiration, and SO much more! This is just the beginning and we’d love to hear what you think. Please leave us a comment below. We truly look forward to hearing from you.

In the meantime, browse around and get to know us. We are grateful that you found our website. Our goal is to help you enrich your life and make positive and impactful changes.

If you’d like to know more about who WE are, we’d love for you to learn more, so click here to meet us.

In closing, we ask you to let your light shine and grow as we travel with each other to bring pure positive energy into the hearts and minds of everyone who desires to improve their lives by improving their thoughts.

EVERY day is a day to shine. Shine On! POWER OF POSITIVITY