6 Ways to Turn On Your Weight Loss Hormones

6 Ways to Turn On Your Weight Loss Hormones

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Weight loss can seem like a confusing puzzle to solve, but with the help of these six ways to turn on your weight loss hormones, you’ll be able to solve that riddle in no time.

What are hormones?

Hormones, called your body’s chemical messengers, get sent via your bloodstream to organs in your body. They’re different hormones in your body that affect various body functions and processes, such as

  • Growth and development
  • Food metabolism
  • Sexual functions and reproductive health and growth
  • Brain function and moods
  • Body temperature and thirst

6 Ways to Turn On Your Weight Loss Hormones

Let’s look further at these six ways to turn on your weight loss hormones as soon as you are ready.

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1. Rebalance your weight loss hormones by eating satisfying foods

Some foods are just more filling and satisfying than others.

You will notice this not just by the round fullness of your stomach after eating them but by how long you feel satisfied or satiated before you have the desire to eat again.

The weight loss hormone responsible for your full feeling is called leptin.

Sources of protein are excellent ways to nourish your body and activate leptin to help you feel full longer. Leptin tells the brain that you are no longer hungry and stop eating.

Researchers in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says ‘a moderate increase in dietary protein in association with physical activity and an energy-controlled diet may improve the regulation of body weight.’

The study showed that eating protein increased satiety or fullness and helped people lose fat in the body rather than lose muscle mass.

2. Build muscle mass to support your weight loss hormones

The same hormone responsible for bulking up bodybuilders can also be a weight-loss tool for you. The sex hormone testosterone is present in both men and women, and we can get more of it by weightlifting. In turn, the greater testosterone levels you have, the more weight loss you will see because muscle burns fat.

Lifting enough weight with enough repetitions that you begin to feel muscle soreness or ‘the burn’ is the right amount to see results. Turning on this weight loss hormone may be as easy as lifting a toddler and a car seat throughout the day or carrying the four bags of groceries and a gallon of milk from the car to the kitchen.

3. Always eat breakfast to turn on weight loss hormones

In the morning, you are turning on your weight loss hormones by breaking your overnight fast, or break-fast, as we call the morning meal. Your body is in a state of fasting while you sleep, and it burns very few calories as you process the day’s information as dreams and memories. The body’s heart rate and breathing are slow, which means a sluggish metabolism while at rest.

To break your body out of the resting phase, jump-start your metabolism with some plant-based protein or vegetarian sources of fat and carbohydrates in the morning. Keep the total calorie count below 800 if possible and keep the carbohydrate portion of the meal small compared to the protein and fat content.

4. Increase your fat-burning power while sitting

The weight loss hormones of the thyroid are produced from the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland in your throat. According to German obesity research on thyroid function, when the thyroid hormones Triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) were measured in obese children before and after a weight reduction program, they found that a slight weight reduction led to a long-term decrease in the levels of T3 and T4.

The reduction in the T3 and T4 thyroid hormones led to a more efficient metabolism while resting, which sped up further weight loss. If you can lose as little as 5 pounds, you can turn on your thyroid weight loss hormones to keep the weight loss going.

5. Get better sleep for better regulation of weight loss hormones

Levels of the weight loss hormone leptin that makes you feel full are also dependent on you getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night. When you do not get restful sleep, your leptin levels decrease, so you tend to want to overeat to consume more levels of energy to make up for the lack of rest.

Your body reasons that if you are tired, you need more energy in the form of food, and the weight loss hormone leptin is not high enough to tell your brain that you aren’t that hungry.

6. Breathe like a yogi

The yogi practice of focused breathing can help speed up your metabolism by changing the levels of adrenal weight loss hormones in your body. In a study where researchers asked participants to breathe through a single nostril at a time by closing off the other for 27 respiratory cycles, repeated four times a day for one month, they found that the participants had an increase in resting metabolic oxygen consumption of up to 37%.

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10 Foods to Support Healthy Weight Loss Hormones

Having a good hormonal balance is essential for losing weight. Certain foods support healthy hormones. Here’s a list of the ten best foods to eat to help your hormones and lose weight.

1. Tuna and salmon

Fatty fish such as tuna and wild-caught salmon are high in omega-3s that help produce hormones. They boost your mood and improve the balance of your hormones. Eating fatty fish helps you feel full so that you won’t snack between meals. Fatty fish is high in vitamin D, which keeps your hormones under control and helps address weight gain and fatigue.

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