What makes it so difficult to appreciate the simple pleasures of life? Why do we so often focus on the things we want, instead of reflecting on what we’re given? It seems we’re in a constant state of yearning for things not yet achieved, spinning our wheels in a never-ending pursuit of that one special tonic we believe will make us happy. But as we furiously chase that shiny new object, we spend less and less time enjoying our life.

Most of what we’ve attained in our lives were once dreams or goals. Perhaps you longed to have the beloved children you now call your own. Or maybe your deepest desire was to be a homeowner. Maybe you hoped you’d finally land a decent job. Yet so often, when we achieve our goals, we still find it difficult to appreciate life. Taking the best things in life for granted is not new, but you can recognize the magic of daily tender mercies with five principles to help you live a joyful life.

5 Simple Ways to Appreciate What You Have

1, Live in the Moment 

Being mindful is a state of focused attention on the present. When you live in the moment, you’re able to fully appreciate all the details of your life. The morning sunrise, a chirping bird, your child’s smile, and even your food becomes more enjoyable. Tasks that once seemed tedious will be more fulfilling when you focus on the present. In fact, research has shown that being present in your daily activities allows you to appreciate life and be more effective in the pursuit of your goals. But being mindful takes practice; therefore the best way to start is by doing one thing at a time. Single-tasking helps you remain focused on the present. So take ownership of your time, and remember the Zen Proverb: “When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”

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2. Embrace the Power of Giving 

We’ve all heard the phrase, “It’s better to give than to receive.” But this adage is more than just a religious axiom parents use to induce small children to share. Throughout history, scholars and philosophers have agreed that true happiness lies in helping others. Lending a helping hand to someone less fortunate enables you to appreciate what you have in a more meaningful way. Studies have shown that the act of altruism releases pleasurable endorphins known as a “helper’s high.” Whether you’re giving your time or your resources, helping others can increase life-expectancy, reduce stress, and improve your mental health. Doing good things for others elicits strong feelings of self-worth and satisfaction, which can help you appreciate yourself and your current situation in life.

3. Develop a Gratitude Mindset 

Gratitude is a mindset and emotion that enables us to view our lives through the lens of hope and positivity. Developing a practice of being thankful allows a stuck mindset to release itself from the burden of focusing on the half-empty glass. Not everyone is instinctively appreciative, but you can develop a grateful mindset with a daily practice of acknowledging the blessings in your life. Making gratitude a habit will enable you to focus on your goals without dwelling on your failures. Keeping a nighttime gratitude journal or practicing a morning “thank you” mantra are great boosters that will help you sustain a positive mindset and appreciate your life. Once you’ve established a gratitude habit, you’ll develop a deeper satisfaction with your life, and feel less anxiety about your future.

4. Embrace Your Challenges 

No one’s life is perfect. As we navigate through the bumpy roadblocks in life, we all deal with failure, loss, and sometimes tragedy. Yet if we allow ourselves to view these struggles as character-building opportunities, we can experience tremendous growth during the unexpected detours on our journey. One of the surest ways to find contentment is to be thankful during the most difficult times in your life. When we understand and appreciate life’s challenges, a peaceful security emerges from knowing that the inevitable trials we face can ultimately be endured.

5. Accept Yourself 

Becoming comfortable with your life is not just about being grateful for the things you have. Accepting yourself unlocks the magic that comes from honoring the real you. Celebrate your uniqueness, and never compare yourself to others. Show yourself compassion, and explore your inner power by taking time every day to appreciate yourself and recognize your greatness.


Often we find ourselves frantically chasing our goals and planning for the future without stopping to appreciate the pleasures of the here and now. Taking for granted our health, family, and freedom have become the norm. But we can experience the serenity of inner peace by simply appreciating the good things in our life.

Living with a grateful mindset takes practice. Yet focusing on the present will allow you to be more productive and have a happier existence. Acknowledging the grace around you through these five principles will reveal the magic panacea that comes from openly embracing your life.

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