Marilyn Monroe had a waistline that was considered perfection. At 23.5 inches, she was a size 6-8 dress size and the envy of all women. While a skinny waist has never gone out of style, today’s woman likes a little curve to go with it.

Yes, a nice round booty or some “junk in the trunk,” as people say, is said to be attractive. How does a lady get rid of the excess weight from around the waist and keep the curves that make her look desirable? The good news is that when you make some tweaks to your exercise regimen and diet, then you can develop curves in the right places while losing fat in others.

To get that waistline you desire, you need to have a body fat composition of around 40 percent. When you lose weight from the mid-section, it can emphasize those curves by making your bottom look more significant. However, if you want to be like Monroe, you’re going to have to make some drastic changes to your lifestyle.

Ways to Slim Down Your Waist

If you’re serious about that svelte figure, then you need to develop the proper mindset. Your body can be sculpted through lots of hard work, but there is no easy way to go about it. If you’re ready to jump in headfirst, then here are ten ways to slim down your waistline.

1. Don’t Skimp on Breakfast

Though there is some debate on whether you need to eat breakfast to lose weight, it’s always good to start your day on a full tank. It’s best to eat fiber and protein to help keep you fuller for more extended periods.

Also, be sure that you at least have one eight-ounce glass of water to help keep you hydrated. Did you know that many times people think they’re hungry and it’s thirsted their body craves?

2. Change/Modify Your Diet

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a woman needs to eat between 1,600 – 2,400 calories each day. A man needs around 2,000 to 3,000. Now, if you want to lose weight, you need to create a deficit in your calories.

A pound is equal to 3,500 calories, so if you need to lose 1-2 pounds per week, you need to create a deficit of around 7,000 calories. For a lady, that would be shaving off around 1,000 calories a day at the 2,400-daily level. Figure what you need to lose and what you’re eating now, and do the math on what you need to consume to reach your goals.

3. Incorporate Healthy Fats

It would help if you ate healthy fats to fuel your system. Healthy fats are also called polyunsaturated, and they include tofu, nuts, salmon, canola oil, and mackerel. These fats are essential to your diet because they help boost your brain function and lower bad cholesterol.

Unhealthy fats are called trans fats. These are used to make things like crackers, margarine, and sweet treats like cookies. The bad part about these fats is that the body doesn’t use or absorb them as quickly, so they are left behind in the abdomen. Avoid using these fats so that you can help improve your waist.

4. Get Your Daily Water Intake

According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, a woman needs around 2.7 liters of water each day, which is about three-fourths of a gallon. A man needs about 3.7 liters, which is or roughly gallon. Now, consider how much water you currently drink and how much your body needs?

Each of your organs has a significant percentage of water in its makeup. Plus, when the body flushes toxins, including excess fat, it uses the fluids to push it through the urinary system. If you want to lose weight, then you must get your daily water intake.

5. Do More Cardio

The best way to sculpt your waist is by doing exercise. Cardio is one of the best ways to burn unnecessary fat all over your body. Many people tend to gather fat in the hip area, which commonly spills over into the waist. Since cardio works the entire body, it helps keep your blood flowing and getting oxygen to the muscle groups.

You will burn many calories if you do just a 30-minute cardio workout, and you should strive to do this about four times a week. What are the best exercises in this group? Things like cycling, swimming, aerobics, running, and dancing are some of the most popular.

The great thing about cardio is that it’s excellent for those who don’t have ample time to go to the gym or need a little diversity in their routine. Just remember that you need to warm up and cool down after this vigorous workout.

waist training
These waist training exercises can help you get trim.

6. Wear A Waist Trimmer Workout Sweat Belt

Do you remember the old-fashioned corsets that were worn years ago? Women felt that having a small waist was an indication of beauty. Today, corsets seemed like torture devices, as many women couldn’t breathe. However, shapewear has taken its place.

If you want to get your waistline to a great range, you can try some training to use waist-cinching belts. These can be considered the modern-day corset covering only the necessary area. You can wear them under clothes. Not only do they make your waist look thinner, but it can also encourage the region to constrict by heating the area and promoting weight loss.

7. Power Up the Squats

Squats are a hallmark exercise when it comes to sculpting. They help build muscles in the legs and booty area, but they also help make the waist appear smaller. Plus, since you’re burning fat along the way, you can get rid of those love handles and sculpt that midsection.

8. Try Doing the Russian Twist

Since your waistline is the problem area, why not try an exercise that focuses on this region? Using twisting motions, you can burn the fat that harbors in your sides and tone those muscles. This exercise is easy to do.

Find a comfortable area to sit on the floor. Now, you want to keep your feet flat on the ground but bend your knees till they are near your chest.

Next, lean backward so that you have a 45-degree angle between your mid-section and your thighs. Keep your spine straight, and your feet firmly planted to keep you from losing your balance. Clasp your fingers together and put them out in front of you.

Now, turn to the right as far as you can go. Stop and pause for a few seconds, then turn your body to the left as far as it will go. Do ten reps for each side to feel the burn in your waist.

9. Fill Up on Fiber

Fiber is essential to your diet, and there are two types that you should familiarize yourself with. Soluble fibers are found in oats, carrots, beans, citrus fruits, barley, and apples.

Insoluble fiber is found in products that contain whole-wheat and nuts, beans, and leafy green vegetables. It would help if you had all varieties to help keep you fuller for longer, and it will help keep your digestive system regular as you attempt to lose excess weight around your waistline.

10. Try an Infused Spa Water to Burn Fat

Spa water is all the craze these days for those who want to flush the fat. It’s regular water with grapefruit, oranges, and lemons sliced and marinated in the H2O overnight. The citrus blend in this health drink is rich in d-limonene, which reduces dangerous toxins from the body.

Essentially, it’s going to kick your bowels into overdrive to get rid of things that aren’t good. Additionally, citrus fruits are rich in antioxidants, and they are known to help you flush the fat out with those toxins.

Final Thoughts on Having A Slimmer Waistline

Before you start such an endeavor to slim your waistline, you need to have realistic expectations. Not every lady can have a perfect 24″ waist, and it’s okay to be uniquely you. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average size of a lady’s core in this country is 38 inches.

Since each body is different, you shouldn’t expect yourself to fit into the mold of someone like Monroe, who had made poor lifestyle choices. The CDC also says the average woman weighs about 170 lbs. Where do you fall on their average parameters?

It’s okay to be different, and it’s okay to fall outside of societal norms. The key is to be healthy. However, if you want to reduce your waist size, some genius tips and tricks can help. From drinking spa water to adding cardio to your day, there are tons of little things you can do to make a significant impact.